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The Communist Trials

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I he trial t tüe ■ and ' ríes of the Commune, now goinguin Paris, natnri attuntúniot only of Frano bnt oí' all tho workL Tta .1 of (i;!ilii: feeling ín t'.ivnr of lts Communiste, consequent apon the korfut' v,!ij-.-::h-i. couiíuitted by t! conqueráis of Versailles, givcs place ii turn to a desire tht the conduct of He ! may be impartially considetei in connection with every exf oircum9tanco, bad the Sanocenca i oriminality of each satísfaotonly established. (i'iuclhiiig thorc is tío doubt, tha; durihg tli!' roign catite Cotamum barbarity . .ih'd utwbich"tb world l'iviv palé." Soine ii üiivo reterred thomtoan cjileiaioal frenzy which demented tho wboií popula) iou ojE Paris, as the resulta ti wb iting famine, li'iir vigila and consnioing fever, in the Germán siego cítk I city. However this may bo, the crios w iré wiought, and tliore rcmains Ib duty oí' discovering the crimináis mi bringing them to puniahmont. Sodrai this is ]■ rformed with strict rogará _hts of the accused and iu accianco witk the forma of law, no otherj p'c will have the right to cali in lings of tíie Frenoh iiation ffl their properly-constituted tribunals. Bu'. the swift and foarful rendetta, :.:. in; l ly executod upon "nll a by the partisansöf ■-I' saillo-, aroo3ed a sentiment of indigiuarcely lesa deep than by the worat horrora of tho C and tho goVesnmeut now owea it to ib laraoter and reputatíon tlwt tíie triiils ot the Commimist prisouers sW notbeaffccted by that passing popal" í'ury, ñor ñflU nnined by a cjíj for vi -i:1-;is a measure of undiacermng retiliao X. y. !■:■ ni) f Poet. The Chioago Tribuna is juUilunt o tho inauguratíon of a syatbm t ili":'; ímportation, and prodiota an entireW1 lution in the foroign trade of tha ■■"■ The Vovlc papen say the m foreign goods must remain with thesesboard citíes.


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