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The Fires In Wisconsin

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MlI.WAl KKK, Oot. ló. Later acconnta from aortucrn Wiscousiu oonfirtn pnmous reporte and rumors. Tm; lo.vs of íií'ii in the neighbrahood of Uu; burned villagc of Peshtigo u ill aeach ffVBt 1,200, and fifteen oonl of t lioso injurod camiot recover. TIk; fire tornado tti Ueaid at a distance like tho roaring of the sca. Balls of iiro woro soon observcd to fall like meteors in tho different parts of t In ; town, igniting whatcver t'ioy touchcd. The pooplo rushed witli thcir cljiKiri'n in thoir anus for ii plaoc oi ai'cty, but the storm of tiro was apon tintín And enveloped thcoa in Svnuk, Binoko, tmming saml and einders, and thoso unuible torcach tlu; rivür weie suffocated ajid toaated aliare. liña temblé ■eens happeirod [ei Sunduy iiiglut, the 8th of October, ftlready made famous by the ('hicao horror. A momber t' tlic Feliei connnittee sent from Milwankee with supplies saya tUo only survivors wure thosi: who wen: fortúnate i'iionh to roach the atcr, inmiy throwing thcmaelvoa into mili-ponda aaui olinging to floatiag los. A inimbor of these wsro-drowned by being tlirown from logu by raaddoned Horsos and oattle that nanod iiito the roten The tiery jycloni; swept over. a lrct of eountry eigkt or ton nulaevtride. Kvery building, fi'iu'.e, and ;iil the tiiM'.nr ivnre lickcd up trl-:ni liy the toogue of Ure. The town of Fe.-shtigo numbered 3,000, one-third ofwhom porished in that t'.Kuful night. ReportB from the eaat sliore of Qreen Bay plan; tho lus of Ufe ínlLut high ;is at lVshtigo. The game .irriiullt r.í:ifí,.í tljXlt thfi ÍUl)UClÍlltc Witnts oí' the people are supplied,. but lare ivmounts of provisions and clotbing will be for the coming winter. Brazi) lioasts of turt'ea Bve feet long. That'snothtng. Iljiiwis bas suckers over. tix fcet long.


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