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The Cartel-bagger

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l'rom the WatiÚDBton l'aüiot. lhe magie oí words lor good or evil is vciy great. A nicknanie lias, as poetry teüs us, dishoiiured or ut least discredited, ïüany a noble cause. Au attractive, pleas■mtiy-soundiiig pliraso has büaut:iiud maiiy a very unworthy nian or tbing. " Cavalier " covers a gieat variety of wrong, ;uil " lioundhead " mucli that is good, and " Puntan," a word oí doliciuus origín, has, aocording to the point of vu-w fruui whioh ït is regarded, uil si r ot' signitiuatiun. Our 01 vu war had ita coinagu ui words, somo ot tin-m precise, and sume ui tiiom of very looso sigmfioance. " iScalawag," a false, reoreant South rn man, udmits of no equivocation. It i.s incaraate in Holden, walloce, Pool, Brown, ot' Ueurgia, and utiiurs of that detestable tribu, wiio, in a cliry.sahs state, were the most bittur rebela, and uow, with gaudy vms - red, white aud blue - soar as loyal butterflies. liut the other offensive word, whioh is usuuliy asaooiated with " scallawag," is loose, and admits of all gorta ot olevation and prostitution. Literally and strictly it describes those who, ulii.:ii the war was Over, carpet-bag in hand, and with the limitod amoiiiit of clean linun wbich a carpet-bag implies, unfurtunately, in its comprehonsiveness, the vagabond adventurer who, without obaraoter, and onable tomake a living at home, with no sacred or familiar tiéa to bind him there, migrated for mere plunder. But it alsoiocludes the many Northern men who, animated by the highest motives, and not tho loss high becauso tairly seliish, saw in the desolated and relaövely vaoaat bouth a field where good might be dono, and legitímate industry, with its fair rivalries, pursued ; who went there honestly to settie, aud. if they could, aaaimilate themselvea - make themselyes integral parta of the social aggregate. There ave many such, and it would be rank ninstioe to confound them with the discreditable class to whieh we have referred. it is a ouiious and impreesive iact tuat many of the-o bona-fido iinmignuits were active soldiers of the North. Not of Uk! jobbing, frolioking order of warriors who, lor want of profitable occapation, or in search of mere exoitement, drew their Bwords ; but Barnest, perhaps fanática) mea, who did duty, as duty, and obeyed the dictates of exalted, and, perbaps, morbid conscientiousness. Such nes, as a genera] rule, eofarastheraia timony on the subject, sctthng in the South siuce the war, have made themselves welcome, and there is no instance of' their bum the object of the least nnkindneaa. In return, they are the men who, so fur as they uro allowed to take part in public affaire by the crowd of adventurers who jostle thern in every avenue to office, act vith the Democrats, and onderstand that the suoceft of the conservativo party is the only means of their own material prosperity. The Taxpayers' Convention which some time ago m't in South Carolina liad a largo infusión of this immigrant element, and it spoke the voice of the substance, such as it is, and the industrial resources of the community. Let us then, in our deiinition of " carpetbagdom," diseriminato. Infernal Reren uk Decisión. The Secretary of the Treasury on the 24th uit, addreued a letter to Commisgioner Pleasonton, transmitting a oopy of Solicitor Banfield's opinión in favor of deósting froni the colloction of the tax duo froni corporationa on the interest of coupons payable within the last fivo months of 1870, when suoh corporations had, onder the Commissioner'a decisión, paid snch coupons in full, without defluctinfc the tes prior to May, 1871, the date of the Secretary's decisión reversing that of the Commissioner. In the letter referred to the Secretary announced his acceptance of the Solicitor's oonclusion ris to the tax on such interest coupons paid prfor to May L3th, 1871, but stuf-p.l that his (Incisión had no referenoe to the t:ix i.u ilividcnrls on stocks, adding that questioii had not heen passod upon by bint. To-day the Secrettry informs the Conimissionúr that tho question rem tined before him as to the tax on dividnds dei 1 it. 1 during the last five raonths of the I"'iii)(l r.ferrod to. This alsoin effect ap]ili s to tho tax on undivided profits of Corpovations, accruid and added to any surplus, contingent or orhv fnni. during the same period, ander Beotion 10 of the act of July 1 lth, 1870. Thoso taxes wiü bo assessod and collected. The daugrhter of Mrs. Betspy Hudsön of Warren. Pa., is less than twn weeks old ; but Mrs Be+sev Hudson herseli' is ü8 years old, and both are doing wcll.


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