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An Afrioan major, Delany by name, presenta oonftrmatory evidence tha't tho negroes mean to insist onon of fcheirraco as tho Vicc-rn -i'W rromineö at the iicxt iintiuiiiil Bepnblican Convention, in a lettel whirh he bas jnst addreseed Pred Ioni:lass m reprehensión of the ttiordinate politioaj voraoity of lns white brothOT Badioals. Agftinst these ho uiltliat in the ftdministraiion nliko oftüe Federal and Btato goTemineni jtheolaims of the lilnck mini ( offloe are studiously ignorad, umi foi romedy of this grieranoe he expoumls tlius : " l'vcparatory to ar.y nttion on thcir pai-t with the othor nace as a party, the colored peopleinusi finí becoinö reconcilcd to themselves aa a race, and resnect ach tfthel ;is do the wbitoe, regardlees of oom]ili níoii in niiiivily, making merit 011]y (hc maïk of dístinction, as thcy caiiiwt iftbrd to be dividcd. Saviitg lefcüadthe above "preparatory," I would lay down the Lollowing principies ns a Ijums i all future part] by whateveï nsne it muy be willed, ■whether RepuJbliMB ec ottiorwiBe : 1. Ivjimlity before the luw tp everj person, of whatcver race oí color, an.3 atrict adherenoeto therecoustiuctiun sota bearing upon I 2. (.'((. miet "■■ intelligent leailcr.1 ofthMt Wl i . peaplí intdliíjcnl haden sfthe&t, to compone tke leadwt ot ' Ou party. Tbü must bu aoceptod aml aciwovledged as tho baña oí ill politieal action, and necessury tu tho bíirmony and safety of both partics." Tacen in oonnoction with thi; faet thai bis lettor addrí - 'I t a pi-oinü) ni '!- ored aspirant for Bepjiblican "Vioel'rcsidcntiMl ppmipation, Delany's laguiiii- us abovo italicized inakee it quite evident thal licainisata tair. división, oJ the nest Èepublican-ticket. Gran being a fonígono conclusión as President 011 ! tbatticket, Bome negro must be conjoined witli him 88 -J'ri-sirl nt, " tl.o two wmb'ucd to o mi pose the leaders ot' tho ," How tho rank and filo of Republican part; i any further aasistanoe froin ' oharmingivc, tinie will show, bul that the . gubmitted ia advanoo is sufflciently manifest. Wereanyprool i ed, tho ring ioe of any i ; the whitoa of tho party for tht on is quite ampie. Wo boo some of the brethren working against Gfrant, Vut who is diggingand delvinc fax's placoi' Nol ono. They knor thftt berth on their next ückot ia re for soino sou of


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