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The Cost Of Weeds

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The Trntcr of " vl :1ks and Trilles," in the.l. I .stands in tbo front rank amo&g tho mjt.t intelligent and practical farmers in this country. He has a horror of wee is, as every tVirmuld have. In his August artiele hc says : .}itt I have on tho brain is o Sumo people think that with moder ricuit.ural implemento, and t tn ■ teni of fertilo land in the United S wesnall produce su mueh ni' i ■ and rueat, and wool, than cai lm cojjMiKicd by popul itiuii, that prices will l'ull so low that will bo no profit in taiining. Wnv it i(.t for wèeds and insects, snob probably wouid (lm case. Dly own farm and Iho Deacon's are overrun with weeds. W,e M tu liiu extent of our abiiit ting with gratifying . Our farms are bi COmi] and.cleaner avexy yiar, but ivm yOi tlie weeds cost us more than all other tixes - town, couuty, State, and uitionai -iUicct , and indin(:t, Sotubinédi I do nöt mean that the labor of desti lying them siinuch, lmt tlii; weeds that ösoape, dam agc our crops to such an oxtent, that we lose half our profits. Toumust reoolleut that th actual pivfits of iannin, aft-r deducting the interest oh capital, the oost of labor (our own or otheis'), tlic wear aad tear of implemente, etc., are exceedinuly suiull. I know of coiiipmttively few farms where, after making these deductions, the actual profits are mere tlian (8 pier acre. On the other hand, I know of mores of farms where, at least on some fields, the weede damage khe orops $10 per acre. And, depend upon it, no fariner can be re;illy suecessful iiniil bé ihakce an earnrst, persevering eft'ort tj clean bis land. It is fortúnale for us, that the nieans used to accomplish this object will do ïnuch toward enriehing thu soil.


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