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- The N. Y. TrSiune has an odd way of baoking its frieuds. This iswhatil of lli:it l'j.nliiig Ropnblican and cbampion of nll thü ultra partisan logislation of tho last, tlircj Congressen, (i-n. Butler, aüd hia late 8pring8eld i po oh : " It is at miei! il boggaiBpotition and a higliwayman'a waroisg. Láke aa ItulinTi brigand who t.iikoa u steady nim at a travoler, and thon aski for oharity in the name of the Virgin, the Gonoral asks the Bepublioan party to m;ik(! him Governor for divers rood and woithy purposes, imkI wam it, in caso of refusal, of thoso treasona umi Btratogema ho knows so well liow to .:n l'ioy." - Senator Morton sriys : " I am a rnvtmuo turifF ïnnn, but I Wíint it so loviud if it ctvu lx as to give iscidontal protection to our own Diannfaotnron without hupniring the reTónue." Whioh reminds is of tlj aAjioe given )y father to his pon whom he was Bonding out into 1 1 ; e werld : " Oot ïnoney, ct it honeatly if you can, but got money." As rovcnuo cea a jast where protection begin is inoidontal protection is just aanrach :obbery as direct protection, Morton' loolaration that he is "a revenue tarifï iiiin " ,-hould bo talcen with m;my grains jï allowanoe.- Butler stivrod up a hornot'8 ir lm speech at Springfleld on Wie: 2ith uit. Sanborn, of the Springfield Bepubliean, rose and brnndod him as a liar, and Gen Iliiwloj-, of Coimocticut, ox-Oovcv. or and editor of a loaditig Eepublican jen - nal, tolegraphe i in responso to onc of his Btüteinents ! "Tlie chargo U : ïi inf-iirous fiilselioo'1, and the man who uttera it h liar and a blaokgoaid." Could "Trutl:ful Jamos ' beat tlnit ? - Thoodoro Tilton " risfis to explain '' ugfiin. ïhis timo ho says : " I would no inoro pennit tho law of the laad to snebain ma to :i wonutn I did not love, or who dia not love me, thanl would permit tho sa me law to handenff me as a ílave to a mastei on a plantation." Brave(?] word-.but thun, Tilton sliould havo knpt his neck out of tho iiooso of matrimony and thon no roman would havo been i legal rostraint apon his hankoringg after pastarea now. - A M'orh "personal" itom ia very personal, thai ia to Gen. Butler. Ti it : " D uring tho dolivery of Butier's "_ríiclfl so veral poons en:! ed in an envelope were pássed up to him. Tho General toro open the i i :v the córner oí' one of the Bp autl tho jükc íit tho sarao timo, .1:1 '1 'y Blipping the packago into Ui-i pocket] procccdcd with hia addn - Count Menabrea, ofJtaly, ho boen appointed an arbitrator vinder the treaty of Waehiugton, and all tho culogistic uotices bestowcd apon him are material : únicas with a chango of n-i iiic-i thoy can bo made to do for tho man who mny bo appointed. - Horace Greeley havinj d that " 00,000 good cooks are wantod more than votors," Miss Anthony adriaea him to educate his two beautiful daughtera for coofcs at f20 a taonth. Which wou much botter than to make Sosan thcir pattern. - Soventy-six milos of tho Denver an Rio Orando Eailroad, narrow gauge.havi been graded, three miles of iron laid, aai te first of Octobcr the whole distan graded, to Colorado City, will be laid ant traína running regularly. Vicky Woodiiull haa dirooted ; rosidenoe engaged for hor at Washin froni which shc propo.-ses to carry on th ;ign for woinan suffrago. looi] blo Cougressmcn are oxpeoti.'d to givo ii to her oharms. - Prof. Jonkins, a Louisville chemisi hns condemned the Nicholson pal and commended the Sobbins'. The Rob bins' blocka are prepared by steainin; with vapor tar acida, and aro thoroughly . . i ! . - This is tho conglomérate deoided up on for tho coming leoturo Beason at Lan :jing : John E. Gough, Mark ïwain, Mr Livennore, Fred. Douglase, Wm. Parsons and S. M. Hewlett. - Butler wantod to bc President the Axmy of the James Association, bu iliv.-j.-v was electöd. And so Butle throw dirt upon Hawley. Well, it is al in tho family. - Tho Chicago Democrat s:iys Üia " Grant is a dead lion," anl that " John A. Logan is the buil dog the Domocrat u-ill havo toflghtin 1872." - Chas. Soribner, of tho well-knowi New Vii!: publishing rlnuof Cii.i:-. Scñb nor & Co., dicil at Luoerne, Bwitzerland on Saturday last, of typhoid ferer. -- Hon. B. C. Cook, of the sixth I1H nois dlstriot, disgusted with Congresaiona service, has resignad. Ilis successor wil ba clected in November. -Grant has not jrot removed the Fed eral offioe-holders at New Orleans v,-!i used th ■ military to control a República] convontion. - Gov. Warmouth, of Louisiana, has removed Secretary of Stato Bovoe and ap pointed ex-Marshal Herrón in his placo "The oombai deepens, on ye brave!" - Gon. Butler says that l;o proposes to ■ tay in the Republican party. Good. " And bo a thoni in tho sido of tliosu who want to got him out." Botter. - Tilton prays that Qreeleymay livo huig enough to take a " new departure," endorse woman suffrage, favor " freo lovc,' and all the other Tilton vagaries. - At Detroit, on Tuesday, a sailor named Forbes got outside of too mach whisky, got into an altercation with a , and got his bit off. - C. F. .Mills, of St Louis, has Buei his rcoont partner, Gten. O. i. Pisk, foi slandor, laying bis damage sum of $73,000. - The Mayor and other Syraouse ofiB oials who wore injured hy tho Westfiold explosión, h:ive oommenced snit for damages. Wm. II. Brockway, of Albion, has taken Üe contract to grade the reswscitated section of tho old ramshorn railroad between Jonesville and Langing. JJ, ii. butler aas won nu; urai iicut in the Maasaohusetta gubornatorial caml:vign : Uve delegatos in n town olaimed jy Loring. At au upper-orost ball in Oong Hall, Saratoga, a few eveningsago, $4,100,000 wurth ofdiamonda warodiaplayed. JohnJ. Knapp has been appointed liana and Miohlutrlea Eedüeld, removed. - Tho total valuo of ohuroh property n ,St. Louis ia 13,462,000; Protestant 2,237,000; Catholtc, $1,125,000 Butler saya that ho oan bny Bepuboewspap ra at a pioco. Oom? inent unnooeesary. - At tiio recent anniversary oeli i of Bennington, ■ Dol. Jus. Fisk, Jr., went apon the platform, Oov. Stewart a turned up their nosea and weal down. Vhat a virtuoua sot Vennont Republicana nv ! - Th(! Now Yorl Post gaya tbat "the Dcraocrats X'::m to liavc tho be i prospect of arrying" Ponnsyi at tbe coming eleotion. Enooura - L. W. Storenson, a bruthor of íL W. Stevenson of our city, is nu " ■ Bepublican" caodidute for C tlio third Texa - Tilton says that Victoria C. V inll, coming up tttrough moeit tribulatiün, has " Howürod into a woman ot' rare ivorth." M:iy sh(; ulwuys lx: n ritra ar.ix. - " An exploded }iunil)u :" that's trhat many New ILimpshue Republican! saU Oratat. 8uch Ku Klux ought to bi suppn ; - Louiso Mulbach, the proliflo Germai novelist, is coming to tbis couut; r ■ i'l From lier crvn works. Wliathavi our people done tob A'{ - The Vermont eloction takes placo oí Tuosday noxt, and Ou? California electioi )n Wednesday nexfc. - Therevised censas tablea show an iggrgate population in tho United States 3f 38,O")5,H8:j. - The now assessment rdl of Boston foots up Y612,663,530. - Butler owns up to voting 57 times for Jeff. T);ivis in the Charleston Convuntion of 1860, - Tho yellow fever ptevails opidemi.üly at Charleston, 8. C. - Senator Ainee isu father and Gen. Sutler a grandfal - Tno Texas"Stato tax ia 2.2S on eaoh 100. Carpet-bag econotny. - Thiers rivals Sucrotary Fish íis a reigner: that is in the papéis. - 'Mtí. Stniitun h:i3 deliborately doclfiroil in favor of mei - Dr. Livingstone i;n reported on his way liomo, Bt lettor from ïTobraska, Bro. Mobion, of the Mouroe Monitor, snj-s: "Cornisthe subject of our i etter, and 11 grows 13 tolO feet hitrl dong the Nomaha to the Cupi prairie raisod v.-ill h ii. i for tho now corners int.' qnnntitios ml ) enougn left for th babies and pigs '-t home. The Omahi vV, in view ge ;■ thai fcl ntral part ofi f 1 over for a n crib, and wi shoukl siy so, t' ■ i ■■■■ ■ trhich is doubtful, ju Is i.'iu t'i; i wiuit we notioc." He ' tvhat ia to bo done wit! i after bcing ciibbed Down in theScioti f one of the ntives s'iil in answe to an inquiry as to what was to bo don with n v ry largo corn erop, that " BOtn ot' it would bo waatocl by in iking tt int l, 'out t'.uvt most of it would be mad into whiaky;" Nebraska being a " loil State may deern, it a cluty to work it corn erop into whisky and pay the texe thereon, so fchatBouxwELL may have ai overpl ■■nbacks with which to bu; ap government bonds at a premium. The total population of the Unitei Btatos ia thti : classified - exclusivo oí' tb d TVrritory and Aa I ! White, 33,58é,98 Colored, - 1,880,00! Indian, ----- 25,73 CllillCSO, - Total, - 38,555,98 Thi 1 int foreign and nativo born, as folio Native bom, - 32.S Foreign boni, - r,rr If the talilus could Bhowthe children c foreign-born pan its this disciv wüuld not be so groat. A Tcrrüile Bailroadjiceldeut. ::l, A.Ug. 'S. A frigbtful acoidonf om on the Ëastem i Elevere, milea from I t. The accou train Btarted behind time, and whil stopping "t. thi.' station of Reveré, th Portlartd lightning overtook i and telesooped it, killiug '2! possi Outright, OÍ wh.'. . D, al,. wounding gome i) or 50 inoro. The cu ti. i!; Bre "ni two or threo wereconsumei ííostofthi nrounded were scaldod am their lil '■ A largo nui of phyaiuiiuiB : ii i suri in attend anee. The killed and wormdod bel moatly to Lynn and Salem. ï'l'LL DETAILS. Bostotí, Aug. 27. The uppiilling railroad acoident a ■ ■ ta '. night causod Lnten i leni to-day. ! . visited th of tho disaster. Therilro havo cleared away tho debris and ruins and tli i road is in ruiming order uaii At the time t' the collision tho ace u dation train for Bevorly iiad its red signa lighis behind, and a red signal hoi iti the mast hcad of thi t fot the expresa to holl up, wbieh it did al tti lmt subsequently proceoded, and viras onder t'ull Eeadway when near re station, the engineer evidontly not being awaro of tho proximity of the Bevorly train lintil perhapá rithin 00 rodsotit, and he then whistled dowu brakeg, Imt not soon enough to avoid the oalamity. Somoofthe passendere in the part of the Btcconimodation train tlu ominous whistle, but too late to escape. On carne tho expresa train at grrat vclocity, and tho enguio Struck the cearmost oar full in the center, andforced its vrr.y in ; i ! ni:miuT two-thirds the Length of the car. The smoke stock wis knooked uil' and the boiler penetrated all the distanoe oami d nto the rear car, the rear part of tli' latter being bib in a thousand Bplintors, and not a fragment iu í.íl;' as a house window couM be found. Tho foro part of the engine was lished, ite pistons bent, and its rods o. The oar wa i crowded with pie, i ing ocoupied and uiany those the loi omo!i,-_ rushed quiok as üash, ju-. f. aa th' Bevi rly train had started, mangling and killing 1 1n ui in a frightful manner. But this was nol the only, and per] visitur tlio unforti liad. Simultanoously u-itli tln andinas e wrctehed sufferers cloud if bissing steam and deluged witli boiling water which ; doath tu many oi' tho ided, iiml svill prove fatal to i lm had probably not been othorwis injured. Lampa spillod theii contente, and tho fire here, íf any, was I inguishi il liy the - mdsteau). Although the train was jus! moving wiK-n the collision took place, il.-, raotion iliil nol prevent irjury to the ut. The coupling botween two ara broke; and the platforms of all of hom vvero jainmed up togothor witli the smoking oar, overlapping tho baggago :ir, and tho rods and tim i irs were mojericably mixod and intorwoven. For.iiiittcly, tho entanglement was oo bo proat bul bhal the pussen ■ tting out quito speedily. Happy for them that thoy did su, l'ir the i! lampa upset and the contente pilled tipon the upholstery, and in an iis:m: i ing oar was io : li!ai. 'lioüiuu' s mv.Ii'iI withgreat 3peetl Ëroni ne car to anothor until throo of Hu ui vrw embraoed in the üi'iy folds. An tïnrL was at iirst made to put out ln: bat luis was prevented, ana the ful in lighting up tho ■ iu;r t! 'or tho wounded. 'Ih vork once O' ui - d, assistance boing soon fumia'jid itown, and :it a ater hour from Boston, mcluding phyjioianS and surgoons. The Frost II EO iotnp ■ ted from au excursión to Providen iromptly en tte I the firc Ijuni n . . i itiiil iroji work, and i!. Au axs was appli d yigoi . loon a i pe wi to tb car and all the remaiiliiiLT framo work was pulled asunder. Tic i . I id mang] kJ bodies were taken out iUy, ui i epoedily placed ■■■ platform or in tb.': depot. Serme v. iro I. v."ii i. Bpli ae had :ini; lugs broken, vHilo othofs were manglod : 1 recoguition. Many, in faot the majority of tho deadi were apparentlj , but skin and the deadly p ■1 theii faces ad flesh told plainly that steam and soalding water effeo agent erf theirdeatha. ANOTHED OS CHE SAMV, 80BT. Ehie, Pa., Ang. 27. Tho Erio mail train wost collided with i sotion of the Bmpii'o fireigh on and eight p'clook y (i.iy morning whon aöoul i half miles west of Wi m. on the i Idlo división of fhc Philadolphia and using the dea th of !.'■ i Finalow and T. C. Brown, ofLockhaven, ; E. W. Hymen, of WUliamsort, the conductor, and T. f1 )unkirk, tl n of the mail train : . mes W. W.i.i, of BeUefont, Pa.; tho and Wm. Hillmger,of AH r ui' the freight train, and uring A. M: .'■■ : Etillcr, of Wil! uu-t: James Shaffer, .!:■., of Sinnematon'. McConuick, of Baltimore, enI ur train. ■ was :i!mit an hout ate ín ;ort, and was ■unning ::t abotit '40 miloa p ir hour, and ■he freight train at aboat 18. The traína meeting n a sharp curve wero nol ble to v uoh (itlnT ti 11 wifhin n few yards. The baggage oar was tcfescopoil with the smoking car, all but a few feet. The . in tho two cara in fchi were aninjnred. Au offioial inv tion shows that the accident was c l)y (hu uoglect of the ar ani i i ii! train to ol ey th( d them not to pass "Westport until the froight train had arrived ,vas found in the ■ ho ras :■ . :!, but later i genoe iv)iiis hisn improving, thongh nn able to convi


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