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When To Cut Corn

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A NoffrrFaifUrW, Ohio, frn-mcr i as followB to the . '■'.-■ lef on the above subject. Mi-, gnggestiai taiuly worthy of considera tion : At what time shall we cut corn, ;nd in what mannerf Shall we cut al ground, top, or not cut at all 'i These aro tiuestions which me seldom discussed in our Agricultura! papers ; stillthey should be i lioroughly understood by all -inwnv. I mu :uv;ii'í' (hitl many Bastern gri practica topuing; and ifthisis the best methcd. wc shoulil ;i!i practico it. Contending that it ia aot, I will presont :i fow thouglrta in favor of cultiug :it the ground. Leaves are the lunes ofplfmts, and nono cau be removed while the erop is maturing, more particularly while ; peiling, wilhout decreasing the amount of such erop. At the timn llnit the i ping is uauaUy dono, tho leavos rom aro the ones most essentiítl togrowtb, and . you prevent tho corn i'rotn rocoiving the Butriment that it would hivoroci from them had they not boen sovorcd ' from the stalk. In cutting corn we havo in view the : preservation ot' the sta lies for feeding purposes ; to be of much value it must be ut us toa trost; cut at the p Urne and wel] saved, th y make excellent ! feed ; but eut afterthey aave becume flry and hard, or frost bitten, they ore □ worthles I bt-licvo tlmt itisnu acknowledgod fact thut whqat out as sepn as the kernul becomes hard, and while Ihe straw is slill green, properly shopked, improvi i in tho shork, will ina'.c a botter quiliiy of Boïxr and more of it (han il' allowed to stand until the straw % deadripe; and I have no doubt that corn cut at the ground bciore. it is really ripe, well, will be of bettor quaíity thar if ALowed to stand unlil t!ie st:ilk luis bocomo dry; tbr, if cut at sucli 1 ime, the oiroülation ot' sap continúes until tho stalk bicornes dried and the corn ripens and im] the shock, whereas, in topp:ngj you ontiroly remove that por: i n ut' the stalk mostnoeded in tho ripeningpr There is n, cortain tim be cut when the Bhriukage in (he o rn will bear nq comparison to tho loss if ■ if iliowisd tu fctmd lo; -Lo: ; :t just what s; ge tin, is, ea h . o'tr himsolt'. My cule is, when the corn is all '■ weñ glazed, ai d ratlier nioje than hajf tho ears bcpn to iurn y. Ilow, cut an up in small ehocks, and soon aa tho! corn ia Bufl . ured to i binding the fodder securely, and settia g nine shooks of corn in one of fodder.


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