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"I supposc sho will toarry simio time or uthoiv and perhaps, after ili, ghe will be as wrll oft' to íuarry aow, as to Wftitahftlf dozen years." Oíd Mr. Dorias tornea the letters over n his hand, and looked at the pretty blondo in the easy ohair opposito. It would bo hard to givc hor i:p, but with either oí' thee two incn he tolt that shc would be happy. West Harley wrote : " Mr. Dohlan : - For iany niontlis T Lavo feit a doey interest in youi daughter and am bold onough to hope that my atïection is in a degree returnod. I am not a rich man, but 1 have a 8aiï business and strtngUi and cnergy, nul my wife would have a certainty of the love and respect ut' an hoaest man. "VVith. your permission I will bc: pleased to cali upon !iur. RcspcctfoÜy yows, "esï IIaüley." Claix.nce ltillsdalc wrotu : "Dear Siu : - I am decply and sinoerely in love witli your daughter. 1 propose tomake hei my wife, with your consent. My name, position and nieans aro well kaown to yon. 1 await your reply. ïours) Cl.AllEXCK HlLLSE '. The first was a faithtul counterpart oí' hitúseli in his younger days. Thcre wow ;i frv Itaprovement8, sm:l as a little botter prospeot, a few more dollars than hc possessed at twenty-five but the principie, the sti-aightforward hoaesty and strength of purpose was thern. The othor was the very man hu hal had in l.ismii.d for months. Everybody knew the solidity and wortíi t' the great banking house of the Hillsdale Brothers. All knew Clarenoe, the younger, to be a thorough man of business and '- gentleman. He drcjj'e his handsome bays with gracc -and caso, but never with recklessHe gave a supper now and then, when champagne and Madeira flowed likt; water; but he went to his chambor with a dear eye and stiirly hand. Men found liim ilwaysiit lus post, wit i Éttce flushed with health, and not a trace of dissipation wrinkling a singlo feature. It was hard to choosc between thcm. Perbapa Ruth could ohoose. So he s]oko. " liuthic, come here." Shecame with her wel] bred, graceful 9tep, and Isaned over his ehair. " Wt-11 papa 'i " " Eoad these." He gave her the letters and she road them over oarefaüy. A blash stolo u-p, mantline brow and cheek wheo she concludod West Hailry's letter, and at the end of llillsilali-'sa delightedexdamation Bscaped her. Yon cannot marry lioth. WHch shall U be?" " Papa, I don't know. T nsed to really luve Weet, anti! Clarenoe oame, but now . well Clarence is rich and stylish ; and vet, West - good and truc. Yuushall docide." "And you willabide by my decisión?" "With all my heart, papa." Euth went baok to her easy chair, and gave the matter entirely to papas superior judginent, and he, with quite aa mueh, if net a degree or wi more anxiety than he had Eelt at lis own matrimonial setting, sat back and roflected. Hono8ty and trutta wore jewels qeldom found, but witli money and power on tbu other side of the scale, he wüy ai'raid they would sinl; into nottingnoss, " Well, I will wait. Sonio was I sliall reeeive the truth of the matter, and kno-w into wbose hands to place the happiness of iny litÜe Ruth." " Do you know young Ilarley 'r " lic asked a neighbor. " Yes. Bless you, wlio don't ? He is one of our solid young men." "Do you know Hillsdaler " "O, yts. Bfe's another. One of tho best feliows in the city." Si there it was. Both were porfection. Buth liked both and sodid he. lie could not cbooso between them. These letters árri ved on the scoond of December, ün the fourth eacli man received t Innl note trom sax. L)m-lan, with a few pleaqant but unsatisfactory linos. He would ooneider, he said, and givo liis mswcr if tliey wotlld wait with patienoe. On the 24th there WM a fair at the ohurch. It w;is ínagnifieimt, from its foundation, and its object was to di with gieatei spleodoi the already Bplendid ediflce. Fair yoving girls with confectioncry at $10 por bite, asd dainty uselesa knioknacKB ptized at flve times the real vuluc, beeiegéd every visito)', and li! woa i hard h arted creature who (toulil resia I the touch of the white hands, and pleading glances fron aaii eyes, and Bweet entreaties of " flo buy tnis ; you know you ii. ed it. Please do. Mr. Dorlan waa tliere, and bis little Bnth the proprietorof a bable well filled witli yorstod monéense, ilkou ouahiona, benei work, smoking enps umi slippera, ■nnd many a close fisted r'ellow luid a bilí ipon lu;v i::.liii' hm1 eavried away a tliukcft) as thouLrh lio bad git dOrable his inoney's worth. Clorence Hillsdale was thcre, and bo was Wesl Harley, and pupa Dolían whispored : " Kuthie, .voh'11 nevor kíiVo a bettor apportunity to Btmdy those lovers of' Yonïs." And Jlulh studied. They did not stay away n Tnoirent longor than etiquette demandod. As ' h i ■ - ooulu frame ;m excuso, thcy atuttered toward her t;iblo. Üt' oourse they were not jealoue, ibr eaoli other'a motivos were unknown, aad met as wellbrcd men do, and aftor salutations to liuih fel] into aa easy oenversatioa. " These are pretty articles," BAid Cl;irr-,irr, taking up a pairs of vehet slippers, "did you make thein, Miss Dorlanr1 "Yes i liavu lint tlicsi.' two pair left, wuii'tyiiB take a pairV 'J'hcy must be I !y ynnr sizo." "Yes, I believe thc ave. Vhaldo you expeot in return ? " " My prico, you sec, is ten dollars ; but in a case like this, we trust more to tite onei-osit.y of the pmrohaser." ihc said this with a charming smilii and lic placed a roll of bilis in her hand. "You will take the remainiiig pairwill jTOU Hot, Mr. llarley ': " slu; iskcd. "res;" und West Hai'lcy teíidcrcii liis ■ ■tv. riag, Bome one elso oame up just then, and they tumed away, leaving lluth tbr a moment with hor f at lier. " ( t, papa I " ■ VfhBA is it" Si.'i; what a gonorons soul DOe Hillgdalehas. Five hundred dollai a pair of slippers! And West - ü, hov mean ' "' " Huw iin':li did lic g-ive you ? " " Ten dolíais only I " " Well that was your iiriro, and a pretty steep one, too, oonsidering the fact that tíiey oud not cost moro than half that suni." "I know, bnt think how great the contrast between their gifts. Why, I'd havo givea mera after what was said, f l'i! 1 ! ■■ i l oblieil tnpawn niy boots." "West Harley is more sensible," was papa's short rcply. They wvnt away, each bearing a pair of slippers wrought by hei deax little hngers, and each withm his hoart hope enough to nake him happy; and Ruth lost hor cbanoe to study her t wo lovers. Long bofore the close ot' the cvening papa Dorlan got slecpy, and st&rted for home. liuth was in good hands, and ho was too tired to stay there and stand the iuiivy fire met demands troon his parse and patience, so ho found liis oVercoat and i'urs in the ante-room and presontly trudging along toward his comfortamansión. A litho figure passod him ai the snd of the block, and under the light from the Street lanip he reoognized West Harloy. He was in a hurry, and witii a little ourio8Íty Papa Dorlan hurried too, and kept quite noar. All at once ho disappeared. Papa Dorlan rttbbed his eyes Where in the world did he go! Ah! there 'was a grocery atore on the corner. Possibly he muy have gone in thore. A few Bfcepa more and papa DorUua was pèepins '-" ot the front door. "Si 's, In.' w;is there, and bo the curiosity box outsidc watchcd and waitcd. It was foi a long while, for liis strange young man was superintendiiu the tying op of mysterioua parcela, and finally the tho veiling out oi'a barrel of flour. " What in the world is the fcllow buying groceries f or f He don't keep house,'' thoiight tho watcher at the door, as AVi.'st took out his pocket-book and paid a bilí on the counter. " These iirticles must bo delivered tonight," he said, as he oponed the door. "All riglit, sir '. " Well, papa Dorlan looked after tho tall figure as it sped out of sight, and bogan to tliink it a decidedly mysterious aii'air. " 1 may got mysnlf into trouble, but I'm bound to solve the matter;" and straigatway walked into the Btore. " These artieles are to be delivered tonightf " " Yes, sir." " Where 'i " " At Xo. 28 M street." " Could you givo me a ride around there '( " " O, yes." Tho answer canic promptly, but the grrtceV's ejis looked wonderingly at tho finely dressed gentleman. It was a lone ride, and bv no nieans a picasant onu, fcr it ran through narrow alleys and streets, and eiulud in ;i low, it littlo court. "Here youare, sir, at o. .S. Italloo, there ! Mrs. Martin ! " The door No. 28 swung open, and a woman, palé, and poorly ol&d, appeared. " linos a load oi goods foi you." " Foi me f There must bu a mistake." " Not i bit of it. Tuk.' a parcel or two, and 111 run in witli tho rost." Papa Dorlan, eager to aee il"1 wliolo, oaUght Up a bundie and ran np sfcursbchind the vondeling woman and grocer. It was :i poor little room, ;is ni'itt as w;ix, half fillcd with freahly ironed clothea and its proprietress, ,-i pale, meek-faced, vroman, bearing the marka of povotty upon every lineamont. Two children irom their supper of bread and ïnilk, Looked at the stranger, and hailed the appleSt as tliü grocer rolled them into tlic basket, with a shout of delight. " Did you buy tlieso, sir t " askcd tlio woman oí papa jjorian. " No, ma'am, I did not. But I know who did. Do you know West Harley?" "Yes, Heaven bless him'. I do hia washing, út, Did he send these goodi . "Yes, he did." " Is everything here ! A barrel of floar, five pounds of sugar, 0110 ot' toa two of oofree, four of butter, a bag of salt, two buahela of potatoes, ;i bushei of apples, crackers, raisins, and a bag of cakes? All here in the book. Is it all right?-" "Yes, sir, thoy are al] here." " Come, sir, are you g'iing to ride back willi me ? " "Yes. Wait a moment. Ilere, my good m, is a little help to you. I must aotbebebind Harley. God bless him! May ho have a ianiily's washing to pay i'or before anotiier Cnristmas." And Dorlan hurried out and again mooated the grocer's wagon. It was late wlii'ii Ruth arrived in the oarriaee oí' a friend, it her fother'a door ; but late as was the hour, sim found bei respectad fathei in the library. "Shv, papa, are you awake ! " " Yes, ana Fve something to lull you. Do "ii cemeinbei that you jiromiscil to tl ilo by niy decisión in ohoosing betwcen two adiuixeis, Harley and Hillsda " Yes, papa." ""VVcll, I have deoidod. Marry Wee Harley." " AVI iy, papa Dorlan'r " " You kuow who you lovc bost. lfyou (lon't you will wlion you heat my .story." liuth folded her hands ovei hei papa's knee, and listened white lio lelated ili' incident of West's gonerosity, When he oonchi'li ó slic Baid : "Pu]i:l, gend for hbn. I am rore 1 Ipye him bost." Ncxt day the-twp gentlemen received thejx ri'plics. West Harley folded Iris, and loanod bacil l'roin bis desk, vith a happy smilo illinmim.iiiv b$B nandsome faoe. Ularence Hillednle ooolly twisted tós, and lighted liis oigax with it, and went out for a sinokc. A Cluster of Anecdotesi Thelitët ehapler'Gf Planolïè "Becelleetions" in hoi y oontaina the f ól luwing : i i OOK, Hock's fnir.c BS an imprevisateiré is a matter of social hiatory; lm!, I caonotrefrain froia ving ono instance ot' his powera which is as oreditable to his hoart as his head. Thero had boen a largo pary a 'n'' house of some mutaal fiiendi of onrs :iml Hoek'a Beighbora at Fulhnin. !! traa latei bat many still remained, and before separating another Bong was requested of him. lío was wraiy, and really suffering luit good-nattiredly conBeated oti coiidition thut somobody would suggest :i subject. Xo om: volmtooring ho said, " W-eU) I think the most proper Bubjeot at tbia Uour would bc good night," composed with J i is usual faoility, but iftcking the fun and brillianoy which had oharaoterized his former offu.sions. Söme oddity ot' axpression, howcver, ia tho middle of one of Ims verses, elicitd a ringing latigh fiVmi a fine aaadaome boy, son of Captain the Son. Montague Stopford, who w:is Btaying with his parents in tbc house, and who had plaAted himsolf m the piano. Hook atopped short, look(;d at hlm a.dniiriiigly for an instant, thiüi-, con'pletixig the verse, "addod, with an intensity of ex pi'ossion I can never forget, "Vou laiigh ' and yon ari1 rLr W?ht, :: of the moriung, And (i(xl iend you ;i good ni:ht ! " The efteot was electrical, and brought tears into tho cyes of more than ono of the compasas while iipon cheer arose Lu recog dtion ofthatoharming and touching bui'st of feeling. THACKERAT. ífy acquaintance with ThaCkoray coind some time boforo he joined " The Garrick," and while I was a gueat of lus cousin, Capt. Thomas James Thaokeray, in llie Kue d.i Faubourg St. Honorc, during one of my many visits to Paria TIe WM at thattime a slim young man, father taciturn, and not displaying any par' tieulur lovc; or talent for literatore. ing appeaxed to bo his favorito amusement ; and lio aften sat by my side while 1 v, is ii uding or writing, covering any scrap ot' paper lying about with tlio most spinted sketches and amusing oarioa1 have one of Charles IX. iirinpr at the Huguenots out of the windows of the ïiouvre, whioh he dashed off in a few minutes beside me on the blank portion oftkeyellow paper Cover of b French drama. A memoer of "The Qarriek," wh wiis Bpeoially unpopular with the majority of the memoen, was literally drawn out of the club by Tha k( r iy. His figure, being vory peculiar, was sketohed in pon and ink by 'nis implacable persecutor. On every pad on the writing tables, or whatever he coúld Venture to appropriate, he representad him in the idiculoua and derogatory situation that could be imagined, always with hia back toward you ; but uniuiefcaJ llis vietiüii it euiíbÍ be ftdmitled, boro the deseoration of his "lively effigies" with great equanimity for a considerable period ; but at length one vcry etrong - perhaps too strong - example of the artist's graphic nul eatirical abilitfes, iea with the conviction that ho was gonèrally objectionablo, induced him to retire from the club, and loave the pungent pon of Michael Angelo Titmarêh to punish more serióos offenders than bores and toadÍ9Ba EOO I Hogers had the reputation of being vriy ill-natured, and many instanoes have been gi ven to me by others. I am bound to aeolare that dnring all the time 1 knew liim l nover heard him saj a really ill-naturod thing of any one; but he by no moans denied the aecusation. " Vi'liiii l was young," he obsorved to me, '1 xwd to saj eood-natured things, and nobody listenea to me. Now that I ain old I say ill-natured things, and evefybody listens to me." So much has been written about the "Poet of Memory," and so many f' liis anecdotes eirculated, both in print and o.mvrrsation, that I shall only recite a lew that I hoard from his own lijis, and, as ncaily as I can recollect, i:i his precise word : My ild t'iicnd Maltby, the mother of tho Bishop, was a very absent man. One day at x una, in the -Loiivn;, wo were looking at tlio picfcures, when a lady entered who spoko to me and kepi ino somc minutes ia oonversation. On ïejoining Maltby I said, " ïhat was Mrs. -■■. Wo have not met Boloog she had ilmost forgotton me, and askod me ii' iny name was Kogers.'! Maltby, still looking at the pictüres said, " And was it 'i " A man stoppcd me ono day in Picoadilly, and said, " How do you do, Mr. Hogers ? " I didn't know him. " You don't remembet me, air. I had the ploasuvo of sceing you at Bath." I said, " Delighted to seo you again - at Bath." It was the fashion f'ormerly to make your gue.sts drunk; and th-;i' was :i gentleman staying in a country house, and thcy made liim very drunk, and they tarred and feathered him and put him to bed. In the morning he "wuke, and w wasn'i sober tijen. Se rosa and went to a oheval-glass, and he Looked tkt bimtelf and said, " A bird, by ! "


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