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Anent The Mormons

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JoSEril Smitii, Jun., tbc roal founder of the Mormon Qhuroh, or the "Clmreh of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Naints," was born at Sharon, WinJsor Co-anty, Vermont, December 23, 180ó. A glance at his Hfo and diameter is neceSKHy to a correct undorstanding of Mormofriaia in its ontward view, its scoret monstrositiee of courso boing best kuown to Hormona ■ and it is eminsntly proper, in tïiis connection, to speak of the riso of that " cliurch " before entering upon the troii bles now surrounding BaiOHAM YOTMG. When Smith was fiftoen years of age, and (Turing a religious revival in western Xcw York (whither his párente removed in 18ij), ho claiined to have rooeivod ftbsolution for his sins ; that tbc Pathor aud tho Son camo to liim trom heaven, and appointed him a preaoher of the " trae " Gospel ; that tho then existing forma of religión were all wrong, etc. Three ycars afterward his pretended rovelation was entirely forgotten, and ha beoame a biaephomor, liar, swindlor, and drunktuil, as forraerly. Hut " au angel came to hiin " whilo ho was in bed, and tod bini of " the existence and presorvation of the " history of tbc ancient inhabitants of " America, engravud on platos of gold, " and direoted him where to find tliem." He fouud tiiem in a stoae box on a hillsido near Manchester, N. Y., but was prevented from taking 11i.m, the devil and angels contending aboiit hiin. The devil of course is conquerod, and the angel instructs Smith as to the znannor of promulgating the doctrines of tho now " roligion." Smith afterward recoivós tlie "plates" from tho "angel," but thjir translation is suspended by the loss of onc hundrod and eightcen pages of manuscript, which were ncvor replaced. Oathe óth day of May, IÖ29, SMrra pretended that Joux the BAPTIST eimii to him and oidaincd onc O LI VER Cowdery and bimself "prieêts;" aud iu April of the fallowing yoar SüITU was oitlaiued apostlo by Pki'er, JaMSS and Joiin-, Duriug theso years the ilormon doctrine was of oourse brought uuder consi'Lirution in different parts of tho country, and niany peoplü were humbugged into ombr.xcing the " faith." The cbureh was organized at Manchester, New York, April 6, 1S;3O, and consisted of but six members, among whom, of coursc, were Smttii and Cowdeky. Aooossions were inadu to tlie ranks, the church received its first eudowment, elders ordained, sent out to preach and were disappoiatod, now branches sprung up, etc., until, in June, 1831, tho "Saiiits," headed by tbo Apostle Smith, started to soareb alocation for " Zion," and in August of that yeat selocted Independence, Missouri. Scfter dedioating the "Temple" aud christening tbo place "The New Jerusaloiu," S.Mirn roturned to Ivii-tl md; Ohio, tbc then headquarters of the chureb, whcro engaged in various morcantile pursuits, and was afterward mobbed, and tarred and featherod for dishonorable dealing. On July 2:J, 1833, the Mormons wero mobbed at Indepondonce, and a promiaeextorted from them to-"evacuate" by April of the folio wing year, but in Xovomber tlwy wero fórced to ily. SMITH organized a small army, and bad visions ot' power, CLnujnest and sovcreignty, but the sequol provod tha-t these were but " castles in the air." In Feftrüary, 18.'! t, Briqham Todtno aad HEBEK C. Kimisall rere ordained among tho iirst twelve apostles of the Mormon Cbureh. Tbo Mormous, beoatUO of theil i'.npudonco and innovating disposition, were driven from place to place for tliruo yeai"s, and in 1837 Smitii became bankiupt. In January, 1838, we find hint aml one Rigdon' running away by night from tbeir creditors in Ohio, wbo threatened them witb arrest for fraud. Tlio Mormon.s in tlie meantime, acattered over Missouri, with a view to giiining politioal ascondancy, and S.Miru soon aftsi logan to practico polygamy, a "divine ruvolatiosi" baving uuthorized bim to do sa. Barely mentioning tbe aposta tizíng of niany of the " Saints," and enoountors with the military, we find the Morinons, iu tho spi-ing of 1839, at Commorco, 111., where Smith obtains, gratie, a largo tract of. land for eburch purpoeag, which he aílls to the " Saints," and puts tho monoy iiito'his pocket. B-icroif.vM YoCTNfl is sent to England as a missionary ; Cougress is petitioned for a Bodeen of grievances ; Coniwerce chaiiges its name to Nauvoo, ■which, in tho winter of 18K)-41 is incorporated by tbo Illinois Logislature, and tbc charter afterward repealed as the effect of Moi-mon encroaohments ; JOSBPH Smith, Jan., and bis brothcr HlRAM, are shot in juil at Carthage, IU , by a band of Missouiiuns, aud the Twelve Apostles, beaded by BniOHAM, asBumo tho presidency of the Mormon Chuvoli, tho course of empire taking its wuy to Utah in April. Kil. This cursory gl&nce at tho history of tho Mormon Chnveh will serve to show that Mormonism, l'rom begiuaing to end, is a monstrous iinpoaition whieh ought not to bo toler.itod. Suuh men as JosliPH Smjtk, Jun., have buen anti will be its ruling spirits. Passing over the cxcommunicatiuii of Eider Hyie (whose excellent work ought to bo of particular interest now), and the appointment of YOUNO as Governor of Utah, wo arrivo at once at the Mmntain Mcadow massacro of 18ó" - one bundred poacoable emigrante murdored in cokl blood - with which, and other murdorom tr;msaction3, BttlGKAM SfOtTSQ is ohuged mth having had a oriminal conaeotion, and which forra a portion of the iiuliütments ho is now called upon to Miswer. The evidencea against túm are st-jig, and is hc is undoubtedly gailty, it is to btrhoped fluit the severoat pcnaltios of the luw will le visited upon hiui. He is ulso ohaxged with plundering thn oburch - -li.ts bo.coma literally a millionairtj olí' the fit of the land and through awindling the eommunity over whoin ho is the prosiding officcr. Nor aro thoso the only charges, another being that ho had ■' lowdly and lusciviously cohabited with sixtynn different woinen." The charge of Judge McKjSAH totho jury intiniatcs that thcy will have more to' do - -tho prosecuüoii will not stop at BltlOHAM Yorxi;. Indeed, othsr prominent men, inoluding tho Mayor of Balt Lukc City, havo ; roady Loen arrestêd an'l p'aoed ander bands upon similar oharges. The Hormons havo somo vt ïy peculiar theories of virtuc. One in particular! (omhing the duo upprooiation of and respect for fcimilc cluistity, sliows tlio oxtcut to which human boings cni bodoliiiloá, mil thoir minds poisoncd by a silvrtongucil impostar. Airioirjj the MouDion elders and other digfnitaries of ebwroh licentioagneM is oenaicrèml a crimo, &r wliich eertaui uovuro pcuultios aro proscribe:! ; yet hu among tliem win. H;is t!i greatost uuiubcr ofiirivos 'u considerad the must worthy to "enter the kingdoin of lieavcn." Surely nbthiug but ticentiousne88 oould prompt a m m to booorae a polygamist, nd in spite óf their pict,.inli il wretaün to omiuë, ;mJ tliu prescription of puiiisliiiicnt therefor, it c:m not be iJonied tlmt tlio Mloviuoo leu lera deservo even greal f poaaltioi tban those prescribid ly thoioselves. Their nttempt to iiüiku Güiuorrnh ;i part of Parodiso will bc rew.mled in the heroafter. In iillowing Mormoiiisin to exist thu religioua tolwation oharacteristio of our governniont in so Far overstepped us to roquire tnodiflofttion. Thore is aothing half so fnonstrous in any other breed. Utah is oiie of the finest and most productivo spots in the country, yot pcoplo stiy áway front it because of the odium of Jtornior.isiii. ïhc Mormons b:ivo been i coutinual souroe of troable tind expense, and liad hettcr bc: dispersed as soon au possible. Al! good men will hope tha1 the proocodiugs which have coniinoncod will not be stopped until every vestige of Sdormonism is swept away.


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