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Barr's A&fue Medicine for Fever and Ague, Dumb Aue, Bilious Fever. Prices Reduced on Hlack Polnt I Shawls until wholc stock i siold out: I 11 -.. 11 my tlO.OOShn-nrlN for SS.20. I will s.ll my 7.30 S&awU for S5.OO. I will cll my M.$0 Sharwla for 4.85. m;i niLij.NKKï sroiti:, 47 South Main Streut. l!iirliii::(nii. Lcfivins trie Eíist .-i id rirrivini; n Chicago oríndiaiiapo-li?, huw shill we rcach tbe West f The ütiHt Lino ie acknowh-did to )e the O. B k Q.. juincd tog thsr wilh thc B. Se M. Külruail hy he 1 ron Hri.l-_-' -it .irliiiL'tun, nal cal ieJ the Burlington Route. The main lineof the Roa te running to Omaha, connocu with the í;reit Paclllo Rond, and furmí to daj the laading route to Califorula. Tbc Middlu Branch epterlns N'ebraska at Plattmouth. pasees tlirounh Linculu, the State Capital aad wlll ihis v-nr [)(: iluihfd tu Kort Kearnc, forming the shortest route acroua thu Cuntlueut by over luo ■liles. Anothor branch of thcB. M., divergina at Red Oak, fíiü.s int,, a line runuia down ïUo MidPouri hroogb St. foe to Kansa City. aad II Kauaas. Passeugcrs by thls route lo Kansas, see 111 uoln, South lowa, and .UU'ouri, aud, by a lighl diversanet, can eee Nebraaku also Lover Qf Une view should remomber the Hnr[i] ;u.M Koute, for ta towiu ' high-gleamiiií; from liar1' - u troti-friiiied stn-am-t - its rouh hluff jm] íiuarrica- Itscorn-oceana stretching over the pralr es furthor th-ui eye can reach. Lund buyer will bc shre'tó 'penïèmber lt, for tbey havofrleMdsamongihe two thonsand wbo have aleady boiighl farme from Oeo. S. Harrin, tbc Land Uominissionm of thc U. & '.1. R. K at Burlington, ova,or ainoníí the four thousand home-steaders and pre empturs wl;o lastyear flled clulins in the Íncola laúd office, where " Únele Sam i rlcb cuough to give us ill a farm," Barr's Agüe Medicine id a safe, sjxxd.y md a.ure ure. NEW IIIIIIMIII STORE. I n order lo close out a lew remainng Klack iv.ini l.u. Shawls, I will ■ 11 i hem at Cosí. Those rarkor Sugar Curcd Hains at Slawson & Mn's are choice enting this hot westth,or, rhen íhe. odor of the best kept and clewUwt buteher1 ituil u not teruptiug. Tau oftn attend to business while tuking Barr'B Lgue Medicine. 011 can f inri tlio larcrost assortment t lloop Nkirla and coritela at tlie luu. -i prlces, at the New M i llim i y Store 47 üoutU fflain Street. Xeither mercury, quinine or oraonic are in Barr's gue Medicine. Bounly to Soltllerg. Thosc whoenlistedin 1861 onthe tirxt culi ofPrcnt Líuculu, und wtiu were honurally discharged eloretlie explrntion of the teim of tlieir enliatBent. ureemilled to$100cach as bounly. uid soldiere eulistiüt; under act ol July 4th, 1864 re to be allowed the unpaid instalmcnte ofbounty fthey were disclmrged by expiratiun of service lit-above clasNbu ahould make applicatioii to the ndereirned. UarchMtb,18T0, ■O-tf JOHN N. GOTT, Uounty auJ ulaliu Aïuut. Soldiere of 1812, who served slxty daT. are en. tled tt Pension, and ahould apply immedlately tu ohu N. Oott, Bounty and Penulon Agent, ion irbor, Mich. 13rr's Agrue Medicine. Price one dollar. Aak orit. Paris hosn't manufacturad a drop of ologne tor a year, but the supply i0 ;reater tbau evor.


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