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An After View Of The Rochester Convention

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ÏIociiester, Oct. 6, 1871. Tho Convention is now of tho past. Everybodjr seeius to be happy and tliankful tlmt it possed oft so picasan tly. ; that Bothing.was dono, cithor iiwide or cause any regleta or cast even the slighest stain on the Demooraoy. Now that overything i settled down, it may not be out of pítico to look back at the nsBoinblage and at th(! work of the Convontion. Of cours) a grand attcnipt Will be talado to that Tamniany rulcd tho deliberationa and controlled tho actions of the delcgates as ninch as, il' not more tli.jii, it' slio were'fully rspxmented on the flooc of tho Convention. How nmoh ii.Miinhi tiün thero is for this oan be soen by even a cursory view of tho affair. As stated in my letter on Wednesday, it was very evident that tha Tammany delcgatioii seut hero was sent to bo defeated. Coloitcl Pellows was put on as repreaentative from the First District so that there might be one who could do som o talking in case it becamo nocessary to niiike a show. But who was there boside him on the delegation that coala or would dare to face the indignatieD o-f the rural Democracy, and the digniiied eloquencc and unanswerable logic of such men as Governor Seymour or Francis Kornan, whrii tlieir voioes would be raised against the corruption and corrupt influonces practiccd and exerted undor the Taininuuy oligarchy ? Wherc was O'Gtormun the silver-tonguod orator ? Whexo were the men who tbrmerly sorved ftt conveutions, and whoso presence honored them? Whore was Judgo Daly, Judge Brady, August Belmont, James B. Nicholson, and hundreds of others who might be named as prominent Demoerats, and whose private lives are beyond reproaeh V No such inen iigured on tho list oi 'Taminany delegates. True, John Mullaly, W. G. Bergen and one or two others who could mako a public appearanoe ■were iresent, but what weight would they possess '( Thoy are ofEco-liblders at tho will of Tauimany, and against the honcst indignatiou of tho rural Demoosscy and their able representativos they would have the effect only of adding to the ■woight that was. boanrigTaiii]ii;iiy down. It is uloss to claim, then, that Taminany triumphed or controlled the late convention. True, the action on tho first day in. receiving the document propaved by the Tammany delegatioo and deolariog tlio sents from New York vacant looks t fitst blush hka 1 viutory, but when the r-jcorfl of the convention was lilled what did it show ? It showed that tho Tammany dclegation, admitting that it was in disgrace by tho action of its leaders, was ashamed (to use a very mild f erin) t.o show themsrlves at tho oonvention and olaim recognition and admission, and that tho roforim delegatio-n was as honorably rrccivi'il, ayo, nioro honorably received, t'um Tammany ; that its ofaoeen ïvpresentative men were heard ; that its claim and its cred(;ntials farm part of the minutos, and the very gontlemm chesen tirst as its leader was rocui vod with most uuqucstionable entliusiasm. It cannot bc said that Tammany was ' rooognised, inasmuch as 110 crodentials were presented from tho Tammany delegation. Tammany was not admitted and then allowed to withdraw. Thcru wat HO admission and withdrawaL The Convention eitforced a bluiliug reeolution when it deolared the seata of New York vacant, and the majority of those who voted for itdid so with tho idea that they were 011ly getting riil of a bad customcr. Ihose who saw through tli( gamo and could liavo so explained it as to insure its defeat were cut oíí' by tho oporatioB of the previous question. The semblance of a victory by Taminany on thu first day is therefore r;).thor questionable. The countr- members wuro auxiou? to get rid of trouble uid liave everything pass of quietly and pï-noeaoly, but they did not intend to'let the Tammany party rule them this time, and they were by no ineaiis sparing in the expressions of their indignation when they found that the adoption of the DeWitt resolution did virtually cut off all opportunity ft the conti sting dclegation to appear and claim : heftring and possibly admission. It is a well-known fact that had the Tammany dclegation appearod and olaimed adniisgion they would tiavo been rejeoted by such a voto as would have astonishod them, and have settled beyond a doubt the fact that the Demoomoy have no aftiliation with municipal corruption, and dosirc no felknrehip with those VYTÍthing nnd r tho stigmas of venality and fraud Sllïh M now hang over tho Taminany leaders. Look at tho platform and so? how di reet was the txpression of iiidign-ition with which tl'.t Convention regaraed tlic "coaTaption and BxtraTagance recently brought to light ;ii the msnagomeat of ibs monioipal affaire of the city of New York," and the dcuunoiation as unw irthy of couatoiiniicc or toleration all who are rcsponsiblo thcíefor. Tho applause nd eiibhusiusm with which this dunuciation was a-univod .showod that those pres pnt recoffnièoa the wording of the ïvsulution as 11 revire and doserved rebuke to Tamniany, and the recconmiendation to kho Legislature t'n próvido au early oppoitunity for the people of the city to choose now manicipsl oöicers, and tho othrr reooiuniendatioiis iiïthe saino rosohitinns all siiow a determined deöre to rid the city and f-tate oi' tiie Tammany rulo Au attempi is made to show tlt tho endorsemeut of Governor Hott'inart aivl tha renomiuation of the Stat;.1 OÍBoeiS is to be regorded as a Tammaay triumph. Whatbosh. It is only usual for a Í5tato e invcntion fea endono the Chief Exccu-fcivo of ihe State if he be of the same poUtioal persuasión, nul aaide trom that, as Governor HotTinan has carried hinuelf ■well in t'ic eyes ef the people! the oonvention oould not do less than compliment him and liis administratiou of offiuc. As for the ronomiiuition of the other incumbenta to the offices they now hold bering an ondowenient of or comjjromisc with Tiunsaany isaimply nonsonse. True, they worc ïv.nucd and ulected while Tammany was in good standing, but none of them c-:ni be said to have bccu. in any way a TvUiniany inan.


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