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- ■ Tho Jaykson Citizen concludos a pariigrajh chuckling over this deorease of tliö 'iiürfsion&l debt with this sentenco : " the :pcof!lö are tiet insensible to this work bding porformed by Ihè Adiuinistration." A truth, no doubt, is tbo poople have been osHcd "t-pon to fork over tbe moneys uitli whichthe " gooa won; ' has been done. Paying taxes will mako a ■poaple sensible, orought to at lenst ; and on the whole oñghtíiot Sihe tíreáit to bc y;iven to tho p;-oplo instead of " the Administratiou F " - Cari Sehurz says that " his opposition to tho Ku-Klux bill in Congress was because the bill invested tho government with powers uot warrantod by the Constitution - powers more datigerous in ef foct than the abuses thoy Were intended to correet." He puts not his trust in President, and, therefore, says of tho power eoni'erred : " It was like appointing a lion to protect a sheep from wolves - the lion would easily fcoep off the wolvos, but wliut was to protttut thoshocip from the lions? " - At a salo of unclaimed bsggage, at the depot of the Detroit and Milwaukee Railwav. Detroit, on Moudav lust, a man, single at thut, scenting wearing apparelg bid off a farge satchel. Opening it, shc tbuud six pairs of of pants; and the reporter says sho wasn't enough of a wouiau-righter to stand such a blow. Sho might turn them over to Miss Anthony. - The New York World tires this shot ' Mrs. Stanton and Miss Anthony lid not cali upon Mts. Savier, whw shot attotlifii- woiuan ia California, possibly beCatttO ilrs. Savier had been reguiarly married to the man on whose account she shot." That is : their sympathies went out te Mra. Lake, the shot mistress. - The danger of drawing a prize in a lottery is tlius pointedly - pcrhapsnot dosignedly - depicted in a Frce i'i-e.s purigraph : " John Cochrane, of this city, the gentleman who drcw tho capital prize In bhe last Commercial Adverteer drawing, is reported by Chicago papers to have been uiibsiiig sinco last Wednesday." - " Does gold grow ? " is ono of tlie sciuntinc questions now under discubg.on - We have had a gold quarter-dollar this Bfteen years and don't see that it has "growed" a bit. Perhaps it noeds moro timp, as even animáis have developcd slowly - on tho Darwini m theory. - Taking a prisoner trom an Indiana or Illinois jail and hanging him is calkd " lynching." Doing the same thing down in Georgia or Mississippi, when the prisoner is held for the same crime, i telographed all over the country as a " KuKlux outrage " - ïennie C. Clafiin - a sister of Vicky Woodhull, who, according to Greeley bcars the name of one husbund and loJges with another to mako it even - declares in favor of freo lager on Sunday and herself for Congress. She wants the Germán vote. - Hon. J. M. Ashley, lato Governor of Montana, has been offered the Brazil uiission. lirant cxpresses a convicción that his removal was made on spurious oharges, and makes this amead for his part in thu work. " Confession is good for tho soul." - President Grantand suite stole away trom Long Branch on Saturday, dined rr'M nx-Senator Cattell, noar Öamden, and thoii went ujj the JJelaware in a private yacht and ?pent Sunday with exSeeretary Borie. So says a " court telegram." - The oíd City Hall, Detroit, has been turncd over to the Board of Education, and is to bo remodeled outsido and in and reccive the school library. If the plans are carried out it will be - both externally and iuturnally - a credit to the city. - The? ex-Quëen of Spain is reported negotiating for tho Jumel estáte in New York. If she has sáved tho necessary $1,000,000, with a sufficiency to keep up the estáte, retiring froui the throue must be a good business. - Au exchange says: "An a'igcl appeared to a Xenia saloon-keeper a few d.iys ago, and he has abandonad the br.sinese." There aru other towns thau Xenia ov(r wlvich that angel inight well " flop his wings." - A recent "scien ti fie note " says that the largtst asteroid yet disco verod is only 1C0 miles in diameter. Then what's the use of discovering any more such (oy planets? Hold up, Messrs. Watsou and Peters. - The Radical clamor of corruption in New York is the old "stop tliief" ciy. Attontion must be disteaeted from the Federal short-comings and encroachments. That's the meaning of so much zeal. - When the House of Commons censures a British Ministry it di.ssolves, but the censure of the House of Lords is considered of no account. Flattering to the hereditary branch of Parliamont, isn't it'i - The Chicago Tribune pays this high tribute to our people : " No poople under heaven can excel the Americana in the manly art of sitting un a bench and seeing eighteen men play ball." - Tho Marquis of Lorne and Princess Louiso are to take up their residence at Ottawa, the Dominion capital, where thero will be no membersof thoroyalfamily to snub the Marquis. - The " lady " who amus d a newspaper correspondent, traveling in South Carolina, by borrowing a " chaw of terbaokei " of him, would make a first-rate wanl politiriitn. - The work of impanneling a jury in tho Vanderpool case was commenccd at Hastings on Tuesday. Tho sumiuone 1 list - 121 jurors - wasexhaustod and uight jurymen feeured. - Charles Francis Adams has aecepted the position of arbitrator at üonova, under tho treaty of Washington. Lord Chief-J ustico Cockburn is tho Euglish arbitrator - Senator Morton spoke at St. Louis on Wednesday. On the stamping ground of Cari Schurz and B. Gratz Brown ne will fuid it "hard to kick against the pricks." - Theoiloro Tiltou wants to seo a negro woman President of the United States, and then ho will bo ready to exclaiui, " Lord, let thy servaut dtpart in peaoe." - Gr ieley is fr Vicky Woodhull for Presil nl. If you have any de ubt about it road tho vos ng j aragraphs pf his letter to Tilton, to 1 e f.iund in this paper. - All is not quii t in Louisiana. The Warmouth win; lia d(;clarod war on Grant unless brother-in-law Casey and the obnoxious Marshal are removed. - The widow of the late C. L. Vallaniigham died at Cuu:borland, Md., on Suniay last. - Tho N. Y. World says that " J. M. i B. Sitt, of Michigan," 19 at tbc St. I olas. Cun't our friond Sill writü bis name iegibly, or did he covct disguisa? - The American Sciontifio Association OOmme&oed its annual session at ïndiniiapolis 011 Wedneday. A good tiiue to iuvestirate tlii: heeft queation. - Frank think.s that Gov. B. Gratz Brown, oí' Missouri, is lio most av LÜablc Democratie candidato tbr Prosident. ■- By a voto of 448 to 26 fiay City votcd 011 Monday a loan of $118,000, for the purpose of constructing Ilolly Watur W'orkM. - The State Fair is to ba held at Kalamazoo on Tuosday, Wednesday, Tliursday and Friday, September 19th- 22d. - A firo damp explosión oceurred in tho Eagle sli;itt, l'ittsoii, Pa., on tho 14th inst., killing reveateen minera. - In Great Britain tho land-holders number only one in oach onó thousanJ and fifty of tho populntion. - The Marquis of Lorne and the Vrineess Louiso are advortised to bo at Niágara Fall.s in October. - Report has it that Georgo Macdon ald tg coming to this country : to try the lt-cture field. - The cable Baya " Cluoen Victoria is indisposod." Indisposed to whut : that' tlie point. - Lydia Thompson has wtnrned f rem lier trip abcead with a nt'W iroupo o bloudc.


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