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The Polar Expedition

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New Yoiik, Aug.23. A special dispatoh front St. John. "t. fonndlatid, annonncm the return t!r, from Greenland of the (Tnited S) Congress, ahe having made the 2,500 miles ! Disco, latitude seventyfc in k'ss than thirteen running jj, Iho Congn . John Ai ed at Diico n the I the trip sho passed hnndn mt encountered no ;■ 'CIic seasonia very open, notanliteMn in New York. In thé advuncc tripèr. tnal. The sun sank t low the horizon bu Por a Short I the twilieht was suificiont io roHdbjjï night, Tlio displays of aurora borcafc :-. r: -ui . !_- i.'i-.nul, the meteoric lih assnming magniticent arche, coIbbb Bcrolls, and irways. ThcPolara, with Captain Hali's party, v.foumlii Disco, in good spirite, hopeful of thar terprise. A regular summer w.-is foanji Greenland, the flowers blooming, brocfc Iets flowing, l.inls .-inging, bfibics rollitt. ing on the graas. In goinsr to nbijgkoier t'ie ]■ &t 'ration ro.led offlikenii . The ui" al receptioa ti the party was accordcd by tho Danishaithuvit WA8HIHOT0N, Aug. 29 Capt. Davenport, of the TTnited Shia ■;. roport8 fliis momia; tíayy Department, from St. idm N. !., !ii-? return bom Groenland. Tbe cargo of coul, proviaions,, werosafcly transferred f rom the I tothePolaris, nnd the latter sailed Poli ■' ernoon of A agust 1 Tth, with bright é an open senson.


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