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Saratoga's Epitaphs

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Corresponden! N. Y. Commercial Advortincr. mo tombsume epitapna ot tire ffincieni )SsratogÍ!ins uro too amúsiñg to escapo a history, ' Come with 1110,' s.vid tho oíd sexton, ' and l'll show you somo fon hcre among tho tonibstones. TUis,' Bftid he, pointing to R small stom: on whieh WM fut a ' turo oí' a portable engine, ' tras erected by -Mr. , whoso son was killed by the explosión OÍ his engine.' The t'uimy verse 'below ivmls' ICy ongine i"v hrs öèld -i.l t i Ï"-, N water dóee her boili i tul ; I uifordslt (tome da ■ ÍK dayítif uefidneasai We next oame to t tono on Iho íóp óf which v;is :ui immense olam or oystor fiholl. Witíl II'-' rl;ii!i Ot nv'rv ir.'ini, ',TS I thought, to desiguale tíiu ílight of tho soul. 'Whftt does t menu 'r' 1 Bjskeá. ' di. nlil K;msoin Olark,' said tfce sextoa, "Wás a sea captain-, aid a? infidel. He said tho clani matured, oponed, and then was caten by somo largor fish, and 1 ! i ■ j 1 jrould bo the end of us all; and he stftck to hfe f&ith lo iki; end, and had this big ulam shell cut in marble. Somo people say tliis tneang that he is happy is a dam ! but I don't know.' Tho next epitaph wiw ÈToc'ted lo Emnia A., daughter of Aln-am Cox, and wifo of ïhoodoit! ScdUlehn, who married agninst her father's wilL On her deatli, Abram Cox insoribed on hor toiubstonc : il lodving f.v6 ehöaren, Hhe umi-luid too roung againét her futl.Vr's will; binyle womt'ii lake fnunmmg !' Tho cijituph cansed a good deal of famtly difficulty, when one day her late lmsband, who thoughtthe epitaph röftöoléd upon him, took away tho stone, aud had ingoribed upon it : SI..' d!ed k-n-iPT 5 !■■■■■'■ chfldteB Tvt moian lii'r unnm--l I This ono is very pretty, and tella a tale of lovo and grief: ' We miss our smilinglittlc on : But, o, Uod : 'i'ii 11 bodouo." Thon cuines B sturdy Catholie insoription : I. H. P. The 1.r:l li thé soul of JEKEMIAH MAHAB, Iiorn in 'liiiiil, TiiA'iary ('o., lrolund, DleO Bept. i.M, 1848, M 36. lic hu l'i '.'(e to bewail Jiis loss. Tho next was an old ornmbling tombstone, perhaps a centuiy old, and roads : ' yuai1 a witV, 2 inonths a mothor, And llml look hex Ute. Ilerc comes a stürdy Puritaii e]iitajli : }lere lies A. DEDBIOK, A ttnuur suvn.U'i (ioil! Orange Sears who had sovoral wiVes, thus epitaphs tho fiist ono in a manner that would aSsist him in gettittg the secoud: Nf hflsbftndfi's 'cárv ftor ílootor's sVills Cótild stiiy tbs stern doeree ; Bul quit'tly sho ohned her eyes To wake in im-mor-Uil-i-1 y. x This beantiful inicription,' aid the old sexton, ' was put oii by iho tacatvest old LotharÍQ of i man in Karatoga county. His wifo died a great manj years ago, broken-hearted. lüi.i'aino as öM Grur er Walton, and tho inscription is fts sweet as Claudo's dewription of his Alpine Home : Tliore's not an liouv Of d.iy or dieapiing night Iml 1 am vith tlibc j Thetc's n-it.; ind bat HiispiTs df thy niime, Aml nr.t i tic.u eK i b ■ :-th tho utoOn; Hut in its hui Or fmnrancc ti-U a tale Of theeOn an old Duteh stone, underthc namo of Jacob Veder, is written : 1liv Het niy fntln'V D.ili, "Whu lelt toree chfldren to do tho beat they c:m. Alico Harvoy puts up this quaint inscriptiou to her sister : Vrnvv.'ill, my dear father, The Lord trida me ooull i IiüteyiM my dear fñétítA, 'Tfi now Tin gono home. May hér abo] reet m i)c:iee - amen! A lady friend at CoAgïess Hall snys tliis epitaph is in the graveyard, but I failed to find it : Ui Ti' li.'s tbe wifle tf Robert Bándafi He waSled Ihe V;y ot t-iu pérpeo ucular. Georgo T. Fuller, a good many yoars ago feil in love witíl Viola Norton, a contidiiig youiiü; lady in the villagO) and the two lied to Balston, whefe thoy were sooretly married. On returning to Saratoga, (Jeorge was killed on the ti'aiu, and bis bride-widow placed the following cpitaph on his tombstone : Weep not for me my moiher dl have gone to a brightei sphere; 'Thi debi tl-:1.; iv'w r:'ii fluin, Reaignod ofc not wben it may oomci.


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