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The Mormon And Marriage

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Tu un cditor's letter to tho 1 oliólo , from Balt Lako City, we flnd the ollowing report of a conversation had vil li a " s:iint." '■ Don't you lind it difíicult, geni o get the consent of the firat wif vour taking a socond, and of the lifst and econd to the bringing iu of tho third, mdsoonf It seems to me that i nan has three or four, or half a dozen, it nust be impossiblé to get a unanimoiu ■oto in favor of : "v m" "Yes, there ís difficulty in thttt way Bömotimes, but gen raUythey'are willing, ;nd tlie now wile receivee a hearty wel■onic." " In case tlify aro not willing, what do j'ou do ihen F " " We t'iideavor to rcason tho o with thcni, and convinoe themthatit is or.r duty to marry again and theix duty : aeni U it." "Butif theystillopposeit, whai thon 'i " "There are very few oases of that kind, but when one does ocour v.-e sometimea giv it up, and Bometiniea go on and marmyhow." ■■loes yovir chtirch allow a manto ry as uiany trivea ■■■■ hi wants to?" " No, uot always. Suppose I havo on e wife or more, and foel it, tubo my dut.y to anotlier: I mimo the matter to the roman I have selected, aiid it' she oongents, I talk to hor párente about it. The conrtships among us are very muoh tiif saine as they are ainong yon Gentiles. If - lare willing tin y apply ;■ Bishop of my ward fot a reoomtuend to i ntToung. The Bishop statos my case, namingmy business, my circumstan■ ii iv:', and anyhe may think necessary for the nt. I takü this páper to the President and loave it witli iiim. ín about :i week 1 cali for it, and it igreturned to íno with jimply " "S " No " wi-ittoii on it. If " yc. " 1 go and getmárrisd; ii "no," that ends the niatí i. 'l'hureisno ippeal from tho Picsidcnt's decisión in tlio cast:." Afurny ■imboftholaw bad an office next door toad ; Onedayanelderly gentleman of the íogy school blundered into the shop, "Is the doctor in ?" "Don't ' livo here," said tiio layer, who waa in fnll Kcriblilo ovex Borne oíd legal documents. "Ob., I t.hought this vras bis offir.e." "X oxt door." "Pray, sir, has tbn doct:.r mriiiy patients?" "Xot living.'' Tha old gentleman told the story in the vicinity, i and the doctor threatjacd tho Itiwyc r i n-ith libol.


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