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A Provoking Woman

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A Long Branch correspondent writes : ■■ ! he wito of a gentleman f onr hotel tclls a good Btory at he husband's expense, i: is wull undorstood thai tbey ■ isantly togetber, bnt evi i rarely Been in public, other - ning, when tuking th ir usual drive, one word brought on inotber, when the lm b ' ïou will dnvr rae maá.' ' í shóuld cali that admirable driying,' retortod the wífe. 'ByJove!' exolaimed ibe husband, 'if-joaiay anoth v word I v."il ilii e down into the Ttaey were th .1 Dear one of the v, )i to the beaob. 'Another word,1 '1 the lady. - 'Driva uhci-e yon pisase,' sh; addsd, 'into tho sea; I oango.aa deopas you dure go, my day.' ]Li; became furious, took Eer ■; her word, and drove the ito !!■■' oei au. , vita. !!c held ín, lookod into her face, and sbe laughed in bis. 'Why do you stop r s!n; ai sumngiy, exhibiting not the slightest alarm. ' areadevfll' lu exclaimed, turning horses about and raaking for the shre vith all expeditioa. 'Pooh! poohí' Laughed the ' '■ tli place wl feo, where I 'daré not accompany yon. She had oonquered. The to tho house, and the only i ■■ : tng extraordinary having ppearanoe ei' the hoi lády reported the ütory to ob female ftienda and, of ooarsè, suchthiugs nre too goo;l to keep."


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