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A Benevolent Wit

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Thu Neu Englan I fi md Gaualogieai ir .Tuly has a biographióal ' of Lucius rL diius 8argent, ond of tho wits of earlier part of this öentury, and tbo following good stories ure told : good in secret, hut iiü no friend to laziness. A stout, icllow, whorn he well knew as a Loiinger, on a certaib New Yeav'3 Day callad iiim ap vory early ii tho morningi He drefleedin baste and bnrriedfo the e beggar cried : "A bappy ncw yoar lu yr-n, sir." Mr. Sargcnt went to the closet and pot a piece of gingerbread, and g ive it to bim, saying : " Cali 011 me thia next yoai and 1 will give nother pii Aoother aneodi ;! to his sori by the cu;' , illiam Cinsy, in substance owa: Xt . '„.fore Mr. Sargent's deceasei. in '""lring ntw ng m pucfl, u i:trge ■ dus him froni poor men, prinei] rmen. Jle tiod rhi.:i!i ■■■■ .indio, and on the label nnrote thi-i momorandum : "Notos, dueIjills, an.l (.vonnis againstsundry persons ilonii abure. Some of them inay bo rot by suit orseveredunumg; but the po.ople uil' pooi ; most of them have had tishermen's luck. My children will do as thcy think best. Perbape thcy will think with in.', that it is bost to burn tho packaga L'HtilC." A month after the docease the sons met il eouuting-room of tho eider bivther, Iministered on the estáte. Hl; produced tho pickago, read the iuscription, and inquired what should be done with it. H.XÍ eldost brother, with tcars in his eyes, pointe 1 to tho fire, ap.d they all agreed to it; but it was thought best to ma-kf: a schedule of the naiuus, amounts, and datea 80 as heroat'ter to know who werë forgÍYen if any carne to pay. It was done, and tlie paekage, labeled at $.jO,O(H), v;ts c;:st into tlie fire. About tour numths after this, in tlao month of June, a hard-faeod oíd man i'i'oui the G 'i"1 oaine to the store, to paya debt due thu deoeased. He took a chair, and, looking over a time worn poeketbook, drew out a bunch of bank bilis to pay the debt. On learning the name, and amount, viz : $440, the first step was to examine the list of burnt nutra; and íbero was his name, debt, and date, of very many yeara ago, which, with interest, it' pivsi'ivcd, would amount to $800. Tho adnarnistrator told him the í'.if.t, and mudo hiin put back his money; which he did with eyes brimful of tears, uu' 'ir suiil, " his old dame had sold tho only 0OW to BUppl what w:is wunting iu banda to p cv this debt, and what glad Duwa it wnuld be to her when ho went home."


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