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Greeley Vs. Tilton

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F, mi the (jol en If anybody supposes timt we oro wantlag ii' ■ Mr. il.ri,. ., littto of thu mure tm oo mon aifuetion un.l luverenco wliich we have itlwuys giittT.B.Ut'd l'ur this honest and n ble man. Win u, therefbre, we ay, as vu franWy do, thal Hm couxse of the Tribune on ihe woman questioa geen to us a daily Í iuition tarthex and taster towards the darkness of the iniddle ages, we ai Diaking a willing but unwuling critioism on ijouruiii which, m.-stead of being the chief hindraace, onght to I; the best help, to tho t.iusu of wowan's enfranchiüement. Outside of GatljOÜO Church, not know a mah ió backward in bis views on all that pertaius to the bt.itus of woman, as Mr. Greolcy. Ho 'i"i'1-' tor ■ ■ that there ought to at til- nut tbr uny Dl even the worst. If hisideag on Mi ject were moulded into the legialation of the land, they ■■ ,;n, tile recon. Btructieu ■' tho stat ite b ok ui' of the üuion, save South Carolina. He holds, too, that if a m in m :lA wie (ii i be 110 secoud 1111111 ■ 'ana that such a ontions of the original parties in tbs other world - although a v. Mr. Greeley bas Uught us tha.1 tieavon there is noithcr tuarrying nor giving in man iag . ' Mr. ii -r on .' :■ teiiets on theee points, it' they wure en civil stotuto or by nul boar like a galling desp itism on millions of hum in hearts. li u these views which onderlie all the critici al"-l r "ii woman sufl and on all the social questioue i thercwithi ! ; ■ r fountain ca giro forth swe t waters. People who imagine that Mr. Greeley will on.' da; I toward wom m sufifrage, do n' he must first chango bis fuudamoni i] conviotiona of thi; proper moral relations wüicn Bhould subsis tween husband and wife, uot ouly in this woj-kl but ruso in the íiuxt. Mr. Qreeloy's n ition of no divoroi any cause, uot ewu í'or odulti erirae, and ]js twin iotion of no afterthe B ilved ■y death, are a braca of th oriea n ■■nut ut' : rdity and iolly Leserre to h ive no place in the liberal which makes us scni" mea ti. luk that its eJitiir in ly 3 1 L lm teinpted tQ end Lis lite in a ïnon isti ry. Mr. Gbeeley is a man of so nmch c.-.Miolicity t':;;t we are impatient at seeing n !i ui any tiint of nrrownesj. His :■ )il .IC is at tli,: ld of th M oí the present age. But ion, lu is more hopcwrong tlian any ■ . e .,; its i nents whom wl1 have ever nut. Öur esl'-i'in . a so v,;ir:!i ■:■! jt ab man. But ho is u ■ taithtal irienas, and we have n. . . for rtot striking him'a blow which he deserreSi vhat nc;:.'v''i: said. ! he New York Tribune. To the Edi'or of the Golden Ase : Yonr ftrticlo is so forcible and just in the mam, thát I presumo you will be quito willing to h ive itsslight inacour icios eorrected in your columns. Ido not assuir.i.' that ïny views on the Woman tlueation are of tnucb consequence to othors; out, in so ï.-.r as they nmy possesa iutoresl , it i wol! that they bo olearly ondentood. 1. YousLiyl -'hold thero ought to bc no divorco at all - ;iot l'or :my crime, even the worst." So far is I eau reoollect, your oaly authority for thia Btatement is ;t romark that, had not the 'M8t c en otherwise I would not have d( adultuiy a Buffici 'Iving a marriage. As you sec m to have given these woids undne Vrèight, allow me to explain my views more fully. J'iia'. persistent, flagitious adulteryin lmshiiii'.l or wli'o affords goöd cause lor divorce, Í have oot meant to deny. Bat there has been transieat infidelityto marriage Yowa. liader the influencu of passions inflamad by wine au I other annatunil eicitemente, which, being foïlowed hy prompt and profound contrition, I would not juilif an adequate reuson for divoicii. You anj I both know that wiv.'s have often pardoned suuh lapses in husban ; you and I bave bo rightful immunity in such matters, which ouglit not also to bo accorded to wivis. And I profoundly honor and reverence the husband who can gay to to kis erring wife, "Though I know yon have been falaa to God and to me, yet, beoau o of the lovo I h kvn borne yon, oí the VOW whicli il'ilr:,-cl me to lovo .ni.l b you till de&th, and tor the sake of the dear c'iilihvn whioh God has giren us, I, believing you truly penitent, will forgive and try almost t forget your orimfi, and thusehieïd otu . (rom undeattrred akameC' I regard the husband Vi lm would thua spi:ik an i aot as a bctt. r ('hri-tiini, il traer man, thcn he who ex, discarda and ontlaws the vife oí ii' hia youth for i flagmnt transgression, ïow sincerely and bitterly repented. 1 suggest, therefore, that you henceibrth ■ut me aa holding that ad nuy, bul does not always, justify an :n ilic 1 1 i(n ior div,. II. You siiy I !n..'M th ! "ifarnaniB ind his wife dis, ■ should bo )io scoond tnaniage." This, also', ia t ng. Boise of my best and moet es frienda are re-tnarried - happily, I aiu : wisi-ly and nobly, I ju ge. Nay, 1 oan imagine a oase i'' wrhioh the poor, bard worfcing, mdowi d father it' young lo 1 1 is dailj mld feel cb for their sake to rep c in wuoBe pe of b mol Üjose childien be oould implicitly trust ■. me, i ut I ara (jirt ■ oonft the cu ualremarkonwnich you basnd your broad asaert on referee 1 ; : n t'ollowing separa tion by divoroe, not 1 1 !. Let ino etute my om rnurriagee aj ng unirital ons i:i the other world. [ do not dispute the dootrin ■ that " In heaven thero is Qoithor marrying nor ari ving in marriager" jf . ■: hnvi i Mis words exaotly. And 3 feel tliat there aro couplea so plctcly and hapüy iinii i in . tlint they nvíIi be neareí and dearer t tthei in the aexi . won d o bave been hnd I I ■ in thia Ufa; and í think ihiisc are bappi' in either world than thoagh one or botl of tlniu bad re-marri il. i do not holi that either of them would hare beei onlpnble in re-marrying if wídowed oí thisplanet; I only insist that th.-y wi. both rajoioe - an.l with reaoon - in thei i' life, that in th's life neith r wñ IV ■ inly right, ■ Mr. Bd,itor, in a.sserting fchat mv oonvici tion it th propor imiis-ohibilit.y ot riage is the mainspring of niy hostility to Vage, and to the social philosophy from -wbichirtany vainly ecek to scprate tho wotnan movomcnt. Tho I havo writteii or dictated very littlo of wliat 1 ring the last ten years, been printed as editoriul in the Tribune on this subject, it is novertheless truo that my conception of the nature and scope of the tnarrlage relation rcnders my conversión to woman suffrago a moral iinpossibility. I havo tut two lpft of seven children, aftd theso are both daogirters: I woula gladly fit them for Kves of usefulness and honor, as boloved and loving wives of virtuous, upright, noble men; and moth S'ra, if it shall pisase God, of good, hoalthy, happy cbOárou. lf it bo decreed i y re to be, not such women as I li tve moat admired and reverencd, but men with a lómale physique - powerful in ward crfucuses and nominuting oonventions, vehement in senato and ■itump, and cft'ective before juries in the the trials för crim wn. - I pray that my carcer on this globo shall closQ theirs is fully begini. When and frhers they shall thus shine, it will not bé pléaïact for mie to stay. Mr. Editor, I believo our countrymen ar.: indebted to you for having discovored (perhap8 1 should Bttj iflvented) mo as a possible (though most improbable) can didato for tbc Presiclency. Allow me, then, tb thank you for jora early and ■'iiur.istralioa thnt I can in nocont: genoy bè counted on or hopud for as a e candidato. Ás you forcibly and justly say, there is not even a remoto posibility of my ultimatoly adBpting myself to this end. My diiFerenco with fOWC croml is too vital, too radical, he most Miigcine d reamor to hopo for uiy conversión. I am growing oíd; my ojiinions aro tolernbly firm ; and t'no Advnnced Female of the Laura Fair type, who kills the puramour of whom she claims to bo tho rightful affinity, and gives the lio in open court to th wii döably ■widowedj is iny ni. But why should any man bo the oandidate lent of thc Woman Sjffraííits ? Logically and consistently, I feel that fcheir öandidate hould be a wojnan. Ollght, moreovor, to be thoroughly emanoipated from tho " absurdity and folly," t!ie "narrowii .-," and the "balefnl oonSerr'atisnl," which I am now to oíd to outgrow. Could you not fiud one who Ulustrates in her own person anrl history what you so felicitously term "theliberal thought of an eTilightened aga'f Let hei' i ho li s Iwii husbanrls after a sort, aad Uvea in th; samo honse vñih. thi'in both, sharingthe couch of onc, but bbaring the name of tho other (to indiiinpartiálity jicrhaps), and causo and late will be so litly niated that -asiiíri, even under the túóú liberal, progressive, enlightened rogime, ti Bue for tlu -ir diVorcel Could not one of thi olasa bepersuaded to overbear lu-r ghrinking modesty and nonn'nato horif liearty liatred for Freo Love and all its infernal delusions, I lemain. vonr.


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