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New York, Aun 29. The mcney market s more activo whlch is causcd by :m Increased dem&ñd for funda mi moro grain mil un lucreaslng fall trmle. Ratea are h shade hlgher, namely íqS percent, for prime collatcml. Money bowever, is abiindant aud h senrelty for all l ite purposes is out of the quertioQ. Qold lias advanced to 118 and sterliug rlecliued to 10!)'8', whlcli furtUer wldeng the chance fora proflt on export Staples. Floor s a llttle off to-day, na thls chaage . looked apon as ■■ temporary olreamatauce. boyera, it is reuiarked, Qnd no better terms :)n heavy parchases or thost; for (tature da llvery, and withal tlie marl Uudercurrftnt., whlch lias beeu urriving hcavlly for a ooople oi weeks, was Uttlo lovyei this moralug, but before tooi; hol 1 '.vi; ii r uevred ' mee. The fact is nowalmost beyond dispute thut lie Enrópean grain crops ure L.o: x to bu ïimch below an average, and 0 r (leiders sre looking farward with confldence to an active export year. Prlces, unter the clrcumstances, possesa mucb Blrength and the market mies steady because lioldci's are not alarmed at an Blonal decline. To day Michigan so'd at fl.öï and amber at I Co-u is I lactlve. Michigan ots I Hops vd-y ürni; contractora oflfer b for prime [871's, wlilch flsureB may tlirow a ÏUtlo light on the fntare of tlio market. The butter markal In qtil t, exportera licIng checked iv nul news froHa Knrope ; cholee western 18@81c. Cheëse :s dnll and prles are heayy, tin1 low ratc 01 ekchange and uh occan relghts stop ping the ? .'urt movement, Pto Islons are but f i 1 1 1 : mess pork 18 lurd 16 more flnn, and holden of western ure redneing fche offerlogs. lhc couvlctloo Is Strong that provlsloue have se'eii thelr worat dav hik) a niucli better market lrï mr th(.' balance of the s(.i:ison is probiible. Petroleum Uas adVanced to 2fic, chlefly ihrough Kpeculatlve dolngs, however, The ilry coods trade is ntore active, but 1 1 1 btisiness is confined pflnclpally to thejobblug's. All linus of cottona and woolens are held flrm, aml ihéadvauce ofrawcotton '.i" durlng the week glves 9 a peculiar advantage. Wool i.s qnieter than atanr Urne for two mouths, and spinners buy very spurlngly. D::"'norr, Aug. 80. "Whoat Ims, wltli thé exceptlon ? to-day and Monday, bad an upward teudeftcy all í lie werk. Tlio trar.sactions ure very large, sometimos reachiug 100 cara per duy. Ycsterday aboat 75,000 bnshela wera recelved by rail Blrong confldence is feit tlmt nothlng s to be galned by hurryiug sales, and Ihe experience 80 ar Ls tliat fbr every dsll day wc havo liad tivo brisk ones. Even at tlie decline mentioned, pricos are iibont tö Jiiiiiier than a weck ago. The followlng were the closlng irices: Extra, $1.86; Ño. 1 white, $1.31; Trendwell, 1.80; Amber, $1.20. Com is active bnt strong- 61c offered for No. 1 mixed. Oata flrmat 40c for white, and S7)4SB for No. 1 Stat'1; to-day Rome 20,000 bu. No. 1 western sold at 3ö@:i(i. Barley - noW grade, whlch is oue degree abore old, is gteady at $1.60@1.70 per 100 lbs. Ryc dtall at. Applcs aro in (Iemand for export eastward and flrin at $2.25a2.50 per bbl. Bntter has advanced laïc ; cholee belng qolck at 10a 20. Beana scarce and flrm at $8.1Q por ba. for prime. Cheesequiet at ÖalOc. Drled apples would com mand 6c; stock llght. Brua at 18al2. Potat'oes- on atreet rOatöc) market poorly süpplled. Provisions on the advancs, .mess pork $1850 and flrm. Standard A Bngar 18c. Tallow dull at 7c. Money plenty at 8al0c. Ann Ardor, 24. We quote tllis r. m., as follows : Wheat- Amber, $1.15 ( No. 1 White, $1.20.; Delhi, f 1.26. Oats- SW ■'■. Couiï- C0@(;:!r. New Potatoes- 75c. Osions - 75c. ÖBAHS- 11.50. BtJTTER - 18C. Eggs - 10o' Apit,es- 30@40c. PjEAOHK8-43.00(g8.00. PBAR8- 75c.


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