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W e nood scarcely remitid our reculen of tlie imperativa aeoessity of prèvi stock with abundance of water at thia season of the y om-, to whieh unim:., have access at frequent intervals, if not all tho tiiue. Andyot we know that tl ie is scareely any n-.-oessary duty of arm lite which is di with mor quency than this. Stoak of ao descripn thrive without ampie su] of water; and in the restlessnes: suffering occasionod o t. to iiislke ble provisión in tbis respect, the tosuita oí the 11) 1 i :■ Linimd the : pasl oi-aj skut.'I. r hould li' .vere can have tho ts of running water or suitable l:;!ns, for tho qua] the water at this seuson of' the year iè a matter of prime Ünportanco. Between a stagnanl 1 umi no water at ili, the former woukl lu gludly ed by eitfaor inan ar beVut But as between gtagnant water, and pure, there is I little question but that (ie health an3 vigor of both man 1 I will bei d by the latter. Persons wbo think tht contenta oi sv;iii]j hole is fíijoii enough tor thoir stock commikagiivyo mistake. The Lrin-k it and live, and so i:i:iy ;.■ but it t Un to a certain degree upon thfe physical condition of both. And during ti o l.öfc oionths when vegetable dcoo hitiou is most rapid, and when Btagnani water is undergoing ■■■ ::i:cií no eífort should hopared t: jircivide stock with water whichis reasonably pure. We know it will involvo oooaiderabl labor to draw water in t!ie ordinary manner, trom a well, where a largo naiuber of animáis are confined in a single enclosuri-, or to brinjr the necessary water froni 1 . ' But the natter Èloes ü"t üliüit f ecmpromise by Ariving tho stock to pure water two or three times daily, we 1 elieve it. better economy to draw by hand what water they re quire, or to rig a wind-mill tor tin: purpose, than to force tbim to drink trobn 1 rucnting pools.


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