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A Personal Kindness

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-Out on the Jijuon Paciiic, railroad omcirvls put on a roo 1 raiiny frills, and John Bhreve, ono t' tho división rep irers, is ouo of the most airy th it i known :it tlie Wast. lic a aotod ohiefly tur two things - bis overuring disposition and his enormouseet. One day be was standing near a im t;b':c where soinc m;n werft at. work i tett Jimuiy Duffy. ;in Irisfa wag roconty iroiu the East, approacbe i bin and the 'i)llowiitfr dialogue fcook pUfe : " C;m ye jive me the time, Mr. ShreveP' "The inie, y u impadeut ra3Csl," exolaimed , riewing biui fully. " What ;n of ,-our superior?" " I !'_" your jrirdon," svid Jimmy, ' but Bening your wonship wore ii wratoh, and i know the limo. tfaought it : i inquire." was tuollifled by Jimmy's flat.iv, . '! iii' ■■■■ '.i:1 bis watoh, to tho asteniehiaent of a who li ui ex. knooke 1 down for tf irmed 1 1 og tor I wo minutes of 12 c'clook. " Th .l! i' yoUi -., ' ■ ■', adding wit'u a m iliciou8 gri is bent en bis gup rior's feot " Lfyon ■ ■ kind, 1 tlic turn I wil', move around your bootssoasye ean go to dinüer." Ai I ite Jimmy w is i ut of a situation, and was on iiild lend bim Bttffioicnt money to got l;uio.-.s the ii;tins on b ■ . y bomt . Ther cofa self-willed deacon, ■.'■ ng side and a. "U heu the temv. is in fu er, and ■ cliurch of which he was an mattarofcout ■ ; poscd il. ff would not I int to m in tho ;;;ï :■! .y School ; ■ velieuiently to the distribution of trots. Oatfday, in the preaenoe ofafuU house, one o ibersofthe o ïaii b mulo the ci-o of U19 doaeon asubt pruyer. He said : " O Lord ! if Tliy servant, our broth ', continúes his I :. in Thy ten. romoye fro u t!io oharoh ohurch trluiuphant . " " I w m't _;i! ' ih.iüJoied the i indignaBt mkI oUtttinate deacon.


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