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Rirr's Aítik; lïedieine. Frico ono dollar. Ask for it. ___ "musical. Prof. Saok'8 daas in noto ronding nnd singingwill :.m room, Xo. 21 Bank Blook, Main íSt., Batorday, Sept. 2d, at 9 o'eloo.k A. M. LET ATX COSIE. ■ AT bËSUCTIÓK On BOWS and T1KS it JOE T. JACOB'S, (ho '.: presont stock of Voolon Goods sold . b.' BAine prioes as hof ore the artvance. Custoinors wïio :Lefit. il Kt. A. A. Torry lfis tljp I.atest Stylc of Si ik Kitts, btist quality, at $ö. Cali and ■ee tïicnu. ï'rices Redncedon tilucTi l'oinl Siice Miawlfuimil tiic v.iiole stock is sold out: I wlll so!l üiy tlO.OO iihawJs tor S8.23. I wlll solS mr &7.5O Shuwls for ö.GO. I v.iSl c!l my5.50 S!iii-.vl for 4.20. ssiw :uüí,i.ííi:ííy stoke, 47 Soutti Main Street. Nfitfnr mercury, quinfitti or aneniO are in Barr's &■- - - liminigton. lioarlatTtna Bast and n.-rivinRat Chicago orín. d!aoapo]Í8i how Bhall we roacli tho Weatf The best Line in ncknou'!e(li:cil to ï)e the C; l'. joiuodtop; thcr it!i the 1!. & M. Hsllroad by tho IronBridgoat Hurliniítou, nul cr.Ued toe Burlington Route. The main lincof tho Ro'.ito running to Omahn, - w'.'.h tli; :':-.Mt PaClSC !?".:(!. Mni forms to dft the leadlng riue to Catifornlai 'J!; i' Xcbrapka at I'lattmonth, passos tKroufih Lincoln, the State Capital ■■ irbefinlEhed toFort Koarnej, formlng the ie Continent by over 100 Anoihor branchof tiioll. M., dlTeigins at Rod r ik, falUinto a line running down tbc Mlsaouïi through st. Joe to Kansae C'ity, and all B ■■rs by this route to Kansas, sec !11 noiSi Sonth low.i, ;■. :nl Missouri, aud.bya eli'lu : oncCf ' ■ s:-ki also. Loveffl of Aue viafwa Bhould remember t'te Buri Route, rorltstowm " blgh-g)eamlng from afar'- lta trec-fringed streams - ita roagh bluffs and njüLirUv- lts coro-oceans Btretching over the prairies furthor tlrm oye can reách. Land buyen will be stire to remember it, f"!1 they have Meadg m mgthe two thuusaiul who bare alroadv boaght farms from (ïeo.S. Harria, the Land Commissioner of the B. & M. R. Burlington, lowftyOr Mnong the lbur tfiouyaml homd-stoaders and pro emptora who Instycar nlod dalnu iu the Lineólo laad ofllce, vhere ' Uncle Sam i rich enotih to ñivo us ;ill a fartn," Yon can attoní to bueineas while taking Barra ■ :nc. f-é- KT.W VaLLlItEUT STOISI'.. , In order to close out t ffc.v rcniïiinins ïlJm-lc I'oint Lace Shawl, I will scll tlicm til Cosí. Thosc Parker Silgar Cural Hanu :it Bla-man & Bon's are cholee eating this hot weather, when the odorof the best kept and eleanUest Imtchri'ri t all i.s nol r rj temptíng. Biu-r'.-i Agüe Medicine Is n safe, speedy and Bure cnxe, Soldiere of 1812, who ei-rvod sixly davs, are en. tltled to Pension, and ahould apply Immediatel; to John X. Gott, Bountj and Peniioo Agent, inn Arbor, Micli. Yen ctm iiml tlio larpest ussortincnt ot' Hoop Skins and cañeta ut the loivtt prtce, it tlic IVcw Milliiiery Store 17 Senth Klain Street. Bouniy to Soluicrs. Thosc who enllatedln 188) on tho Srsteall ofPreFdent Lincoln, and who were honorably dlscharged beforethe explration of the terra of thoir enliötment, are entttled to Í100 each, as bonntyAnd.-íoldiers oiiütiiiL; iiiuloi1 act of -Tuly 4th, 1864 aretobe allo wed the unpald Instalments of bountj lfthey wore dlscuarged by expiratiun of service The abovc classes ahoald make appllcatlon t the underalgncd. Uar h lMi!i,isto, 1-G-U' JOHN X. GOTT, Bon:iiy an] Claim Agent Medicino for Pever :'."■! Ague, Dumb


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