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The Result In Kentucky

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The Iiadical journals boasted t o soon over the rosult of the Kentucky eleotion. Becauso there was a falling-off of the Democratie vote iu Louisville, tho point first hoard trom, thcy flattered themeelres tlüit the msgnifioent Democratio majority of tuinier years had been neerly wiped out. The 2'ribune was willing to concede to Governor Leslie but 20,(100 ïnajority, and disingenuously compared thnt with the iniijority given for Governor Sterenson in 1808, two years before the negroes voted lor the first time in the State. Later futurns bring tho Tribune and the rest of the braggarts to griet'. They show that Leslie has received a larger vote for Governor than Stevenson received in 18G8, nnd his was the largest ever before cast for any candidate for office in Kentucky. In thirty-nine counties, whieh coniprise a little less thun a third of the State, Leslifi gains on Stevenson 2:251 votes. Il the same ratio liold.s out in th" rest of the State, Leslie will have gained over 6,000 votes. The total vote for Btevengon was 115,889. Tho total vote for Leslie should be over 120,000. Our despatches estimate lus majority over Hallan (Radical) at 50,000. This would leave Harían a total vote of 70,000, the largor part of which comes froui the negroes, who ilid not exeroise the right of suffrage until last year, aud who thisyear came out for the first time in f uil strength. Taking the lust census as a busis, the negro TOte in Kentucky must be nearly if not quite 45,000. Harían feias therefore received but 25,000 white votes - :i heavy l'alling off trom the vote of Baker (Radical), who in 18ü received 39,0Gü white votes for Governor. Iu other words, while the hlaoki have swollen the Radical aggregate in Kentucky, 4.3,000 votes, 14,5G( white men have ahandoned the party in t and jver to the Democraey. I; dical organs oan set any comfort out of this they are weTcoxne. If the ' election shows anythiag at all, it liinvs that in thu Presidential election next year, when every Vote will be oallct out, tho Democratie oandidate will rej coive tho old-time majority of 70,000 tv 80,000 in sjdte of the blaok recruits foi Radicalism.-


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