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Immigration And "protection."

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The British Commissioners of Emigration roport tLat 203,511 emigrante [efl the United Kingdüm in 1870. Of these about 23,000 went from Bootland, 7 1,000 froin h-i'lnnd, and 10ö,0()() trom England. The total iininlicr of emigrante in 1807 was about 157,000, of whom only 13,000 west from Seotland, .")."),()(() went froui England, and 89,000 from Ireland. Thus it uppears that while Ireland sent nway several thousand less finirnnts in 1870 than in 18ii7, Bngland sent m:arly one hundred per eent. more. The increase in the Eiij;lih emigration for the lust thrco yeais has boen gradual, and is, thurufore, not to be eonsidered as the roHult of any temporary cireumstances. Sixty-eight thousand of the emigrants ami sixty-s!vcn tliousand of tho uiab oame to the United States. It appears from tho book of th i Britisb emigratiou office that from 18-18 to 1870 the people who have removed to this counlry hom Great Britain havo seat back to i'ricn ]-■ niorc tlinu gixteen miUiona tf dollar. Now, hére is a good subject ióx uur friendg, the próteifti tnitfts. Vhy don't thèy :it ie advocate 'á próinctivo tarilf 011 Brltisfa emigran ts to t-nlnce the account of " "oklr' '.' -


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