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An Anecdote Of The Rev. Mr. May

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In early life he was scttlod over a smal] pörish in Brooklyn, Ct., and rode in a one-horse cliaiso about the country. Haring prepared a day's journey fot am ; ohange Be wasadriaedby aneighbornotto ' go alono, ás footpads infestod the roail lic was to take. He hcoded not the adviue, and, when a few miles out of the village, he saw a man jurup over a loVIf fence out of a thick wood. He said to himself, " Mine cncmy is upon me." When ho overtook the man ho stopped and said oheerüy, " öood morning, öiend; I luive au empty seat, will you not ahare it with me p " Thcy liad a ïong rido and a long talk, Mr. May giving hos passenger a great deal of moral advice by the way. As rhcy iifal'ed Uio poiht of Mr. Maya dcsiiiuition, hesaid: "lam a minister, and shall pfeach in the next village tomorrow, and if you would liko to hoar me, I am suie the friends uhoarc expeoting me will entortaiu vou." The man declined tne invitation with apparent conflision, aid when they alighted from the vehiole, sdid he w Uld like to speak with Mr. Mayapart a few momento. When alone, he grasped Mr. Mayg hand, looked him gquarely in the face, and siid : " I must qo( part without oonfèasing that when 1 sprang into the road I intonded to blow your brains out, steal your horse and oarriage, your watoh and coat, and escape." " O, yes ! " said Mr. May, very pleasantly ; " I knew tlMt. 1 was warned againat footoada on the road this morning, aud fult suro you were armed whoii I aski.'d you to ïid with me. " " You aro a noble, brave Chrisüan man," s:iid the robber, with great feeling ; " your counsel to-day has sunk doop into y heart, and I hereby promise you solemnly that I will lead henccforth a températe and blameless life." Tho promise was kept. Tlioro had been a corrospondonco betweon theiu for more than thirty years when Mr. May told iis the story. No ono but their Maker knew their BQOFet. The repentant man prosperad, and it' }i'. is living will but add one more to tho thousands who wocp for his benefactor to-day. The new air brota wliioh is exoitinj;so much attuniiüii unioiig railroad men, was invented in Pittsburgh. It is :mtomatic and self-adjusting, Imtis dircotcd by maohinery n the ongine. Tliis machinery consista oí' na air pump and recoivcr, wluoh are worked ly the movement of i hand-lt'vcr at tho firebox. Pipes connoot tho brakos of tho iáovemeatofthe lever on the engine, the air is made to act upon eaoh wheel instanüy. The oxpense of tliis apparattu is #.'00 tor tho ouginc, !?2j tor thu tender, and f 100 for cach car. Susan B. Anthony did not enjoy hor visit to Salt Luko as inuuh as s?ho uxpootcd. Brigliain isn't ïnaiiying anybody this ycar.


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