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To Whom It May Concern

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-Thé latest style of dressing ladies' hair is said to bo the extreme of simpluuty, and beooming to small, wcl'-;haped h?adf.' It consista of a Fronch twist, with a plain or braidud coil placed loosely round it. No parting is made but the entire hair ia brushcd away from the faee and t .visted all together. Crimps aro admissillv though jjlain, smooth braida wiü be róè&i - ly admiredi but quite unattainablo to' most ladies, tbr the long siego of crimping irons luis ruinad uearly overybody's front locks. Loose, short rurls; close to tho hoad, are very pretty with the coil?, th.mjrh the hair has to be kep quito shmt for the purpose. Combs aro íiíiíu in vofíuo, ana some very elegant oiü's, to matoh p!ifs,ear rings nsoklaoei bnicelets, etc., are' displayed in the storos. At one of Peter Cartwrighfs camp i' ingsbo wiis jiluch aanoyed bj b aoisj sistei, who "toot part" moro Erecii ntly than was ftoosptoble. He had rallnt upon all to kneel while sojno ona abowla lead i" prayor. Sho struck off at onoe with much ffealing and power. Cartwriglit, not raoognizing har voioa, shouted out ' Alian i A brotlirr k Kn.'ling eloso by whispfivd, " lt's Aun Jordán prayiag." Cartwriglit, looking round and socing that it was so, cried out, " I tako that amen back !" A bright little boy about four years of ilge, sou of a olergyman, wis at your corrosponóient's house one eveninj; with !iis parents, and I gave him a oottple offive cent piceos. lío laid them on the tablo, and, putting his finger on one, said : "This ono I am goirig to givi; to tho hoathen,1 and tho othcr one I am going to koop mysolf." üoplayed with thi'm Eiwbile, till finully ono ot' them rolled away, and ho' could not ünd it. " Well," s;iirf [, "niy lad. whioh ono have you lost ?" "Oh," said he, "I lmvo lost the ono I was going to givo' to the lïoatlion." . " Good morning' Mr. Smitli ; on tho siek list to-day ?" "Yon, sir, ;ot tlio ijm." " Do you ever shake ?" " Yos, shake foar-' fully." " "When do you shake again f" Can't say when ; shake eveiy day. Wliy do you ask ■"' "Oh, nothirig in i:ii ticolar ; only I thought it'you shook so bad', T'd liketo stand byand we if you wouWn't shake the flVe dollars out of your pocket' whioh you have owed me so loht;. " IIow ploasant is a lovoly thing a littlo out of season - u roeabud in 7'intor, for instanoe, or a kiss in ohuroh wüen the deacous' eycs are closed in prayor!


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