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Civilized Taxation

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Ari fthoient Freiichman, who has residcd in tife Florrissant Valley for h ilf a oentury or moro, oame to the city the other day to pay bis taxes. Hfl h s known the collector from the ohildhood of the latter, and thorefore paid up moro wiUingly than ho would if his money was going into the hands of a stranger. In so doing, howcver, the old pioneer gave expression to his feelings ín im unreserved niannor. " Hey , M iBtcdre Magwire, you ooüeci' ze tax, hej P " i' ïea, Bir, I oollect the tax and pay tho' the money ovor to tlio i'ity, the county, and the 81 " "Wlmt for you m:iki hún so rauch, by gar ? " " Oh, the progress of the country and thecivilizition of the igedcmandheavier taxes evory year." "Lookhero, Mistaire Magwire, somo time, ;i Leetle wbile ago, somo men como to niy plaoe, in se Florrissmit, and stick down somo stakes, and put up a threelegged stool wiz onn telescope on it. I Bay, ' What you make hei 'f' Zey say, We mako one railroad for oiviliiation and progress.' All right. Next two or three days soine more men oome aod put down somo stakes, and st up anozen threc legged stool and a telescope, and I gay, 'What ze devil is zisr' Zey say,'Eailroad.' Isay, 'I irot railroad enotigh ; put him in a leetle fnrther ovair, and givo 7.0 ozer fellow railrOadl' iv say to me, 'You must booppozo to ze civiliza - tkm and progresa.' 1 Bay, 'To se devil wiz civili.ntioii and progrese! It mako too rnuoh tax." In n good old time, when nobody but Frenchuie live here, fl leavo zo door wide open at night aml nobody stral. Now we lock ze door, and put one iron bar up zis way, and anozer' cross zat way. and yrt ie burglairo git in any how. And you can cali zis civilization and progress I I havo too much of ziz civilization and progross. What ïz it good for if it don't malea men ho&BSt ? What iz ze good of ze railro-id il' il ia).. all we inake to pay zo Bt íb , nocrat. The most positivo men are the most ovodulous.


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