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A Love Letter

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Wlrtt r.liAll I wrlte thee, Love ?-so f:ir awny, nd vet so very naar. Wnat oay 1 hot thOU bast not alrcmly lieard a tlioTOand Urne . hall 1 oompoae lcn li"'' onUWniiig rhjrma, Likc this I send to thee to-ilny .' Wht ca I do for thee Ihftt thm wmililst have f lui o m I tal) thee that thou nu wonKurt nar I MV tor for tha jiwa "" " 1"'-u'1 ■ '"'ave That fiir tnn thee, or near To thy dfiir side I g!tlly holü hfo, A tenuiv tenl taan t lio, my soul, inotc than vifii Frr thee to save ; Or #lw, through thee to lose, Shouldst thou to siive refuse. I love thee, Swcet, supremcly ; 1 m nnt tcllj Whttt WaSla romftin to tirite thee, Loto, that thou wouliUt beu ■' .... „ Ah !(sten to the tollins ot the bcll That ti:ll withta olomnly the knell Of my pust yoars. Anil l:iid upon the bior. Sec my dead self.' liu.cni wlth mo Dia aeuth ; For he wa vaHant, yee, and not ontraa ; liut he maat di-, bemnae ba kuew uot youi And MbJa brettth Pausd iïom l'-iin. and liis oil ia -sreH. And tlien rfjoice with me tluit I have found .neweraeU umi one I hold more dear-' A Bell thj biils adieu to hope or f.-nr, Save wheii they botli re cuntciwl hereHe in my bouudless, cudles luie tw tl"-. Bat shonldüt thou turn asidy In noaligenee pHds, Hls spirit free Methinks will, ere a linio, hao ,hed And thou the losa must mourn wiih bittcrest Forsive e, T-ovc, I fear I sadden thee W'hcn I would ehecr. I lovc thee, leve thee', nmt I not teil. love thee, love thi?e, love thee, lieats my hemt ; And like n mountiiin eitnract, my blood 'oatna down its ranee, till that funeral bcll irows faint and faintev fr the giagUmi Üod l'hat dmraa Ua mealoncholy.muiüc. Then, with sudwnke tollfaagain, to w'M 'MA Worldly thing; Uut they in haate resolve themselvea to tlns,- Absence to yearning nd the fafcWell kis That sealed our parting, nnd the doubt which bnngs ?he writhingl and the turonies of heil. lovo thee, love thee, loVe thee ; more I can not teil. must forbear to writc, my life, my love ; ktww I sadden thee, my thoughts are dark. All. Krant me, Love, a sinifle spark From thy pure soul's anjfelic flame I Then, high almve My voice shall rapturous sing and mpturous sonr, i'orevermore.


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