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p JewetTi otlus city, lost considbelateflre nt Chicago. Ijflie recelpts of the (;)inity tfalr wefe inexcess over former yeafs. 'c p Goodai-K was notbiirncii to!oth litote Chicago ffre, ns rumor had It, t0 llves. Rtv. R' FtK' "f ''1P " "■ Chnrnh, j, ccntimic liis ftrnion üpoii ■'Amuse. 9ibbth eveniiiL'. .Rer.S. M. Fukki.ani), of Detroit, 111 ,,u.stSabl)!illi moriiins auj evenlng atioiial Church. bóreas ií on a "tear" last Satar. .nid pifked ! looíc tliiii-rs and 'Ju-m arottnd In i proralscuoua 9ob]cct of Rev. C. II BaiGii.vM's Ht Ssbbath evnlug, at the Unilureh, will be "The Rullglou of -Tlie S'xlh Annual Reiliilon of the lint} thlrd Regiment, Michigan Liifantry, jibclicklatSt Johiis, on the3d day of IMalier aext, at á P. it. _Ueclarm of lli'o wliicli wis gleu . evenlng, was caused by the bun - i;ofiu olil birn il mt one inile and a ; the Wiiitnini-c Lake :'(;. 1 -ItissuzL'fsiiHl that relief be ukttl for ;a Hi-siiratit snffererg, aboat 860 r, wlw wens lufc "Imsliless" by Dg oí flut liutltutlou Tuesday - A concert wis si ven et Hlll's Opera ■ i nrtiiy t:vcu:ii.LT, by the amateur : out city. The eet procceds wcre tobeglvvu io ilic sufferera by tbc -loïw Reier, proprY'tot' of t!e City tevt, Viiy sülil.'ii!)1 en Mmi.lay n :i pimlytlc strokc. lic was a iiiimut 37 yrars ui' ig:, aacl Icaves a wiie i itcrcliildKi). -The puní! ol fooi-bul' on t!ie Unlvcr.blast Saturil.iy, is uot plavei Ntoo iccunut of the bicakln of tile ball. Ïj[.' m stood ; to 4 in la vor of Uiu Fresh■tiwlin thcy stopped playlng. -Col'.ecilons werc tukeu iip ld tht .pUrtiud Methodist clm relies tliis city itSabbatli inuruiu, for Ilic Iwm :ii of Llic rérs, irhlch renulted in ralsfag '.líii. the foruiiT, and -Ü0 in tlic latter. -TlicLitci'ary Department of ihe L'n. ::tT liass!ibscrü)utl $31?.?í) to the FlrC 'uWFanl, and placed tlio iarae In tlic ■ hui Vm co;n;nittee. 4S37 Of tlie i wis. 'r Chicago, attd tito reiualu kf,tí8, Michigan. -Aiiram Ski.i-e, uiiü ol'tlie O ld est setUmoftbUcouuty.dieil at lila i-eshlence ifcloiviisliiporSharuu, on the 7tli inst , uw. lic ivns 8 GapUiu clarlng tobowasTuiedo war, aud has occttp!ed ny pjsitions of trust from time to time ■iSbaron. ■ff0Bl,-rstand thatthe Directora oí' ÈtToledo, Ano Arbor aiul Northern KailMd havt leviwl au assessmenk oí ten per ' opon tlie subscrlbed stock of tlic tompany.andtliatas soon as BUÍHcIent fundo "!in the treasury, wlll place ciiinccrs W the ruad, aiid establlsh tlie liii


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