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J-HE AEGUS JOB OFFICE 18 NOW WffHSB mTH tmm presses NEW, AND IN OOOP ORDEH, NEW STTLES OF TYPE, AND QOOD WORKMEN. 0 1 A SI'IX i AI. TV 9UDE OF BILL HEADS, BLANKS, CARDS, CHECKS, CIRCULAE3, LETTES UEAUS, ruotRinuKs, RECORDS AI ItRIEFS, SJI.ILL BILLS, ETC. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLÏ FILLED. WORK WARRANTED TO PL.EASE. PRICES REASONABLE. HHI MI II II A I A. AKV ALL fcLAssus oí' m'siivftss nut Alt i: INVITE Tu I A VUK US ITII mini tmwèii ukm:i; of maijí axd huuox st's. TU3T 11ECEIVED! FiMLEY LEWIS have recelved a Urge and W"ell selected Stock of New Fall Göods ! BOUGHT POR CASH, All of whlch hifist be sold inside of gixty lays io make room (Sr our öecond Fali stock. We can show our customers the Best Kip Boots ever brought to'thls market, both for men aiitf. boys. OALF BOOTS OF ALL GRADES. We have the exoliiVve sale of J. M Burt's flue Imiiil-made worh- bónuiert tü be tlie best work to wer lu tJVe ma'rkot, Our stock of LADIES' AND MISSES' WORK IS COMPLETE. fW We hive the exduiice 8sle of the flne ({oovla qf ?1 C. Qurt, of New York, nd Kt-ynoldu firos., üt Utlca. We guarantee cntlre satisfaotion ón t-li t Work. 1334 COAJETHiÑli EVV AT 50 Main Street 1 LOUIS VÍA LZ, GROCER &CONFECÍ ííltfER HAS A LL STOCK IN HIS UNE, XfltD WILL PROMPTLY 8ERVE THE PUB. UC WITII SUOARS, TEAS. COF. FEES SPICES, SYKUPd, CANDIES, ETC. Farties Supplied WITH CAKES OF LL KINDS AT SHORT NOTIrE, OP THE BEST QUALITY, AND AT THE .MOST LIBERAL TEKMS. CALL A-3STX SEE XÏI3VL BEFORE PURCHASINÓ. 1330 ni6. DIRECTORY -OP- ANN ARBO Tt, FR 1871, With a Complete Portrait ot the City, an Accurate Census, Statistical Tables, &.c. o. THS UNDERSIrtNEDhaTinuhad au extensivo pxperinuce in the vimpilati'n nd publjcation o f City and Connty Oirectorles ín thisandother state, and Inving been -olicitcd by a nnmbcr of the prominent citizeus tu ir-Mir a work of this kind, teels e&fe in proinUing complete entipfaction The work will routaiu a c mpleie portrait of the city, settinff f'rrli ita advantages a a commercial and manufactiiriD town ; also utatUtica! tAblêl nhow ing the numbrrof firmv eugatud in every department of manufncture aud irade ; the aírft;ate annual alpi oí th same : the number of dw Hing and buslne8 house In the city, aurt in fa t every kind or ch.nract r of informatfou that the clticen or tnncm dwt desiri ; skrtche of the school churches. benovolent societieu The city povaessee mary advantuiry whuh if they werc enerally known, would attract settlers from all parte of thé country. It if our deip;n to pub'ish a work for Eencrul (lixtrihutiou throu-ihout the United State It would bc superfluous to here a;gethe ncce-ity of advertisinK city.or tomeuti n the idvantaes that ral eatate nwners and btiHine s meD derive from th8 Mthod of dvertieint; a city. The work will brdellvvrt-d to subfcrihcrF in the month ofjtily It iw to 'iu hopoti tliat businesn men will diily cuQsider aud aparecíate th tártatAgeM of advertisiug their business In this bn k. It will be found iu ptorea, "üU.-i.. InHii and all public places whcre the cards must meet the eya tf acoree o: purchMers erery dey. Te ms of Advertising. Onc Page $! o 'lalf 15 00 Pourth" 8 00 Capital Name 50 Price of booli to enb. crlljer , $T ' 0 to uou-aubBCrihers, $3 50. 132nt JAMES M. THOMAS. S"V fm Subacrtbera to Peters J I ff v Miisiv:'! Mouthlv are u't'tV1V J tlng their Mnsic forless - - than two cent a pioce. 1 Those who have not peen I thie Mu.-irii! Mntrar;ue I shnuld snrt 3 cents f ra I I sample copy. Thn motie i ny I I fy llave. Thomaa, Kin%i I kei, Persley. and ether Two back nnrabers lor A New School Book. b icent8. Fonr hack numh. s. jiaKls. pric;,;"; 'f ceDt8% Sub' J7.5I1 por d' zen. Coutainí . prp over two hundred uew and T I Ijl I W beanlifiil ungí, duets, etc. Ij 11' 1 I by WMI 8 Hays. H ster, Thoma, etc. Every I T 1 hhiï is new, freph. and X I y' spnrkring. Content nd , , mi apedmen pnfa ssnt fraa li 14 1 nmpir coplrg mailrd frec I I 1 of pnntage to teachers Tor 1 Uil il . 1 X l KJ '5 cents. Liberal tcrmti f riutroduetlon. Worih of ii: rr 83. Addri'gs, J. L. PETERS, 509 Broadway, IÍ. Y. Teachers gendinff (j thtr ofdtii's for ff'Owortho mulc can claliu a years subscrlption to I'cteuj Musical Moiunly. 132Stf SAM. ö. KtVENAlGH Copies Oíd AVB30TTPES DAGCERBtOTYPES IN FIRST CLASS STYLE TO ANT CBSIRED SIZB. HEAT UNION EXPOSITION AT GRAND RAPIOS, Sept. 12, 13, 14 and 15, 1871. TW0.FAIRS IN ONE. Tbe 3or(krn nichian ierinltural auii lüechaolcal Suciely, AND 1HK State Pomological Society, Unite in uiakíng tho abovo a prrand demontUnttion of the productions of Michigan Industry. AdmisRion 25c, cbildreu 15c. Kxhibitor are expected to join the Society. Yoarly membcrsllip tickets ?1. Life Mumborship tickets $10. HENRY S. CLUUB, Grand Eavcn, Seoretury. C. W. GRIGOii, ttrand Riipïdn, President. B Railroad and Ptoaniboát farea at oxcursion rato. Fiviglit moatly fr;e. 1 .; . vm j I IVE EESE FEATHriUS PIÏlSTQTJALITiT, L ontautjyuit hand and for air hy BAUH& AtiEL Go toR.W.ELLIS & CO'e ?r choice Wines and LiipiMTr :r Medical Purposes . DUILDEKá ATÏENÏiON, SANFORD&CARPENTER MAOHINISTS Aro prepared to do all kindt of LATHE SCREYV CUTTINQ, PLANING, FOWÜR Fl'XClIIXG, BRIDGE AND BUILDING BOLTS ! ALSO STEAM AND GAS FITTING IN i, ALL Ifí BK INCHK8. AGEXTS FOP. STEAM ft GAS FITTEKS GOODS COCKÖ, VALVES, WHISTLE8, &C. ALSO ffod 1 Making of evc-ry varieiy Basement of Courier Office. Cor. Main and Catherlue Streett. ANN ARBOR. 1330-m3 NN ARBOR SAVÍNGS BANK. ANN AHBÜR, IIICH. TE REST lUAU'EU 0 DEPOSITS ! ! OLLKCTIONS MDK AT ALL ACCESIBLE POIXTSUNITED STATES BONOS, GOLD, SILVER, CANADA MONEY, AND COUPONS BOUGHT ANDSOLD. Drafts ffreiOD Tork, Chicaco. anl D-troH, anü Bills f Kxch.'iiiL'e drawn at niüht on alt tha priucip:il citica of Eurupe. 3S4rOTSTE2" LOANED ON SECURITIE3. 11 kiuds of legitímate Baoklug Basioeea traarted ' ACCOUNTS SOLICITUD 1332tf. OTICE. Brok into the inclioure of tht Bobwriber on or. bont tb9 th dny of M-y 871. on Spot led Muro ouy, witb hita lace and shod nl aruand, abnt en or i.welvo years of ige, The owner is ream std to prove property, pay charges and luk. eaid' nare away. JACOB l EimERLodi. Jnly, i't,18Tl 1333 w CfOR RENT A DEM HABLE STORE ! rid ' ELI. AR Alo one Fin" Front Hoorn over irir New Store, No. 18 Main St., froni August lst, 8T1. Enquire of l-''-tf G.W.HAYS, Supt. Finest aissortment of Toilet Goods in the City, by liJJÜ.fllg&ea,i)rií(jgi. O 1ETHI1G SSEW AT LAST! AT 24 Maiir Street. The undersigneá, Hitvíng loeated at tbis 'place has just opened aÖSS 'and SELECT á aijottment of ILUIBoy MuoJínMM ê aoP pe ' fóund wet oif TfewYork Citjf, wbiich' i. is prepared to makenpinto themoit StYLlSH GARMENTS, AT THË tóRTËST N0T1CE," AND lowáT p5ssible pricè AESO A LIME OF CfefrS? FURNrSHrNG GOÓDS.' CaÚ oaa JAS. BOYD and he ñ Ö1VE itOTJ FÍTS JAMES BOYD, 1318tf 2 1 inalu Street.' 1 y A N T E D I ." Balrs Prime 1869 Hopt. 200 Bales Goul 1870 ll:i'. E. HAMLKT & SON. i' -. Halt and Hop Dealers, 13!4w3 Detroit, llich. PHVSICÍAÍH'TiWRIPTIOÍS"! IGCl'RATELV AND CAREFULLY PRBPABED BY R. W. BLL1B & Ü0.,DRUOGI818.


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