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Clover In Autumn

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-The Country I sowing clover in lutmtin, s;ivs : In Northern Stat 8, and especially 011 heavy soils, elover would 1iíivi bul 1 i 1 1 ] .? chanoi to escape the effects oi' winter, if gown ai the timo of wheat sowing. If bowd Inte in August on lich land, a growing autumn, it might escape. Muco, however, would depend on the oharacUr of the following winter. If there ehould bo but little snow, nnd tho surtaoe be Mibjected to many alterations of f'reeziiifr and thawing, on a rathcr wet surfacc, the young clover plante would be destroyed. Witli oontlltlied lightsndws, and dry gqil, tliey would be more likely i Our correspondent will perceive, therèfore, that it would be an esporimcut at best - whieh we may try un a smal] gcale - tlif resulte of whiih would vary ñiuch with the seaton. Clover sown with wheat in spring, and plastered as SOOD :is the wheat is cut, will often maké a growth of a foot or more the samo avitunin, and give a heavy erop next Or if sowu on well pi ; irround oarly in spring, with no other erop, and plastered whan fairly up it. will give a guud croj) the same sumnier. Dr. Lmngstoa lia not had any pantaloons to speaJi; of for fouT yeaTS, the iwtchaut tüilors of Ujiji refusing to credit :iim. With a little paint however, and a 'nifíiapiit of lion sltin around bis liiii; ;. the do:ttr has managed to.kop hi in presentable condition for the Lerena of African monarch, whose recrnlations iun court costuiacs aro Qrate liberal.


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