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A Night At Long Branch

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The day draws to a close. The sea is iii good humor and mákes no noise exoept its usüal splashing on the beath. The sky has borrowcil i Qew snit ot' olothes (rom the water and appears döeked in all tfci tints of delicate vapjry gray. Tho gtreets ;i (.' alive with oarriages oiml deseriptions; t'rODI tfee mósl pony pastan to tho triuinphal .É;ir of iiuchu and Jïrie. j1)Iij' the soa, air aud bathing are some of tin: attractiona of the plaoe, it must bo admitted that the carriage comfort tekes enofl oí evi rj liiiür else. The " littlc iiie-lly" inay Ijo scczi driving her basket tvagon down Ooean avenue, the iviks held by h-jr own hands. Some girl companion u-u.tlly sits by hor side 1 uur wondert if it is the game oharihing "Lntta" lio bmokes cigftrs ana die b i fully in the last act ot " Tuo of the Kogiment." JUiss JN'ellie Orant, now givwn t: be quité a tall young Lady ot Ui years, drives tier own stout none. ; ; i 1 by hei t. the tall man ,1 !iirv w;üsiis perohea op in a Bmall seal b hiad. Tfiis oreature looks neither to the right nor to the left i.ut with anus gntuly folded seems to be staring int o iuturity or Botte o; hel invisible pi. 11 '. M'vs, Druxel, the duugliter ol' the Philadelphia banker, enjoya au uu-" tque littlc tmnout of her öifn, which h'r ■ is with exceediüg grace, The President's carriage is also seen, oucupicd by the owner and his eldost sou, but it must be admitted that although "Cincinnati" and ' Isabclla " are oalled superb horses in Washingtony at Loag Branch thoy ave in tol when Jim Fisk of Helmbold contend {or the prize. Hundreda of peoplo are scoi wandeling along the beach !1 in fine h liday 008tumr. Let it be reineinbered that the BumD) oi as al Long Braaoh w present tho moneyed aristocrasy oi üi: land, ■ littlo or nu ■ finery. Tlie silk thai sweeps grei nSward is the richest that Lyons' looms producu. Every ineh of laoe is iv:il, and diamondi fla&h as fabulous in size as f jund in the cave by Sinbad the sailor. But in order to know some of these aristoerats it is only neoessary to beoöme sblghtly acquainted with ehildxen. Vini speak po i;ely to a boy, grown almost tu man s estáte, to make inquiry for i littlo useful information, and you get an insolent reply for your pains. You pause to hear wiiat kind of language this youth usus when addressing Lis companions, and yon listan to the iohowing : ■■ ! iay, !'. ib, ■: n't it abotft tiiiK; we we it to grub?" It' you t'oüow liim to Hi tearonm you fin 1 hiin eating wi;h his knito, whilst he boasts to tho boys aroond that " he has twenty suita of clothes, "wiiich dad brougllt along to the beach." A littlo later, and youwiH see this youth, who has only to leap the chasm of three years otae a man, arranged for the eveaing'a Bacrifice. His adolescent arm will 3le the v;;ist of some f goeling girl wbo ought to be in bed ,;i that hour that hr scraggy, siukly frame muy nave half s ohanoe tp di - lop into woiuanhood. He has just put on that j suit," last 'ensationinN wYork) but liio ohild is e of this fact. It ik soit, pal oreaiu '-'■ i - iii w:si, vi-ry short in thé tail, viih ;. ■ vi;ry broad spring at tlu! bottoin of tln pants, where tnis usees. The yonng .-. atleman has had his hair oropped , like a:iy other bruiser, whilst a green neck-tie and á perfumed handkerchief make r.]i the appointment of this American " What is it ir" Durtain of night has fallen. Tho tongue 'of tho sea is heard lioking the shore, and the wind has a oadenc culiarly its own. CJroups of peoplo ure wandering up and down tht; long si of piazza with whioh this vast hotel is tringed. The luunuur of human voiets is heard from all Tlie musió sounds by the wing, and what a ehannixtg band, half brass, half stringed, with the rueliow nob s of the grand oid piano thrown in. Thin begins with tiie children'g dance. ïhe youth alroady described tho infunt of a dozen or less years !ioor. The rich vëlvet tapestrj has jeen covered with cool, smooth linen, md very grateiul it proTJs to the tiny eet. The littlo girl seems to bo a jjocket iition of her mother, uut neither rcvisd nor öorrected. ht: luis the sime triv ilous, ooquettisb air, wests flounces, farelows, paniers, and every other outward idornment of the toilette, tíhe sata lub;ul at 11 o'elock at oight, and cnows how to bc boistorous to vudcnoss. Phe child wishes to endure suoh :i Iif, mil the weak mother ) not the power ■) prevon.' it. There is no bright and 'ui ohange to be wrought for thia hild when she utt tins the height of woaanhood Bhe ims exhausted the glifcterag eojoymeute of society before she has tt off her short frooke ; and she finds lerself prematuroly old at 20. A boy reafed among tiicsf; luxurious sorronndinga retaiai the shell of his coaisi', rough future has something of promise in store for him, for I nothing btít "grwb" in the daintiest viiül; i-ui. the subtler, weakèi essence which givea ideotity fo the little girl is los( in tUis artificial lii'c; alas .' perhsps aevor to be regainetL Thi : ■ ■ cf " blou which adorn tho fiietivïtièa of the ovening. The creatorhós made one, and ar1 ■ tnufacttired thé othcr, hut the kind All-father lus never fcried to i- these c!, ;:'.!, ly blanched tresses. Tho " made blondes" are no( I with coloring their hair ]üil straw color, and the same time they dye thoir eyebrows and Lillies inky blaok ; fchen vv'iili n greal c ;at of enamel on the hkin, falae bust, m bond, and all the other delicate ;tis of a fashionable figure, th original woman 1 thii g comes fearfully, vet wonderfully, made, while men mom to ,he just as wel! pleasod with thu sham us a genuine ürt.clc. A v rv ■ of dressing the hair muy be neen ï Ad eveniag at '■ Branch. A f-m;il poition oí' the froni ", cut short and combed i down ovi r t ]i i ■, . img :ls '■{ oí fringo trin riic brow. tt giv ; idiotio e-. sión to i1!"1 human ricioua wliims nablc íolly leáds tho way. This Eul diefiguremeht must I invented jost as INfadame Pompadour rolle"! upthe styl ■ í bair as practiced by fhe woincn of to-day. Women at Lorif; Branch, with haiv white as snow, and skins like withered parehment, roll thoir síaiit locks a la Pompadour. Middleagcd matrona wear the friglitful rol), surmounl iiníii i tmv app biag thè stylo c tho ' Queea Bbsp. A fashíon wt ii m at i. ;Jní Branch rcranins l'roin (t liour to an hour and a half under tho o'.' a skilüitl bair , or the dnint'er raanipulations of a Frendh ivnitinfí ína'd, AU walking dreeseá are to tr:iin from ilinie to six inclics. The imperial or oourt tniin ís frequent.]-, luit the long walking dross i tho I ite. The soaroity ot' eltaút, eligible young raen seoms to be thc sadde) waní . d at Long Branch. The supply ei' belles exeeods the deniund ; whilé beaúx ave rated fur above par valué. - ' J!v. ii tamblers are sllowed to hnb-nob with th so (liuifjhtcrs oí' Mammon; whilo papa and maiuma look ooatented'.y oti. Hut the uiflit lia' gane, and anothei will soon c mu-, when the drives, the ïmisic, and i he d mee will be rojicatud, t'or euch


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