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platform ia one of her old during-thuw;ir lt-cturcs, - and beforo tke XVtli amelidment was anything moro than a dream, thut she wantod tke " negro to veftcto offset the dirty Dutek and low Irish," never tbr a mometit stopping to thïtilr - doos sbeever 9Wh&-""Ot concedo kat her negro elovatore were not all pure ind relined. And so Anxa Dickixsox md kur fcllow advocates of woman ufirage ring tke ckanges on tlio purifyng eloment woman is to prove in politics vlion tke ballot is placed in her kaud. The halls ot' Congress are to be fortkwitk tonvirted into model drawing-rooms, 'rom wkicü Salsbuby and Yates and Ciiandler and all " who tarry long at ;ke wine " aro to bo forever banishcA, wliili' Sunday laws ar to be rigully'onSoroed, whisky and Ihjct no longer je tolerated as bevurages, and the groggbcfp iTifiiüMico talco its placo among Wkndell 1'lllLLirs' "Lost Arts." "VVo havo soen how the negro han pxirified tho politics of' South Carolina, Louisiana and othei Southern States, and as " gtrawa shov whioh way tho wind blows " wo may cast the influcnco of woman in politics, that is if tho average wonian is spoken lor and represen tod by the selfconstituted and generally recognized leaders in tho woman-suffrage movement. But to conic to the point : Sliss C. Clai-lin, of the somewhat notorious Wall Stroet banking and pub lishing tiini, issuming that the XVth i amenJmeut has mudo her a vot-i'j' vud eliiblo to office, has amioiinced herself as & candidato lor Congress, in tho 8th New York district ; and ut a meeting of the Gennan-Auierican Progressive Society of New Y ork, held on tho ovening of the llth, her self-noiiiinatioii was eonfirnied and ratitied. Of course she made a speech aceepting tho honor, in which sho said : " So long as I shall reprosent you in Congress - if by your votes you shall send ïue - I shall at least insist that the personal freedom of every individual thall reuiain untouchod. (That ïueans tfee right to free divoroe, fruo marriago and tree lovc, as intorpretod and practicad by her sister Vicky, the candidate for President.) Just aa tho religieus American lias the privilege of going to church on Kunduy, so must the right bc equally secure to you to seok your recreation ou iunday just where you otra íind it, and o drink your glass of lager in poace and luietnese, so long is you do nut disturb public order." And this is tho bid for votes of a woman, a representativo woman, - let us rathor -;iy a representativo of the unsexod woman, - u woman endorsed by Stantoït, Yntiion v & Co., a leader - if not a mother - in the woman suffrage Israel. Does t look like re-enforcing the temporalice cause 'r1 like purifying politics? But all women are not of the tiipi', somo reader suggests. Thank jOD for that, say we. But will the pure, the renned. the modest, the retiring, the virtuous, the home women, forsako their daily pleasures and duties and contest the ground with their schennng politieul sisters ? No more than do scholarly men, pctRBBBIDIUU UUJli, business" men, neglect their daily avoeations and use the means necessuiy to control ward caucus s, so that the now low element in politics will only bo supplemented and increased by a lower element. MíssClaflin has struck th;key-note for women politicians. Is it satisfactory to that woman who in her irmiost heart thanks God that she is a woman, and who aspires to bc tho highest type of woman ? The i f un asked question : " Will SciIUUZ support GraxtV" is at last answored, and by tho best possible authority, Schuuz, hiniself. Ia his recent Chicago speuch Senator SciIUKZ chargcd the President with a violation of the Constitution, and added : " It is my coiiviction - a conviction conscientiously formed - that this violat on of the Constitution is ono whioh the p.'ople cannot willingly suffer to pass without encouraging the undermining ot' the r oonstitutional rights piece by pioen, and without dropping intothc dangurous habit of submission to the avbitrary f eaks oí' personal goveminent. I am not tho uiiinto chango iny convietions liko a pair of gloves. Let them prove to me that I am in the wrong and all difforonces are composed, hut untü tlien lahatt not eease to buttU agaiiut mnctioning this preceden', ei'i r thni'njh Congres or through the people, icith all my nature. Others may compromise with their consciences, I can not; and I ehntt not endone a violation qf he fundamental luir Uy tupp&rting the redeetion qf a Prexident who perjietrated it. Vituperations and calumny may be heaped upon rae. I am conscious of an aiin as pure as itisgreat, símil bo inflexible, and if I stood Boutary and alono I would not cease to sound tho sigintl of danger, deep'ly convinced as I am that futuro evento will justify my warning." If Sciiukz says wbat he means he will malte it wirra work for ÖBANT in thc Germán strongholds of the Northwest, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Missouri. Tic latter State can in no event be canied by Gkant, nor can the forrner two with tícilUKZ opposing him. IF irurjer's Weelly is anythingitis radical, intensely radical, and holds that there is no virtue to be found outsido oí tho Republicau party. Harpa Vi', ,.'., iscditeclby Georoe William CüBXIB, who, recent report said, was to be appointed Secrotary of State. And yot this is the best doi'ense or apology Barptt't Weétiy and GeoboeWii.uam Curtís can ni kf ofor for tho President : "Thc quality of tía; l'rrsidflit's friendships, the intiiuatc inrluencc-s whieh surroun I hiin, the alienation of some Uien oí culture and high oharaoter from his counsels, tlio appointment of certain unworthy officers, liis psasion lor Ban Domingo, what is oalled his nepotism, ignorancu, indifferonce to real reform, and progress, uid political puriñeation - all these points are urged with more or lcss wanuth against the administraron. It i allcged to be a total failurc, and it is declarad that tingre is universal party disjj'i intnient in itgehit-f." Well might tho Preeidoatpray "Lord, deliver me from my friendo." There are 4.30,(100 mués of tulograph wire in Burope, 100,000 in America, 14, 0.0 in India and 10,000 in Au.tralia ! h Te aro in addition 30,000 miles of submarinu oahle, and yet telegraphic exten. .' n. throughout the world are going on ai the rato of 100,000 milos of wire per annum. Tlie total production of pig iren in the Uuited Status íd the yiar 1870 was 1,800, i 000 tun., - in addition to whioh 200,000 wer irnported. Tin; productiou and couMimplion oí pig jion in the civilizcd world in 1867 is stated at 8,500,000 toas or 21,260,000,000 jounds. ; 'Í'he " Victoria League" has favored us vith a circular annonncing the nomination of Mra. Victoria C. Woodiiui.l for President, and her Moeptance of the nomination. The p-atooiiipi'.med by the oorrespondénoe usual to Buch events, and also by the argument. M spoooh o? Mts. Weomruix defending the right tff woman to tilo 'báfWttttMkft tbe " constitution us it is," and throatening1 KWftlutios, secession or some othor territilöCala'tóïfy ff thc'üi-xt'Cóhgress feil U)' reOOgnize the right. In addition to beiug asked to reftd all tlús - with th(! mercury woll nigh ii] to 100 in the abade - we ai-e askcd to endorse U all, ;nd further to raise the banner of Victoria. AVe couldn't think of doing it just now, eapocially the latter. We care nothing about the argument of Mrs. WoODHÜIiL, that shc is a person, that being a person she is a cilUcn, and being a citUcn a voter Adinitting all this, ■whicii would require more eiïnri tlian consistent with the afuru'i saiii kot weathor, and yot Victoria Í9 not the man for us. We don't like her record, either as chionieled in the papers, liinted at by GliKELEY - sce bis letter to Ï1LT0N - or sworn to by henelf. A traveling fortune-tellcr and clairvoyant ician ; married to " Dr." Woodiiüll and livorced; then to "Col." Blood, alian lAHVEY, and igain divorced ; still biarng the namo of Woodiiull and domiciln5 with both Wooduull and Blood, relorted, su.ituinod by hor own outh, roomng with tue lattor. These aro hor sailjnt joints. Tboy may fit her for President, but we fail to see it. Wo may when it ia sooler weather. Let us await thut 8Vet - f thoro are any g.nuine, noble, mcdosi woinen connootod witb the wom n 9 itirage jnovenien( we liould think that tlwir ■checks wi uld tin Ie with si.aiuc to have such vromen as Vi ky Woodiiull and ïexnie Ci.Arnxussumo the position of leaders. - Apropos to tho candidacy of Mrs. Woodiiull and her expressod confldenoe that her name has tho sound aud promiso of victory, wo havo beforo us, in the Oulden Age - Tilton's tender to Woodhull's and Olajlin'ê WeMy - a fragment of a pocm addrtssed by President Grant's venerable sire, postmaster at Covington and dispenser of patronage generally, to the Claflin sisters: 11 Vie, 'i'ctiiiiF'. and Utie - Wit. genius and iMjmity - AH Uivec born in tho Bnekeye Stilte - Witb your uïurvelous arabition Yon uill riso to iKjsiotion, And viü with Clysdcs tbc great. 11 I'Ivbsus, tho Tanner, Whoae tiaim-'s on Uic banner - Vit;, your name is dttïJjKd to be thero." There, that almost persuades us to embraoe Vie - we mean the opportunity offered us ; but, as said beiore, the weather is just no w too warm. ■


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