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The National Labor Platform

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ST. Louis, Mo., Aug. 10.- The diclartion oï the principies with which the Fitiónftl Labor party propose to gobeforo tho country next year as a poiitioal orga-uïzution, is s follovs: Kü.fü!'nng 10 u cali ior a National Oohion to nomínate a President and Vicc-Prosidcnt, they say : La making this o ill, and presuming to enter into ooiopotition with the ojtiitini: p;irtirs, ït li im'vt tluit we sluuild .givo to tlie world oür easOHSi as weil as the remedies wc pro5oso for the WfoÜtgB "f which V' OOtapl.iin. Starting Wlth tho m;ixiiii tbat our governnieiit is l'ounded on UK sovereignty and consent ot' the governed, its purposes are to protect piuiKitv :md-eiiforco natural riglits. anti Öttffi gi to all n oquitable tance iii tbewwwoï lite.- The laiiil, Wati r, tó, áfid il elements are comuion gifts, and góvernments are only irusteeB to güard against tluir niisapplieation, and tliat as trustees they have no right to aliénate without the consent of the owners ïreely given; that all class legislation whtreby these original designa are made to innre to the benefit ot the aon-produoera and to the injury of the producers is wrong and subversivo OÍ the purposes of good government; that all ;alle bodied, intelligent persons should UjuliMUliu to the common stook, by Qfleful lndustry, a sum or quantity eqnal totheir own support, and that legislation shi uUl tni.l, isfar as potsible, to the cqmtable distribution of the surplus produets. It these propositions are true, our govemjuent Ls lio'ly perverted t'rom its design, and the sacreü ñames oí aeinocraqy mm republiconism are synonymos i'or despotism, and the partios represcnted fhereby, os now orgamced, are ongines of usurpaLion, crushing out the lives of the people. Wo need only point to thfl foot that in this benefioeat country of unlimitcd resources, with the land annually groaning beneath the producís of human effort, the mass of the people have no Bupply beyond their daily wants, oompelled mm unjust conditions, in sickness au ïuisfortaae, fa) beqoue paupers ad vugvants. taupc.rUiu Lina otime ace the prorailing queationa of :ül modern gtateamaTiRhp,ajid it iswi-th these that we have to deal. How ia-r thvsi; cviLs are connectt'd with tthbttsea inflioted on labor, a superficial tatostnanship Beems not to perceive. - Chattel slavery bas been abolished, but the rights and oquity of labor stand just where tlu-y did before emancipation in respoot to the división ot' it pruduote. The diSerenoe liea only in the methode of ab8tracting the results and onoenteating theui is the few apitalists, now tbe mastrar, axd which dictatesthetoils, and thus all labor is practif aliy pl;icl iu the same condition as tlie slave before his emancipation. In thus placing it the ineres 8 of all labor become common, and they must tight. Wlntt then are the instruKJitalities by whick tUe wrougs are flictod P First - Banking and ïuoïïeyed monopolies, by which, tiifouyli ruinous ratee of interest, the prodttota of human labor are ■ewtceutrated in the banda of non-producers. This is 'lic great central souree of these wronsrs, in and tluough which all other monopolies exist and operafe . Secoiid - The oonsolidat d rnilrolid and otuor traneieut monopolies, whereby all inirivsts ure t.ixid to the last mili they will bear for the benefit of the stock - holders and stock jobbers. Third- Thu manufacturing monopolies, wliereby the small operators aro cru.-he I and the price of labor and its producto sim determiaed with ïuuthematical eeriaintyiu Üm tesestof oitpitaliste. Fourth - Land monopolies, by means of whiuh the public domains are absorbed by a few speeulations and spccidators. Fifth - Commercial and grain monopolies, speculatíng and eariching their bloated corporations on huiuun necessities. We propose to restore the government to its original pttrpoee, and is iar as possible U) remcdy tliese evils and remove the results : First - By establishing a monetary system bastid yn tlns fnntg anri rrtnnimnnn. n tlïe Tlalion, ín liavmony willi the genius of the government and adupted to the exigences of legitímate eommerce. To this end the eirculating notes oí national and State banks, as well as all omrenoy that is not a f uil legal fcador, should be draivn trom ciieulation and a paper issued by the government which shall be a legal tender in the paynieut of all debts, public and private, duties on imports iu eluded, and declared the lawful money of the United States. This currency or money to be interchangeable at uro oí the houten oí the govermuent bonils, bearing three per cent. interest, the" government creditors to have the piivilegü ot' taking the money or the bonds, ut their election, leaving to Congrcs8 tbe right to regúlate tht; late of interest on bonds and the volume of th currency, so as to ciíeet the equitable distribution oí' the producís 01 labor between the inoney or non-isroducing capital and productivo industry. Second - By puying the national debt in strict accordaiiee with tho laws under which it was originally contracted, in gold where specitically promised, but all our fonns ot' indebtodness, including thc princiial ot' thu 5-20 bonds, shall bo discharged ut the einlicst opticai ot thu gov ernmenfc in legíil tender currency or lawful moniy oí tho United States, without fundiïig it in long bonds, or in ;my waj increasing the gold paying and untaxod obhgationí of the government. Third- By preserving inviolate the public doiuaiji to iu tual scttlers and tillers of the Boi Fourth - By a tíiriff for revenue alone toflieving, as we do, that the reduction o tin interest to idjust the i;it( s, will do more to increase the rewards of labor ii all tho drp:n tnií-nls of ugeful industry and to eueuurage tho development of the agriculturul, mineral, manutacturing ant meohanioa raaonroes, tLan :my system o: tarif. li Unit can be devised. Fit'ta- ly ícstraining, or if neede be abolisbiiiír. coiporate monopolies, ínter tücthig na.-. lgislation, and coníiniiii, national legÍBlatlOll to objeets subjecting tlie military to the civil uu thoritioï, and reduciug the anny tu a etrictly peaoe standard, and nonfining íts operations to natioaal pnrposea alone. Sixth - By requiring that in all future ■v;u-s the me. neoewary ior their prosc cution shall, as required, be oolleotet from tin: wealth of the country, and not entaileil ou the future earnina Seventb - By ii.loptingmi Lndiun founded i human jjti'r, by which man y v .s m '. ni.iiiy oiilhous oí' ii!)i:i annuully saved. :. ;.. i ; ding legislators to a more rigr fcability.Dy ivijuiring bhe Bubnaiwion oí annexation of territory and o1 '■■ ■■' ' ws BÜÍBOtiiig toe t of bO1 uty tü a vote of the wholo puuple. 3S" i ' ; 1 1 1 - By prohibí tiue the impori ition of cooiif.s, or otber aarvw ■'■r nd pro01 Ltoid .11 uiuioi .i ■ uy burduiis. Ti r.ih By enoonxftging o-operativo eáuvt.. 'inl the building of manufaotui in_' '.inlHst.r.i s througïiout tbe country. Eioventíi - By grantiug a general antnosiy, and i' steriiig'the Union :t oaoo on tho "ii.iU of the ■ Bality of vil.ts and pfivü I '"i interi .-Ms, the unpartia) admii Lstration oí jostice being the ooly tme oud ol ai ion to Ijiml the Steti - together, o lengage theaffectious pf tbe poop goTBrnment. 'j'wcifth - By thu oreation of a Boatd inagi ment oí Cum ■ Bevenue, to consist of auch ;i number of in teliigent bufiiiiene men a.s may be noecssary to tanaot the fiscal ;itt'.irs of govermnent, wbich B aid sliall be clin gcd with the pxccuüüii ot thu wws reluting to the colloctipn und disburging of revenup, ind rhc regnlating of the currency,. and to hei:in)vv.rcdio einploy and have oversight ni rhe ilcrical torco and othor ojBcera aud agents requiied in tbc ! tli;irgu ot ah tbs duin s pertaining to cupartment; Tbe sau.c rule to be ppliitd tu the I'ostoüiee and Interior Do jjartmenis as far as my be practicable. the Secretarias oí tho rusteen departu-tMtE to ic í'ivsiduuti ui biftli iSvards.


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