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The North Carolina Election

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From Uw Wilmingíon JouxnaL Oth. The con vun tiun is defeated. Appreheniun of Federal violenoe and usurpation - au apprehension industriously foatered y a Cabinet ortioer, the law officer of the ;overnment - did the work, coupled with raad. Our oppressed people - ur many ot' thcni - orusned and ground down by terseoution and the aword, were afraid hat Grant wouH uiake good lus threat, conveyed through Aokerman, of more oanïon and recoustruetiou, and wero deterrod frorn the effort torid themseves of the ncubus upon thetn. There were tens of housuiids of others, thank heaven I who lespised this threat aimed at a people vho were isetikin, under the quiet forma jf law, toremodel their orgauio law. - saving further discuasionfi of these maten, however, for a l'uturu time, wo havo histus.iv: We trust that the Legislaure, before proceeding to the oath-bound obligations unposed upon it by the eontitution, will givo the peoplo another uir opportunity to rid themselvee of tlie axation that must otherwisè beggar in in, even though Grant and his Attorney-General may fulmínate theii menai s agaio. Let that body, when it meets n November, pass the rovenue luw early n the session. Let it próvido for subraiting iraraediately to the people the ques;ion of convention. Let the ballot be : Convention and No Tax," or " Xo Convention and ïax." If convention carrics, he law to be inoperative ; otherwiae, the avenue must be oolleeted. There is no Scape that we can see from the latter alernative. The Constitution positively njoin8 thepaying ofcertain taxee; mem x-rs of the Lugislature take a solemn ith to support that instrument, and if be present constitution stands, its reuiicmcnts wiil, of horrible nccessity, have O be observed. Agaiu wa gay, let the jegÍ8lature make one more effort to resiie our peoplfl from the tinaucial ruin with which they are threatened - a catasrophe wort,e than Griint's baj'ouets or ickurmau's reconstruction. Watr baa been ibund in the üojavc )eaert. A herdsman observad a place vherc the recrelation indicated unumial ïoistare in the grouml, and digging a èw feet tbroogfa a hard, he oame o u. stmtum of dump earth, whioh SOOB jccamc wot and soft enoagh to aduiit af irv'iing with a rake-handle, wliich on eing witiidniwn, w:is followed bv a tream of water tbat drove bim from the ít. The water rose to the surface and nis oontinued Üowina; ever siuoe. "Tlio ret flow was as red as blood," gays tho ccount ; but the water sooa becuiiie uuiarkably jiuro and cool.


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