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%mw poneer COÏÏSÏÏMPTIÖÏï. " lts Cure and lts Preventivo. BY J. H. SCHENCK, M.D. MftOf ft tmmiin lini; hftfl paOSOd win y lol WhOdO dcatti thorp ffm i" ntlitT rrafr.n thsn iho ne kri.ivrn an.i Indisputable proven mean of euro, Those invir j;n i tlciir lo wnlly mul Frlends ;irp lüeeping tho tl il :uiii'BssLumM.iri:it'j wüiob, buil thcy CAimiyudoptoU DR. JOSEl'II II. B&HSNGK'S SÏ.Ul'LK TREATMENT, anti iwnilcrt thpniflolvps of liia trondcrfully efloacioiM ttiPulolnos, thov wnil(1 not huvo fallen. Dr. Soho.nok hu i MS own cnw provod Minf wlierrycr BnttOlent vttulUy reiDAtftS, li!it vitality, hy bta moriiolnea ruirt hts ïltrectluiia fur tlielr ut i Vjiilcfcened intn liiïnlthful vttfnr. In tliU Htütrincnt thoro la nnthlnw pri?tmpttinus. To the fut tli f the In vul M Ismade no rapresantatton th:t is iet ;i tbonsaod tioif" BubstMitlnted by living flud visible worki. Thtj tïicry '( the euro by Dr. fchonok modieino: H u (Impla :is it ia Unfnilinii, lis ptliloaophy requires DO argument. Il In ïttif Mnflr tnK, self-convlncln-.;. Th Hea-weedTmilcand Mand rak e Pilis u:v the flrl tWO WOBpOU vriLh whlckl tho GltaUtl OÍ the irui'iulv is UMlled. Two thtrds of the eiuea of consumpuon Ti :in.itf tn riypopia and u f iiiictfn;i)ly (listrdoref llrer. With tbla londitton the bronohlftl tutioM " a mPfithto" with the sumueh. The? reapond to tho morbide KCtlnn f tho Itrer. Hen' thi-it 0tmea tho ciilminutinK rc.uiit. nnd tho aetting in, with uil iU UiaGOKstrnzpTiOtt. Tfio Mnndrako Pi lts nrc nnipo?ifl of onnnf Ntituro's nobloat k'ft the Podopblllnm Peltutíim. Thej [►"- en ll tli iil'iiKï-srurrhlim. alteiwilVQ prupüriioa of calomol, but, unltku calotnul, they MLBATS NO RTISG KHtSD. Tho work nf euro Ift ÖOif Itcslnnlntf. The Yltlfttod umi muofnia rtfipnsttrt tn tht1 bowcls und tn tho nlinumtitry O'tnnl BTO eiOtod. Thn Hvnr, Itko h Olock, Ie wotiml up. H aronsea fnm lts torotdlty. The atomacii acta reaponalTolr, and tho patiënt, bcglus tu fccl ttitU hu ia ;,uttin ,', t1ust, A BUPPLY OF OOOD BJLOOD. T!ir Hcn-rop'I ToniP. tn OonJiinottOii wltll tho Ptlls pertnentof and bas) m lla te witli tho food. Chyllflcaii'n i now profTTeaatna without lts prevlom tortnrofl. Diffestlun bóconöfl iKln?f"íít. nnd Mie otife i saen to bo ut hiind. Thera Is no moro fluuilenoe, Dooxoeerbatlon of tho ntcirriHOh. An HppOtlte Sota i r t . Now oomes tho greatest HUn-ii Purlflor ovor yct (rlv# n by antndnlonï fathcr t' Buflèiingroan. Scnenck'a Pul nu m te 3yrüp ooznon In t perfoptn lts functiunü and tu busten and oomplete Iho cure. It enten nt onco iifutn lts rork. Nuturo oan not t' ciwatcii. it collects and rlpena the Impalred and dlneased portions of tho langs, tn the fono ( Kathering, it prepares tbem fot (-xpoctoratit'ii.and '. ín ;i vcry short time the malndy is TtmQUishodj the rotton throne that It oocUplod la renoTaled and mudo new, and che patiënt, In atl Iha rtiffnity of regalned Tlgor, steps furtU tu oojoy the niatihuo'J or iromauhood tlmtwiü CITEN ÜP A9 LOS. Thnpooond thlng , V.m patiënt munt stuy fn n warm r i tin nütu thoy Kfit woH ; it ïp al most iiu'pitiKibio to rroTint tutdn f Oold wlicn tho lunjcs are dtoeaned, hul it mu.t bo. prOTsntod 'r n euro oan n"( be effected. :iir and Ddlntf out, espeolallr in thts poction of the C"untry, In the fall nmi wlntor ReHSüD, are :ill wrong. Physlda;!.1 wh' Tcc(mmvu toutoourse 1"hi thoir p;ie(tnt-. if the! f lunm nro tiurtly í1lHci;n-t nd yrt, béOHUflo thoy r! 'n tfie h"U?o they iriu.t not slt tl'iïïn o't't ; tlicy munt irnIIË abont tbr. room m-h nnd ai f .i -t n- ttin ntrenffth will boar, to pet up n (?Oiti clroulatlon orblood. Tho T';': i(ints must korp tn ftod Bpliita be dlormiiiod r getwoll. Ttiis bns n great (li-iil do with tiio {'potit .;, and ts the great potnt to gttin. Tu drspnlrof curo iiftcr such cvlflonro nf lts DOSfl bility In the worst casos, nnd moral certalnty tn 11 DtherSt ift sinfu'. Dr. Schonck's pemonal stnleincnt tothc BilCuHj of líiá OWÜ euro v.;u i:i UlOAO Üiuclcat vrordfl : Many yeïirs BKO I trns tn tho last Ftnprs of conptimption; cnnfliiud t i i:iy boel, Riul at one timo my nhysloians thtiiiiftitthaf l cm ui not Mvoa week; thiMi, llko o drownina man Ciitctitog ut utrawa, I heardoi and obtHÏned tho proparritions whlch I now oflfer to t.'ü1 pobUoi and thcy nada u perfect onre of me. It seenicd t' mo that 1 cniM feel them penétrate my wholo sysfan. Thoy toon rionod the matter In my luntf.N and I wniiUl spit ni mora thn'i n pint of ofltoBlve yellow matter evory mornina for n long time. As Boon ;: that bogan t( tnbsldö, my o.onjfh, f o ver, sata nli bepran to íenvenie, and my uppntite uecamo bo Kr1í't th;it lt wna withdlfflciilty that l oould kt'i.p froru eatlng to muoh. I bood golnniy sUvngth, un i hnvorown In flesh evers "I wiw wclffliod shortly aftrr my recovory, addod the Doctor, " t'ton looking lfke ft xnere keletont my wclffht fiily nincty-scvcï) poiindBj my proaent welght la two hnndrod and twonty-tive (2 ïi poiïn : l, i f.r yeara l !i tvo cm ij lyecl unlnterrupu i heBlth." t 3ohenok haa dlscontlanrd bla professional vtstts t i n. ■.v-Vork on 1 Boston. Ho or ola son, Dr. J. If. ',. Jr„ till mttnne to seo patlcntfl nt thdr Office No. 15 North Sixth Btrcet, Phtladelphla, evory Saturday frona fl A.M. to 8 lM. Thote who Tvldh a ■t i'.:i:iir.;:iiin v iih the Rcflpiromoter will bo. charKGd $-V The Itesplrometer declares the exncf cuiflltlon (tf tho lungs, and putlontscuarcodlly learn whotbcr thov are oiirahlo or not. The (tlrefttlons f' t iklng the mcdicinos nro ndapted to tho InteHIgence oven ofa chlld. t'i llow tli ■ dfreo tiwiis, nnd kmd Nature wlll do the rwt, exceptlng tnïtt in some cases the Mondrake Pilla aro t ■ ba taken in Inoreased doses; tho thrco modlclnea need do other oooompantments than tho nniploinstructiMiisthataccompany them: Plrst créate appotlte. Oí returnfng honltti, nungor i tho most woloijino symptom. Whon is, aa t wlll como, lot tho deapfliringnt odoo bfl ■ )f good clieer. Goíí blocnl at onco followa, tlie ooufïtt lo ons, the Dlght sweat i abateol In a short time both of thoKü luorbid symptoms are pont' fi h-cvit. Ör, Schenck'a medici nea are oonstnntly kept In tona of thus;inds of families. As ;t taxativa or purgativo the Mandrake Pilis aro u standard preparntron ; w Milu the I'iihnontc Svrup, s i í'iirtí (t' coughs iind coldftj niiiyix) regaxded aaa propbylactGrloogulustcoiisuiBp if m In any of lts formi. ■ Prioii of ttie Pulmonía Pvrnp nnd Soa -woon Tordo. $i.."m);i bottie, or 87J0 n faau doren. Handrako J'iiia, 25 ccuta u buje. Kur sa!c by uil drugglUi uud üualcrs HURLBUÏ & EDSALL, 32 Lake Street, Chicago, III., "Wholesale Asenta. PAÏNTO PiLINTS PAIMTS Oils Oils Oils ITarnish Varnish Varnish Brushcs Brushes Brushes V1IJNEKAL FA1MT8, &c, LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST AND CALL ON R. AV. ELLIS & CO., BBFORE PURCIIASING J If AL8B REPORT I T1ÍAT A. A. TERRY HAS aONE OUT OK TEADB HE STILL LIVES, AND HAS A LARGE AND COM PLETE STOCK OP HATS & CAPS ! JUST THE STYLE, AND AT PRICE8 TO BUIT TIIH TIMEa. ALSO AFULLLINLOP GENTS' FURNI8HING GOODS! DON'T I'URCIIASE YOUR SPRING ANDSÜMMER OUTFITS UNTIL YOU 3-I"V"E ÜI3sa: AOALL. 15 South Main St., Ann Albor. JAM. B. REVEÑAÜGH, PHOTOGRAPHiR i BETOXJCHES ALL 1HS NK. TIVKS BEFOBE PRINTING, Sü THAT FRËCKLES,MOÏI1SAN1)TAN Do not show in imy yf Uia Fioturee. No Extra Ohctrgoe. Finest Assortment of Toilet Goods in the City, by 2 a h o a . s & fia)" . - B í SÍ! o SL I 0 I 'Í O S 518 Ht pï8o P 1 5 0 2 i ,H i 5 " k P H $ n Sf O P HO H WAM. B. RtVESAKJH KüKI'S ON HAND A. LAEGE STOCK OF OVAL AND SQÏÏARE BLACK WALNUT AND GJLT FRAMES ! OF ALL SIZES CHEAP. No. 30 HURÓN ST. ]KW tíüOÜS WM. WACIMER'S A í,;irge and Chinee Stock o SPRING AXD 111 GOODS, INCLLi ING OLOTHS, OA8SIMJ511ES, VESTINGS, &C. LATKSÏ STYLES 4ND BEST QUALlTiES W1IICU II E WILIi MANUFACTURE on tci'ms to snit. Also u full line of REAÜY-MADE CLOTHING AND Gents' FÜENISHIM Goods. 33DE3ST? STYLE. AIhü LADlK-i'atuKJKNTS MOHOCCO SATCHELS No.31 South MalHiStreet- Elsld. CALL AND SEE THEM. WllAXAm WACIfBtt. Aun Arbor, May, 1871. T UMBER YARD. C. KRAPF, Hm .i large ná weli Btocksd Lnml)or Ynnion n Street, ín the routh part of (hfl City, umi ■il oepconetHDtlyoD band :iu axoeUent vario tyof LUMBER,SHINGLES,LATH&C whlch wüIIhikuUI as low as c:m bc oflbrded Injthll m1! rkel . Qaalltyand prlceeanch Ihat NO ONE NEED GO TO DETROITC. KHAl'K. Ann rbor, Jannary goth, 1811 . S8i Go toR.W.ELLIS& CO's for clioiceWines and Liquori for Medical Purposes . F ATEST STYLES! BEST GOODS ! ÖREATEST VARÏËTY aud LOWEST PRICESÜ S. SONDHEIM UAS JCST RiTCRNHD FROM THE E A. S T , WITII THE LARGËST AND BEST SELECTED STOCK OP SPRING AND SUMMER GGODS f.EYT'S Fl'HMSlif.Yli GOODS, CHILDREN AND ÏOl'THS' CLOTIHXG TRUNKS, VALISES, 8AT0HBLS, &c, &c, &c. T1IAT HAS IiVER BIvKN BROÜGHT TO THIS .CITY, WIIICÜ II li W1LL öKLL Oheaper than the Cheapest for Cash. ALSO A P1XE A88OBTMBHT OP CASS1MEIÏES, COAT] TV 'OS, and YESTINGS WIIICH IIK WILL MAKE UP TO OliDEK LV THE BESTSTYLE, {AND WAIÏRANTED A FIT OR NO SALE! SAM. 13. HEVEN AUG II FHOTOGRAPHER, MAKES ALL KIJS1IS OF PÏDTÜRES FKOM UK SMALLEST LGCKET Torras LIFE SIZE, AND FIN1SIIESTIIEM IN INDIA INK! OïIj, OFL WATER COICKs ! IN A SUITEKIOK MANNER. 13:o-:y. No. 30 i! i jco 'S TBEET. Mortgage Sule. DBF A C7LT li:i íi:íí been made in the conditfon of a i ' tin mortj . ::'■ i-M-' ui ' 'I DJ 't-Miw W. .Mei 'in - tnick and NoUi atcCormick, oJ the city oi Ann, Arbor, oounty ut' Waahtenaw, and State of Michigan, i Alirf Si. lk-i r, of the same placa, on the 98d day od M;iicii, a. d. 1868, and reooraed in the Offitit of tlitj ÏLegistex af Deeda of urfd onunty of Waahteoaw, on !8d day of Uoiúh. 1869, tt o'elwk p, m. of soid day, in Libcr oü of mortgagefl, on pace SÖ9, on whioh Enortase there is okdmed to bo dne ut the lat of thla uotioe the areun of one tbojuand and aixty-oigbi doUarn and HOTenty-foni cents, und an Attorney'a fw of tnirty dollars tin-retor, in ailditiun to :ill other lego] i-(íMs slumííl imy iiruwoilins lx; taktn to forecloKC s:iid mortguaO] and no pzoocedings in luw oi in OQuitj li.i ing in i ii liad to re ovei soid sum t' money or anj pnri thereof; Now, thorefore, notice ia hcieuygiTen that, by virtue of a power ra solo in sald mortinig) oontainod, l ihaU Bell at public auction to the higliesi bidder, on tin; sooond day ot 8Qptembei oes o'clock p. m. of Bald da-y, t thq front door of Uil Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, oounty niorcMuid, that being the plnoe of holding the Circuit Court foraaid countjf), all those oertuin piecee or parcelad tand rituated m Uu oity of Ann Arbor, county i Wttshtemra aforesaid, fcnown, boundod ana desenbod h CoUowb, to-wit: living the west halt' 't1 tota uiiu and ten (9 v ut] blook number three (3) south ol Huroi Street, and range nnmber two [S] east, acoording toa l pial oí the rillnge (now city) of Ann Arlor( county or Washtenav aforesaid Juut Ut, 1871. A LICK M. BKERS, Kortgagee. Johw N. Qorr, Atty ior Uortgflgee. 1324 Mortgage Salo. DEFAX3 il' )a'". f i uní ■ in Uu; oonditionof -i mortgiiife, execji ' ijy Georgo Kauflnum and Adan Uoal .i'li to Jume l&oMuhon, dated April 29th, A. 1. ! recorded saine dny in the LiegiuterB office i :iaw I 'mint y, in booll 87 ii' DU l is, by whioh the power ut' sale therein contal] Dome opertttive ; which mortgage wae on the twentictl day of September, I8G8, assigned to Lucj . t gan, and the assigmneni reoorded June 2 lat, L87L ocroaa the rrcord ofsaïd mortgnge, and thesumoj Boventy-ilvo dolían being dow ol&inu '1 os duo tl and no suü or proceocung haTinir.bean instituted to recover the snme, oi' anj pari thoroof; Kotioeü thorefore li reby given, that Bold uortgage wül be forecloaed by the sale ot the mortwagcd premLeeft, tu-v.u : " Lot uunber thirb an, in bloei oumbei lour south, range number two west, in the city of diui Arbor and State of Michigan," or Boxne part thereof, at publb) vrinliH1, at tiie Court Honae,in aid elty, rut the i went i'-tbird day t' September mxï, ai Doon Dated, June22d, 1871. l.i CY W. 8. MORGAN, Mortffngoe. i:. w . Moboav, Att'y. Drain Commiasioner'a Kotice. IVTOTICK hereby given that Draln ('onmiis. i loner of Woahtenaw County ú dq at the house oi Churles Kcndall, in i he tovnship ii' Kharon, in sai-I oounty, on the thirteentfa dayoi September, ut 2 o'olock i1. M-. t' meet partiea (■ oontrael roa the eacoavaiiuii audoonstructuiii of a drnln to be known as Qoodyear Drain oommenemg near tho town line auarter pust betwecn Öec. 19, in EVuedom, and 21 in Bharon, and running north to the Sharon and Bylvan County Druin ; abo for clearing out the Sharon and SylvnnCounty Drain. Alsoforüit exeav.itiun and oonstruotion of a drain to be known os the Kendall Drain, oonunenoing on the Bootíon Uno .il dxty rodsBoutíiof the uthweet comer i sootiim ]■.:, in Sharon, and running oost tut); townüne. i wüi also be at the house of Chas. Kendall on the mullí day of Septojnber uforeeaid, at whioh time and place l wil! exhibit mapsof theabovo proposed drain and descriptiona of the aovcral parccls ol land deemedb) mebenefltcd thereby, and tne amounl and doaoi Iption by divisions and Bubuivisiona of the aboye , draln bi me appurtioned to thoowi tinii Moiption "f Land to oonalruct, and i ■ the townBbipB of Sharon and Frecdora to construct on account ol sm-li iliiiin benefttiug the hiirbway, and to heat reasonsi il any are offercd, why sucb upporüoument should be rev&ed or oorreoted. Aun Albor, August Kitli, 1871. 1;i;o DAVID M. ETNIiET, Drulu Coiiimisöiuücr, Washtciiaw Couuty, J OTICE. The al 'M i üistrv ' Ño. One of i " ■ ■ ■. in iii ii ■ ionfl and requ i iowing law enaotod at the recent seasion oí Ü '. Au-, in-h, L8Ï1. J. M. WHEEL the School Board. I iof the Ötute of Michigan uardbi n, of other persou in tli" stit.' of M - r , ■ o ut "' and on i ■!it and iiiurtftn yeara, auull be required to ■■ jhild or cbildren u a public school ïoi a period of at least twelve we ka in oacn school yeor, comm ■ the Brst Moni!;t of s.'ijïvnibcr, in the ycur of omLord anethouaand 'i:,'ht hiind-ril and Beventyonö. al a weeks of wMohshnJ] be conseoutive, unieas iu-]i child or children are excused trom sueb i mee ly the board of the school district i i pareni 1 01 g ■ ird ten - i ide, a d : hls bbduy or mei bas been Buch u to preroni bisattendan ipplication to stndy i i requiredj or thai ■ tan l;! in .1 pi ii ixe school, n at home, ba suoh brand primar; schools, or have alr ady aoqnired the ordinary branchea of taught in tin: d - ! ■ '■: Shall liOl bí foi i in-' ■ Ti-Miiiii-t ■ -1 , wfthin iw miles by the atest traTeled roucL of tiré reaidettba of n pi ison within ihu chool district, he shaU hot be libli lo the provistona t this m't. "Skc. 2. It shaU Ih! the duty of the ttfa avery school district, and president oferery school board within this State, to cause to be posted threi i,i' i ■■■ - ui' this luw ín thu ra.Os1 pablio placea in - i ï -l j tiiii.M, or publiahed ín one newspaper in the townshli forthrec weeks during tho mondo ot August, .. yoar. tibe expense of sueu publioation lo ha paid out oí the fonda of Beid district. . 8. En oase any parent, guardián, or ollior perwm shall fil to cowply with toe prevfeionBol this act, sttW pareut, guaraian, or o baUtx Uaototo ; ftne of net toss than Aveaoüorst t li u I :i dolían fot I be Ai . ion U i or mon than twenty dollars for ti ñdeverj Bnbseqw I oíd fine si d by the diré tor oí said distríi t i the nazcu oí the district in ai uction of debt orón eos cuse, and w hen i be paid lo the aasei boi oJ the diatnct ín wbich th de fendant reaided when the offi nae ■■ byhixn itccountcd for th sftnre aa monej raisodfoi "Skd, -i. n shall be the duty ef the lircctoroi presiden! to p oorring ii) cute for Buch fine witlnn ten daya after a writtei notice haa bees served on him by any tax-payer ii said district unleas 1 1 . oomplaúou ñ ■ beexoused by district board, shall be hable to i tino oí' nol lesa than twenty or more tbfin fifty dolían whioh he shaU beproseouted for and In tos name a theasseaso] oi said district and the fbae whon shallbepaid to the aasenor, to be accounted turan Ln seol ton three of ihU act." ApproVed Aprfl 15, 1871. 13S5w3 Real Estáte For Sale. STATE Oï BHCHIGAN, Countyoi Woshtenaw, a ín themaUwof he estáte od Jacob . Nnü-.-. [a hereby giren, thai lu pursuance o .an order granted to the andemiraed, administratoi d -a witfa tlio wiU annexed oí said dooeaaed, !■ the Hon. JudffO of 1'robnte for the county en tenav, on tne twenty-flfth doy of July, A. D. L871 there vriU be sold at pauliQ vendue, lo the der, al thodwelling bouse on tira premian hen Üaafte descríbed, in the oonnty of WaahU ii-nv iu safd Btate (ni Wednésday, the thirteunthduj oi September, A. I 1871, Jbt one o'olock ln ehe afternoon of thai doy [sub ■ W encumbranoea bj moi tnage orothi 1 1 Uting at the time ol the aeath "i said deci aaed , thi tbllowfa -wit : wl bal ■ ■■ th Bouthcaat quarter of aeotion ten in townsbi] uth el' cflmnj four cost, oontaining eighty acre . i bat part oí' the sontheua q'Uurter of the southwesi quarter oí eectíon throe samo township and tange, lytng South "i' the oatlel " Columbia Late, [exo pi thal pturt formerly sold to Jv.lin Armbruat), oontaining óight ocrea of land, boun ded on the soutL by a iliti h and on the wwrt by ti pon i i '. .tt r Dated Jury 26tu, A. 7. 1871. JACOB BACBRj Atunintetrator 1388 .'.üli the will anuezed Sheriff 's E STATE OF MICHIGAN, ( ounty of Washtennw BS. By vjrtue of a writ óf oxi i out o and under theaealof the imncerj íor iin ooi! ni y of Wnshtonaw. Htote of U dated tho22ldayof MftyA, 0. 1871, and tome di reol ed and i I Bud tenetnentaof Xhonwa Carroíl, del '. I did, "ii the ftrst day of .rune, 1871, for th waní of gooda and -1 1 ittel, levy opon all the i thal Phomas Currollhaa in tne fbllowing di parce! of land, to-wit : two a ree of land lyimi ■ i ng ai a point in the weal lii of ra-t hall ■! tïu BOuthOflst niiüiirr it' seotio No. twi nry-r i.iiii [26), in townshHi No. two2)souü iïi range No. 6 eoat, tventy-fiix roas south of theGed des rtml, and thence running eaaterly along Tole M Divit'a onth Une and parallel tothe Geddea road t McDivit'a Boutheaat corner; twenty-eiji roda south o the center of aaidroad, and thenoe cxteitding soul of theaanu widthnear tventyfour roda in widtí I line beuig parallel to toé weat Une of aaid 1-i f ir euongh to rontain w, and, the sout be paTallel to tho center of tho j ■_-■ ï ■ . ■ which prendsea 1 sholl expose f oí aaleaj pnl tion, to thohighest bidder, ;1 thesouth aoorof th Couxt Houae, in the city of Aun Arbor, un the it dayof Beptembcr, A. I. 1871, ut 10 o'olcx;k said day. Datod, August 2d. A. D. 1871. MYKON WEBB, Sheriff. 1383 By JoitTiN' Foebes, Uudor Bheritf. Sheriff 'a Salo. STATB OF BLICHIOAN,CouBtyqfWaahtenawtaB ir,y virtue of a writ of executíon uuued out of an onder the seal of Üie treoít Courl for the county i Waslitenaw, Btute of Michigan, dated Juno flrat, A I). L871, and i" me direoted ruad ai ánat th jfcxls and chattcls, hmds and tenemen-ta ot Anthon' siaith und n. Oonkíín, áefbndonta therel named, I Ud, on the luih day of July, 1871, for th of gooda and ohattela, lovy apon tul thi bI Anthony Sxnith has in fho foUowing describen real aatJ led one-baTf, vi.., th north pa! t oi the southwt st quarter ol section seren iirp, ni towiiahip fonraouth of range six enst. .-'lso apieceoi uindonthi icutti side of tho mül-] the north pnri of the above deacribetl qunrtcr section ix'iii1 1 he prei i ed by Coi nlin pril 21at 1853. AÏapalltibe interest Cliarlca S. Conklin hns n thefollowing deecril , bo-wit: ! 1 and 2 in aeotion lüithe nllagc of Saline, couoty o Woalitenaw, 8tate of Michigan, Hccotdina tx) the re oordod 'i-ii ther of, beginoÍDg on the aouth line of tb Chicagi ■ m thc nortí nerofaaid lot one, thoncciortheirh parallel withth cast lino of said lot ono sixty föetj thenoe eaterly par alie! h i'.h soidChicngo rood twenty feet, thence north erly parallel v.ith tl: müú eaa1 Une of the ' hicn ■ i ■ to Éhe place 'it begiuning, which premisfis i shnUexpoo for ale ut public ttuntion to the highest bidder al Un south door oi tho Cottïi Etouae In tno city of Ann Ar ior, on the I2th day of Sentí mbec next, al 12 o'clocl noon of said il;iy. Dated Julv ÏÖth, 1871. MYRÜN WEBB, Sheriff, l83 By Joimjí PoxtSSa, I'nd8heriff's 8 QTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, as 0 Ity virtue of a wrlt ot' ezficution iaaued oul undertheaool of thoCírcuil Couxt fot tho county o Wnshtenaw, fitnte of Michigan, dated flie 24thdayo April, L871, and to ms din Lyered, againa la, tonda and I an m al ■ oí Jobi s. Schuible, di fendaní therefn named, i did, on tin 5th day of May, A. í'. [871, for tiie want 'i ffooda mu chflttele, lo vy opon all thc interesi John S. Rchaiblí lias tn the íollowing deaaribed baot or paxoel of lani l in tlie township of I.odi, county of Waahte naw, Btate t' Ifichigan, being the non benei quurtGi 01 noxthweal quoitcr, and Dorthwest quarter ■ casi quarter, and weei hafl of eaal three-qn i southeast quarter of northpast quarter t Èwenty-nine, town threc sonth flve oast, containinf ninety-flve aerea of land, be the same more or Leas wliioh premisefl I ahall expose for salo at public auctioi dgheat bidder at the south door of the Cour Souae, in the dty of Ano, Arbor, on the i-'h day ol September, A. I. 1871, at LOo'clocka. m. of aaid day DatudJuly 25th, ïwi. MTftON WEBB, Rheriff, 1332 liy Joutin FobbeBi Cnder-Sheriff ShoriLF8 Salo. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of "Waahtennw, as By virtue of a writ of exeoution iaaued oul of an under the Beul of the Circuit om t Por the county t aahteuaw, títateoi Michigan, dated JuneOth, ih;i 'und tu i;ii dirocted and delivered, agninst theopodi and ohattetot lande and teoaments fi' Aabley Bfinor dcfendunt therein nomed, 1 did, on the Ti h day (,: July, A. D. 1871, for the want of sooda anddhattela levy upan all the interest A&hley Minor bas in the lollowing di scribed real estáte, uit : Lota LIS and 113 excepting thal paroel described as fullcv. .-. beginnixi( at theaouthweat oorner of said lot No. 113, tl:' i 100 feet, thence north -" feet, thence west 100 feet thenoe Étouth 20 feet t the place of begioning, sai: lands boing nitaated in the city Ypsiln ■ Miv, . State of Mii-i ■.■■ir., wnich lauda I anal for sale at public auction to the highcel bidder ai the south door of the Courl ïlouse, m the Ann Arbor, on tbe twelfth '!■■ of September, A. I 1871, at il o'oloch a. m. t said day. Dated July 25th, 1871. MTHÓN WEBB, Bherifl, 1883 }ïy Joutin Foruks, under-Shorlff Sheriffs Salo. STATE OF MICÜ U . A X, i tount y of Wnahtei lïy virtue of a Wil ton issued Out Oj .ir. I under the aeal of the Circuit Cour t, for the oounty t WadhtcnAW, Btate of Michigan, duted tho33ddayad Juut', 1871, and to me dirocted and delivered, againsi the goods and onatüee, lands and tenenientsol -Owei Croai m, defundunt therein named, 1 did, on the 2-lti day of June, A. i. 1871, for the want of gooda anc , levy upon all the interest that twen 'ruinan hus in the followiiig deaoribed reoleatate, to-wil: aU that pieceor parecí of Land lyiim and boing in tin tuuii et Northfleld, county of washti naw und Stnt of -M ioliignn, doscribed a. follown, tuwit; tlie north rus: quurtei oi tlu i in number Uiteen iu townaliip aumbei i ilrangi aumber bíx east, nocording to tlu origina] ountaining t' rty Hert ■ of land. whi h prvnxiaea 1 shal esi bidder, at Ihe south door of tin ■■. [n the citj of Ann Arbor, on theSOthdayof Beptembcr, A.I, 1871, tt K' o'olock a. U. of aaid day. .. Auguat 17th, 1871. MVIIHN vTBBB, bh riff. 1335 Iy JtiKTis Fokbs, f aaer-Bheriff. OTATE OF UcniOAN-The Fourth Judicial ÏJ ■ ■■- uit n Chano ry : Buil pending in the 'irouit Court, for the county oi WoshtenaWt in Chonoery whercin i 'i n i . Boydon fa oomploinnnt and William A. Doydun íb detwulaut, at Ann Arbor, oounty and stalt: aforeaaid, 121)1 day :,] July, . : . . Uu reodiug and filingduc proofby afiidaTit thal the ubove nam A defendant, wílllam A. Boy4on, n - iiii ■ út Bianch County, in thc lí tuto of M chiban, but tliat 11 subpoona could not bc ierv d upon biio by 1 of his absence trom hia place ! On motion of John N. Gott, soliatorfor oomplainant, it s ordered that said dcfenuant, Wülinm - . Üoydon, lause hi appearonoe to i' entered in said cause within thxee montha from the dato i thia order ; and in case bü aupearanoi bt urer to tho oompluinmt bul of comploint, to boflltd, and a co] j thi 1 d on complainant 'Bsolioitoi' within twen ■ ifter tbe service oi s copy of aaid bill and notice uf ! r; and ui dofuult ibereoi thal the said bill ie : ikon onii aaed by the said defendnnt, a h-i itia furthei ordered that within twent? he - iii nmplainani causo this order to bo published n Mi'iti'pitt irfftu, newspaper publiahed in the ■il v of A Tin A il 'ui, in said OQUntv, and that thi lublication oontinned in said paper onoo in eooh veuk for six BUOcesHivQ roi ka. R. i;i:aiiax, Circuit Court Conuniaaionej , . ■ . .. ( ounty, Mn'hi-an. 1 . n . Gorr, Solioitor for Oomplainant. GwlS i GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO's for 3trictlv Pure Drugs and Modicinosr .i'uint s ,Oils , &c. Mortgáge Sale. Di ■ . I oth oí Ann Arbor, n, to Luthei E. AUeu, of th ■ ebcimsdate the lifth dnj i A. i . i ■ ■ . . ...... i y nuid . He to Betsy J.. Pn iu ]i;i e two ■ ■ on ■. ía the oí the26thday oi March. A. D. 1801, and i . Pull) i io I, noy A. Btmnett. ■ liber two ot "i ,■■'■-■■ 500, i.! the oM aaiddcfault the po S:ilü itl -:inl HiHli;i,; liavijtUT t'OlÚC OpeiJltlVe, ail'I iug now clauned to be duo and owing o . note ricoom] ■ me, the huid of six '. : el fhty-one dolían and I Lsoan Attorneys fee of twenty donan, and no ïuitorpi ;tw oí in olianoery hoving been une orany port thereof ; Notiee Ís therefore hereby given, tha1 on Batí the ninth (ti. . ■ ..-, , h. 1371, al ■ o'otock a. m. i-i sni.i ii.ii-, at the Boutb dooi Couíl El Ari Arbor, u 'i W . mine bi Big iV unce i Circoit Couri : public auction, to the higlu :-i bidder, I ox bo much thareof uh shnll be nscssary to satiafy the omount dne on said mortgage and noto at ti.c date of thii notice, w i'.li fnteresi and eosta and expenses allow d by law.iii.' Istoeajc: allthai pieos oi Land utoatedin Ann Arbor, in the rounty oi W aa til tltai parí i the wen half of the northeaatquarter t soi tion nnm1 ar nineteen [lfl In tov number two south of range abt east, in tho State of Michigan, which was deedod !■ George D. ifill and wifeto the parties of Ibe ftwi part in aiiid mi i by deed made on tlw Brsl day oi October, A, D. 1866, and recorded in liber niimber i of deeds, for the oounty of Waahtenaw on page 109, oontaining flfty■ ■:■ ti h, to wh&b Iftsj mi ntioned deedthi . ■ . ;1 furthei descripfion of Étaid Dated, Ann Albor June 12, 1871. S A. BENNETT, Ti. Cbaveb, Ignee.ol sfortgage. Atl'y. for said Aa L326 rtgage S DEFAl I made in the oondiüon of a certaia mortoage oxecuted by Torroy C. Thomp"ii.' i the city ol Ann Arbor. county of Washtenawj ISUsworth, rl , ■!' n - Baid, on t be - ■ ■ , in the office of the l; gist c of I teeda for said county, Kfth day of June, a. d. 1868, at 11& n'cluck a. m., in Liber 80 of m 191, on which panying the same there b ., to be due at the dute of thw notice the gum oi ninehundxed and Bve dollars snd rixty-two oente, alm an iittornuy's fee oí' thirty dollars should any d to fbrecioBe thia i in luw ot equity baring í- 1 n Ini to recover une debí or any part thereoi : No hereby giren, that by nrtue of Öie powtt o1 mtained En Raid morteago, I ahaU leiltoüu ■ bidder on the aeoond oay of September next at 2 o'clod i'. m. of s;iiil r!;iy, at tW fmnt door of the Oourl Boose in the ii y of Ann Arbor, in aaid oountj of Waahtenaw, the preiniwe deBcribeo In Baid mortgage ;i ftU thoao oertaln pieocii or parcela erf land itnatèd iti the city of Ann Arbor, county of Waahtenai and Btate aforesaid, known, bounded and described ;ifollows, to-wit : Benig Lots Dumbex ten and elevan it bkwk numbet one, and iot ftve, bíz, tu -fourin blodk nnmbez two. and lot numbei four in block number foor, according to a reoordei plat of IliliV oddition to the city of Ann Arbor, ÜCichEgatii tesexving froio : : t ï ■ I sale Iota ten anfl doren it blooK one af orosaid, heretofore releaflod June lst, 1871. PHEBEJANE BLLffWORTH, Moi John N. tioiT, Attotney för aorl fagee. 1824 Mortgage Salo. ÜEFA1 LT been modi in thepaymento inoitey with ton pex cent interest 1 1 ■ by i (u -. tam íadenture of n Btonna and Agn b I I tie city of Am Albor, and ti i John A. Nichol, o b day o June, A. D. Í87O, and recorded in the offlev of thi Dceda in tho county ot' ;.■ , on the eighth day of June, A. i 1870, in lil ■ 285, by wbid default Uu powcrof Bulé tn said n oporative, and n" suit or prooeeding ni law i y i. iving i1'-' n Instituí ■! tn re overth any pari thi reof, and t lic gum ' seven hvnui'ód and ftíty dolían beüignov 1 tu be due upon said mortgage and the bont i tme ; that said mort losed by a sale or the mo .-, on Smuiilay, the ninth . oi "i, ,. Ij. 1871, ut tlit honr of eleven a. m. ot sait ■ ot of the Conrt Hon ■ . ts of Ann Arbor ofo being theplaoi Uia1 al e CshaU séu al public nao tion, to the hiji'licst bidder, thu ■ ■ Lnaftej nnicji thereof na slmll be neoeflsary to aatufythi omount due on aaid mortgage and Dond at the date o ihis notioe, with interest, and ooeta and ezpen by law, together witli an Attorneyie Ate o tliirty doUaraproTidedfoxin said mortgage, that ís : tilt fthoee c-.-i . ain pú oes or pai uated in the county of Washtenow and E Michigan, known, bounded and descni to-wit : being ! !■'■ woolen faotory in Brown c FaUeri addition to uie TÜlaae ol Ann Arbor, ín said count] n . with all I b ■ and appnrte. inoluding all Uit: maohinery, apparatua euu ftztures remaining thereon and to be pul ; in ■■ron : on also the folio ■■ ■ ral paroelsof land hik prii ileges and n ater power, . ÜiciKnith'westerly boundary of Ufll str; -t Es ■ dition, liity-six. Unka southeasterlv from the poini where the eouth 00171er of block three ín said additiön, oerosa nnd al right an Mili srivi t, wfll interw d said boundai y. Uu nee northboundary threedhauu and seren. :i links, thence south tliii i j ■ .t to tht north ihirty degreoa easi will ínterseotülepointoj beginning, thenoe t tlie place of beginning1, ; with all the privileges of osing : nty-tw Lu ihee "i n ram said race mmenoin twelve feet noTthweaterly fromüu rly corner of the rake fuotory or oabjn formerly standing bet w en the race and river on thu Bouthweeterl) ride "( Baid mül ruce, thence up Uu line ! the rara íbrty feet, thence southweal n ith hr Une of the race to the river lluron, thence al down the river t i thence northousterly "i T:ltt angina with the line o', ■ , tor the imriose o: oer buildings as Uu porties may lect, with the privilt . on - di land 1-í i -n. iic in bt . o be talcen i n . ■ '■■, Iht with -iii the land and privilee b of evei} , !;itil and deaoription, convi m d tv Bheldoi Tomlinson and Abby il-, bis wife, to the party ui' th ftrat part, on the 3d aay or June, A. 1. L860. I, Aun Albor, Juiiu 12th, 1871. JOHN A. NICHOLS, D. CitAMER, Mortgagee. Ar. y. for Mortgaffee. 1826 Estáte; of John Gcorgc Volz. STATKOPSnCHIGAN.Coantyoi Washtcnav . Ata session of the Probate Gouri for the Count; of Wuhtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in thi City Of Ann Artuir, OU Monrtny, the twenty. tlr day of Aagnsii ia tho ya;u une thousaml oigh haudred and Beventy-oue. !'[-.■- ■■:.: . il Lram J.-Beakest Judge of Probate. In the iiiaLUT uf theostoteof John Qeorge Voli deceaedi ■. .:i redding andflling the petitln duly verlfled o Anna Harla vobs, praylns that her dower In the real estáte vrhereof said deceosed died selzed ma} be useignod tü her. ThereapouUis ordcred tbat Mondar, the eigh teenth day of September uext, al ten oclockin the forenooü, be asstguefd for tbe boa ring of saii püiition. aml that the heiraat law ol and iii othor pereons interostefl" in said estáte ire required t. ippcar at :i soseion ofsaidCOOl tía i to be holden u ine Probate Office, in theelty o Aun Arbor, and showcaase, il any there betwh; theprayeroi thepetltlonersnouidnot bo granted Andlttsfartherordered tlt enldpetittooerplveno tice to thepersontíi Dterested(neaia estáte i tlie pen doncy of aald peütion, and the bearinf Ihereof, ly cansiiiL.' a copy fff thle Order tobepabllshed inth iwspjiperprinted andcircalatlnj n Baid couuty, three üuccessive weekt prevlone t. 8tüti day oftieurlna . fAtruecopy j ' IIIRAM J. BEAKEB. I.: Juduc of Probate Estáte of Catharino McCafloriy. STATE OV btlCB '■ y of Woahten At a sesBÍon of the Probate Court fot the oountj nf w i-iii ■■il !. , in .;. ;. n the Probate Office, in the t it y ai Ann ArboT, on Bfonday, the seventh daj n Augnst, Ín the year one thousand e%ht hundred and .■ enl i -one. Present Hirom J. Bcakes, Judge of Trui, i(.-. In the matter of ti Catharin Slol 'afferty, an a:l '■ nl person. On ronding and :i'.ui:. tha petition, duly vcrifled, 't Chaunoey Joslin, praying èhai Prince Bennett, oi tin city of YpMlanti, in Baid county, may be appointed Quardian for wiid 'uthnrine Mc( 'oflferty. upon ii i ordereü, trial Mouday, tho ninth day of October aext, al ten o'clocli 'm tho forenoon, ïhi i for the hearing of said petition, and that the nex1 of kinol iucompetent, and all othei ure recraired to sppear at a tieesion of said Court, then to be holden at she Piobato Onïoe, in the eifcj of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the prayei of the p And ii is further ordexed, tice to i he i reona int. r. ■ : i hë pencl moy of said petition, ag theroof, I copj of thii order tobo pubhshed in the Michigan Argtu, anewspaper prlntêd and (ürculatine in sakl county, .;i buca Ensf, and i y . I on said Catharine Mo ïafferty !, , a copy of i om ■ I fotu week ud dy of hearing, and by causing to b a OOpy ut' t!ns unK-r tl) ooeh of tht' followlng namrd ; , yiz : to Jofan Mei 'afferty, of "'jil?mi i, son Of ■ ' bony 'nllin-i, of Itockford, in the Btate of Illinois; andto. ('ollins, of CoHCudo, ïowit, wlio nre nephewa of snid olleged incompotgnt, at least six weeks btfore aaid dnj of heai'ing. (A fcrue oopy.) HIBAM J. BEAKE6. Judjfü of l'i Estat oï John Ij. Wing. STATKOP MICHIGAN Conntj ofWHShtenaw,sf A; ssesslon f the Probate Court for the Countj of Washtenaw holden at the Probate Office, in tiu City OÍ Aun Arbor, on WYiini'Sihiy . tlirs-ixtccnllidav of Aoftosi In tlie yt'ar one thousand lilit hun dred and seventy one. i . Beakep, Judge or Probate. In the matter it the BsUte of John L. Wlng, deoeased. Ou rendlugand Allngthe petition, dnlj veriöed.ol Rarriet S. Wiiig, prayTng that BeDJamln ff. Waite, or Bomè other snitAOle person, uia ite appolntvd Adrainletrator of the estáte of said deceasco. Tih re in). ; l:, i Momia , the eleventh dtiy of September next. At ten O'clocjl in theforeloon, be assignod for the hearing ol Baid petitton, and tliat tho hcirs ut law ol s:iid do■' :i rl, and al) other Denons interesled Insaldeetat irerequired to appou ai a sesslon ol said Conrt, hen lu be bolden ;ii the Probate Office, tn the City oj Ann Arbor, and shov causelJ any there be, vhy the prayer of the pptttloner ahonld nol be [rauted And it lef afther orderedi that saidpetiloper glve notice to the persona Interested In said istate.ofthe pendency of aai d petltton and the tearinc thereoft by cftUtfiuu; a copy oftJile order u ie pnbllshed In the Michigan Árgu%ñ uewspnper, iriniiil and circnlatiiiL' in s.-iid t'ni'iity, three siu1. esstvo weeks prevlons tu paiddaj oí h CA trae copy. j iiikam j. BEAKES, IS8B Jadve r Probate"pJïsiciam' 7aïiwïïis lOCUJLATELÏ ASh CAHBFULL Y PRBPAHED BY ; li. IK. BLL18 cê OO.,lRïïaGI818. Estáte of i -múcI:. QTATEOFMICm tyof Wahtenw m ' ■ ■ i , . ■ ■ on,,,, ,y ity of Am Arbör, on gaturday, the tv.vntv,,.,, '', aly, in the yearone thousund eight ímniC! i:i.i seventy-one. '"rea Mu un .!. !:. ijce, Judge oi Probóte In the matter oí the Estáte of ( harleá Stnii, tingaid Sling the neUUon, dulv varlfied n [annah Stuck, Hraying thnt berdowerin the v...,í died ucized nwy be o ■ la Drdered, That Honda?, the fm,k . -i ten o'clwkinttre forenhhk! nwl lor the hearing of said K-tition ,,,ii i law "t aaid deoeased, and ili ', .1 interested in raid estáte, ate r.-inir-ii t, ,■„,"'' -■: id Court, then hblden 1 1!" ■ . la tbe '■■■, .,r ,:,., Ali;,„ „„'(i'yJï if auy tli. tu lie, uli'y i.iayirol 1 ahoiild not 1 grnntcd : And it 1 rurther ordered ti? said peütíonergivenoticeto the p .,",, ;■ mid catate, of the pendeney of aaid petttroh, and tu íenriiiK thereof, by causing a eopy oí thú order tb U rablished in th. Uichigan Arffus, a newspaper printrf ind circuliitiiiK n unid county, thrcu BucccHiveimti previous to safd day ol hearing. " (A trae üopy.) uiiiAM .1. r,:. kk 1 '■"■' Judge of Probate"; Ëstate of Alpheus "Woostcr. OTATE OF MICHIGi f;OWj of WashtenaT al Ai a -!■ 1 of t'ic Probate Court for the Count m iaw, holden at the Probotu Office, intnÜritJ of Ann Arbor, on Wedneaday, thc nintli doy of Aat gaat, In tho y. ir uno thousand ciirht hundred ...i seventy-one. ff j'iv ent, iiii m .1. ,of Frobnte Tn the matter of tlio estáte ot Alphcus AV&tiatirf. ti. u in reading and film;. the petitionuuly Vcrifled tí Nathon Wooster, praying that aonu suitnble peí may U-. appointed adminlatrator of tl.e estáte of u Therouppn it is ordered, that Honday, the fourth t, al ten o'clock ' for !],.■ he.irinii i,f said 1 and that the luns at law of said deceused, and ni] mi, in anid estáte, an rcqtihi ■ ourt, then tu !■■■ Probate Office, in tbe City of Aun Arbor, 'tü show cause, if any Ihere be, why the prayer oftl uid not be granted: And it i 1 . uci no interested in said 0 I t.iun, and the hearing thereof, by I ; 1 „, ,t order to be pnbliehed in th. Michigan Argiu, a ,J paper printed aad oirealMbg In ks.íi! county !,,,., Ive weeks previous ti. núi di 1 of hearin (Atrneeopy.) HIEAMJ. l;i aki.s, l33 Jndgc of Probate Estíitu of SalnUel Deht OTATE OK MICHiaAN, c.mnty of Waahtenav e, 0 At ■ ' onrt tur the ( ou'nt of Waahtanaw, holden at the Probate Oflice in thedtl 1 Arhor, on Wednesday, the Becond dayH Aufrust, in tin: yearome thonaaud eight humliudani sevünty-one. Ki-nkes, .ludöo of Probate In thu mattor of' Iho estute of Samuel )enton, deceiused. "■■"■ "T. üoot, Exeontor of the lust will ml testament of aaid aeceased, (urn. ■ into Conrt andiMK reaents that be is now preparad to render hi acoonnt im snch Ezecntor. Thenupon it is orderul, Monday, the fourth 1 nest, nt ten o'rloc-k in tli íbrenoon, be assiírned for exatnininfï and allen ing sneh account, and that the leeatees, dm' lawol saidded aned, and all other persons iuttr. . required ' tippeHT nt of saul Court, then tobo holden nt the l'robat in the City of Ann Axbor, in sai.i County, and Lww ■ Uk: ..itl acoonnt shonld mt ..■!: -m! it i further ordered, thnl u the persona interented in I the pendency of said account nnd thi ■ eopy of this order to be puUiahl] in the Michigan Arm ■ 11 newBpnper printed u . in aaid ('ounty, three suooeaaiT weeka preriou to auid day of li-.ii"iiij. (A:. HTRAM J. BEAKE8, 18M Judge of 1 ïolmte. Estittc of Blakoslecs - minors. PTATEOF BOCHIGAN, County of Waahten,, lï Ataaesdonoi Uw Probate Court for the Cl BtjJ Waahti at the Jti . .1 ate Office, b 1 on Wedneeday, the ointh day of Juut. In tlio yeax one thouaand eight hundred aoj y-one. I tUrnmJ. Beakes, Judgsof Probate Ju matter of the eatote of Hun-iet M. lilaked ".ntl -1 iilii! - Blakesl e, minors. iiii'l flling iH-tinon, (luly v.-rifled. of AlidaBlaki loe, Guardian, prnying that she uur:,. licensodto Bell oertain nal estute belongmg to mU Thereupon it is ordered, Uut Thnrriay, the seventli :n the forenooD, :1 petition, ai the next ot Idn of aaid mimas, and all ottn in raid 1 abite, are nnired to at ii Bession of aaid Court, flien tobe holden, al the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arlmr, md show cause, if any there be, why the pnijer of thepetdtioner ahoold not be gróntea: And it U fortbn ordered, that 1 re notice to the nextcl kin of Silitl minors, iml all other peracn in!uin siiil estáte, of tM peodeney of saii nu ad the hearing thep t'. by cauaing ;t oopy ut '::U ordei to lo publiahed in iti m, paper printed and ciroulating in'snii! Connty, tkM idve weeka prerious to sj;íí flay of hearimr. A trae oopy.) HlfiAlJ .1. BEAKF8, 1328 ■ ' Juiljii' of l'roliate. Estáte t Brigga - minors. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ïounty of Waahtenw,! At a aeaaion-of the Probate Court Cor the Cwótf of Waahtenaw, holden at the l'robate Oitice, in ik City of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, the teatfa daf of August, in tlio year one thousand eight kundrtjil mul aeventy-onj . Present, Hi: , Jndgo of Probate. In the matter ui' 1 1 state oí c.ti-oline C. Brioft n, WiiÜam It. liriggs, i'amiie E-Bris, and Jj.u ! .. : is. Chaunoey IÍ. Stillen, Guardian of auid estafe, ma into COUXt lijn' . í !.'- lif: ís lioiv piepMïl to rendcr hi lin.-iï account as auoh üuurdian . that Muiiihiy, the fourta dayoJ I ten odock in the forenooBi bo aasigued for examining and aUovina sudi .■■ euunt, and thal the next oi kin nr -;ni 1 other ieroiis inlci'OBted in s.ii!l lhiu, aré required to appear at a seBaionot Bid Court, tkea to be holden al the Probate Office, in thc ( ity nf Aun Arbor, in aaid county, and show cause,if ;my be, wïiy theaaid a oouni should net be rülowtd : And it rurthor ordered, that sii.l Gnaxdifl to tho persona intortered in aaid esl ut' sniil account, and tlie tearinfl thercof, by cuuaing n copy 01 tliis ouïc-r 10 It publiahed in the Michigan Arg", a newspiijier, printed and circulatie in ;;aiil eounty, thiee ani weeks prevloua to aaid tlay of hearing. (Atvuocory.l H1UAM .1. BKAKE8, 1328 Judfc-e of l'rolulle. Estato of Laura Osborne. STATE OP MH'lliuiN. Connty orWathienaw.n. At nseesionof tbe Probate Conrt for the Cooniy of Washtenaw, holden at tíie Prohata ofltce. in the City ol -Ann Arlmr on Wdn edny the n1n:h d tit kagust In t lic ysu one thonsaud eihl hnndrtd anti seventy-one. Present. Mir;im -f. üenkes. .Tutle of Probate In the matter of the estaic of Laura Otbornr, incom] !'■]!!. James 11. Phillips, (uardiuu of said esttite wow Into Courl and representa that Ik ii uow prcparid to render his final account as Buch Qnardlati Thereopon itis ordered, that Tocsday, the fifln day oí September next, at ten uYlock tuthefoM , be aaaigned for ezamlning and allov n m.íi account, and thal the next of kiD of wid moorapetent, nnd all other perjons Interart cd 111 said estáte, are requlred to appear .it ol sald Court then t be holden t the Probate Office, in tbe City 01 Arn Arbor, n ni county, aud show cause; if any therebe, vhj tai saidaccoantshonldnotbealtowed : And it i?fnrtlurr ordered, tliat said Guardian glve noïice ïo the persona Interestcd in said estale, ol ihe ptdencyofsaid account, and the hearing thereot fe oanalnga copy of this order tobo pub)i8hed in the . newspaper printed and circu lating in said Connty, threc sucecssive wctti ;.s to said day of hearing, ritme copy O ' 11IHAM .1 BEAKKS, ISSlld Judie 01 l'robate. Egtate of' Patrick Hoban. STATE 11 F MICHIGAN, County of Washti Ata wwonoftli Probate Court for the county of Waahtonuw, holden .it the Probate Office, ir the' ■'' ot Ann Arbor, on Uondiry, tii1 twenty-rourth 'If of July, in tbe ycuronc tLouaand eiglit Luudredund Bevent j Pnsent Hiram J. Bcakes, Judc. of FrobRtc. In the matter of tlie cítate oí Patrick H0OW1 iscd. On reading and flUnjg the petition, duly wriflea, oi i'larkin. Admmiatrator ( 1 twi non, vith tnc will annezed, nraying that In may be ueenaeltt aeU certain real rst..t , whereof hniit deocaaed dnd aeized. ■i jn t is ordered, that Tuesday, the BI of September next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, ■ naaigned for the hearing of .-;liiI petition, and tliat the . il h ira at lavt oí s;1.: all o: her peraone iuun Bted i to oppear at a Bession of said couvt, then to le holatli Probate Office, in tb City of Ann Arbur, ajj sluiw any there !. why the prayer of the ner should not be Kranted: And it. ís turuitt ordered, that s:üil petitloncr girenotlea to the ptrsona interested in t tl1 pendeacy o' suid petition, and the tu iring thereof, by causing oopy of Uiis order to be publialicd in the MicUp Arfftu,a newspaper prüitecl and ín sw oonnty, four suceessivc weeka preTiousto asaddayi (A truecópy.) nrr.AM.T. BE kKES, 13jj Judge of l'robate. Estáte of Charles Btncfc. STATE OF MICHIHAX, Countyof n ihh oa, ■ nt Court for the t'ountjf of Washtenaw, holden at th Probate Offioe, i J Ann Arbor, on Saturdny, twen : day oi July, m the year one tuouaand eiylit lm" i]n 'I and m' ' ut ■ ot, Biram .). Beakes, Judge of Proltate. In tl:,: matter of the estáte of Charlea Stuct On ren&ing and flüng the petition, flnly minen,! Charles Shier, Administra that he w3 atevnereof Baid :rd. TIn! , that llondny, the fonrtn 4ay of September next, at ten o'clock in the for1 nin'm, be aaaigned tor the hearing of said petiti1 :unl that the tieii-s at law of y-.tWi deceased, nnd all ut'1 'i intoxested in s:ñd OHtete, are p quned to 'I1" pettr ■:' tf aaid Court, then to be holden, al the Probate Office, in the City of Ai ■ ahow oause, 1 anj there be, why the priiyer of toi potitioner ahould not be granted: An . :t.:lt s.ll'l petition I I-ti:' Interested in suid estáte, of the p 1 111"'. tit.n, and tbe heariag thejreof, by cansina a ' thia order to be puuiiihed in O Mickigm ■ newspaper printed and circalating in said (niiitj, tour succeemve weeks preTioua to ;i'! d3 of heariBI A truocopy.] HIBA3I J. BE VKE8. 1333 .(inli ■■ P yiIH.V YOU WAM1 FINE PIIÜÏÜGKAPIÏ& GO TO SAM. B. REVENAUGH, No, 3O Hurón Sírcrí. pBOPLE'8 DRUG STO1.B R. W.ELLIS& CO. .. -


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