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The Wisconsin Democratic Platform

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Tho reppesontatives ofiího Demo Ijnrty of wfaconsin, in State Convcntiun assembled, hereby affirm : 1. T-liat we point with pride to the oconomical administratfdb and Hmitod imonnt of taxution tbat prevdled in the itate nnder Demooratio ralo, a i contrastèJwittithe enormous body of ttii and proflígate oxpondituri of the buoceeding Republican St.'ito adminlstration, and that tho Deinocratio party, it' roBtoreS to poweri will observe economy, retrenohraent and reform in evory dopartmont of the State govornment. ■1. That the wise restrictiqn enacted hl thl tcivt I) imcinhnrlli 1 the NátiÓnal Coüfititutkitt, reserying to the States reively, and to '■'■ ■ all powers not delegateá in the Dnitod Statos, is one of -t 1 1 ï itröngest Bafegnarda of popular freedom, and that fehe acts of Congrega and of the Federal administratdon, in usurping jiowers not dolegated in tho Gonstitution, and breaking down the distinctioii hetween li' powers of the State govornment and tlioso of the general govornment ara cUsIructivo to oonstítutional liberty, and threaten to overtlirow out existing forma of local and Péderal government, and tend to the establishmeni of a pénnanenl oentralized despotísm in CongreKs and tho National éxecuÖYe; and that we denounce as a vicious offshoot of the oentralizing tendencias of the general gorwnment the frequeni aftempts of Ule i-jents of the Federal adniinistrulion to interiore iu looal poütical affirirst 3. That we are in favor of a tariff for rtïvunuo only ; that onder tho pretext of raüring a rwenue, wfthin tho last ton ycurs the national Oongress bas establish ei and oontinuea that enormous robbery of the massos for the enrichment of the few, known as tho protectivo tariff systeta, which has swpt our oonHnerce fróm the seas and fettered and oppressi I eTery agricnltural pursuit - :i systom of which the conventions of the Eepubíioan party cquivni'ally and haltingly speak in their platforms, but whioh that party perpi tn:it,cK in Conerreas. and fn tm which the pie may hopo for no relief but by tho rcstoration of Democratie rulo. 1. 'l'hat by oorruption and profligacy the present adminietration have sooandértd lnr;o portions of the national doiiiain and enonnoua sums trom the national treasury : that i f isnöanswertothisüonipltiint thtat t.liey hávn paid Borne portion of tho national debt, for by a wise and oconoraical uso of tho immense rorenue whieh au unprèoedented taxation h;is rais-ed. a nniili grciitor rcduction in the dobt should havn been acoomplished ; but t.littt tho Democratio prty opposes oppressive tation for tln mero sak spci'dyp.Tiout of thu dobt, belie?ing tliit 1 wisdom and justico in tho ;:ljüstuicnt of taxes, and ooonomy in the e . jiciuli ■ urcs, tho national dobt may 'tpuiil with sofiioieni rapidity, with Imt n s!-i;'Ut burdoB apon the Industry and resources af tíie people ; and that we are opposed to all forma of national repudiatiun, oither of thi debt or pensions and bouiities dus the soldiere. 5. That as tho late-ainendmente I Constitution havo been declared proppvly oonBtituted authorities ' be a rundamc'nta] part of the Uw of the land, they are binding pon tho people; thai tiio Di:i!(T.'Uc i'.ülv nou-, i:s in the past, laiow no liigher law than tho Constitu tion ; that the timo-hunored principie of siric.t oonstruction, applied by Lts B and acci.'pted by tho wisost statesmen and jurists of tho country, ahould i in all logislatiou by Oongreas relating to tho Constitution and ita amendments; that the Deinoumtic party ia oppo the withdrawal of politica] and rivi! riirhts fron :iuy class of the people, :,nd that we démand the removal ot'all political disqu.ilifications. 6. That tho de&lcatione, emb ments and coiiuj)tions of tho national administration and prostitution of legislation to tho demanda of unsorupnlous lobbies and greedy monopolies are ;i national scandal and disgraoe, a most dangerous blow to the public, credit, and un mtolerablO outetge upon th: taxpavers of the conutry. 7. That as the representativos of a Constitution-loving and law-abiding party wo deprécate mul denoancé every outLreak of lawJeesnesB and viólenos, whi theo cornmitted nt tlio North or at the South, and tliat tho acts of Congress aiithorixing tlui employmeat of tho standing aiinv to gaccitoB tin; pbioes whare electíonsaií: l'i 1h' hi'ld, and to constitute a local polioe in the states, and which ompower the officers of thu Federal ndniiuistration to inteipOM military torce for tho j)urpose of orerawing palitical conventions of the people, ure su!m .Tsivts of free government and a perpetual uienaoe to public liberty. 8. That, whili' the peoplo of (his country hopo that in duo time fchey iw.iy extcndtUi! blessings of out fovm of garentir.unt over the ontiro continent, the course pursuod by the natioimi .ri(liiiininistralion in its efforts to annex Ran Domingo waa au unjustitiable usurpation and i. wicked attempt to lay hold of the feitfa (?t' thifl people in their high destiuy for the unworthy purposes of personal ;iin. 9. That, whüe it is a State dut y ti ter all proper public improvetm its of tho rivers within our boundvry, the oharaotei of the improTt'iiK.'iits begUD and projected on the Fox and Wiseonsin Eivers, and thebi-ncfits tobe derived therefrom, are sueh thut it is a ..mtter of iinlinii::! cciieefn wliic-h ghould lie persistently [ upon the attontioaof the general government. Wierciin, Belie viag tbat uo paal babita of assoeiiition or aHilintion sliould pr.'vent the ei'izens ofafreË country lïimi oo-operating together for the Bu principios 1 1 - - 1 1 are neoessary for tho pubnosafety and vital to tho cíiuso ol goveiTimcnt ; tberéfore, Jieholectl, That we cominenrl tho principies herein announficd to the ealui and candid judgment of the people of all partios in the Stuto, and wto ask in thoir behalf, and for the Dbndidatea nominated upon this platform, the support and Bilffrivge of all our honest and patriotio fellow-citizcns.


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