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The Wages Of Royalty

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Royalty is, perhaps, tho best business going, regardod i'rom a pecuniary standpoint. The salaries of euipcrors and kinys are for the most part liberal, and no dcduetion is imulo on account of absence froin duty. The " eight-hour law " doos not apply to those fortúnate persons, uut when they want " a day out," they are not obligod to put a " sub " on, to retain thcir " sit." The Czar of Ilussia has the most profitable berth, his wages averaging $25,000 a day, or 365 times as much as President Graut receives. The Sultan of Turkey struggles along with $18,000 per day. How he eau do it, with his hugo family, and the inevitably cnorinous dry goods bilis, it is not easy to understand. Louis Napoleon, last September, lost a place that paid him L14,000 per day ; but no has been prudent, and sayed up somothing handsome, which will keep him comt'ortablo iu his old ago. Whatthepay ofEmporor William, of Gorrnany, ïnuy be, we don't know ; hut as King of Prussia ho was paid only L8,210 per day, or 13,000,000 per ycar. Victor fim&nuel, ut' ttaly, enjoys an income of about $3,000,000. liunen Victoria is a good manager and keeps the pot a-bilin' on L2,000,000 pet year. The Princo of Wales fimls E625,000 unequal to expenses. Sonie time ago ;i man named Neoly left üuoon Victoria L1,750,000, and Princo Alburt left her f.j.OOO.OOO. It is bolieved that sho will " cut up " more richly than any other sovoroign of Europo. In contrast to these magnificent figures it inay be interesting to know that the averago income of nine millions of pooplo of England and Wale3 is loss than two shillings per day. Eighteon millions live on a shilling per day. Thero are 107 Englishmen who return incomes ofover $250,000 por year, and 7,371 who return 5,000 to $10,000.


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