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Spend Wisely

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Look most to your spending. No matter what comes in, if more goes out, you will always be poor. The art is not in niaking money, bat in. keoping it ; little expense liko little ntice in ; bom, when they are many inakes groat waste. Hair by hair heads get bald. Straw by straw the thatch goes off tho cottage, and drop by lrcp the rain in the cnambor. A barrel is soon einpty, if the tap loaks but a drop a minute. When yon begin to save, begin witb fche mouth ; thore are thieves down the red lane. The ale jug is a great waste. In all other things keep within compass. In olothes chooso suitable and lasting stuff, and uot tavulry fineries. To be warm is tho main tning ; never mind the looks. Never stretch your legs further than the blankets will reach, or you will soon bo cold. A fooi may mako ntoney bat it niDods a wise man to spend it. Remember it is easier tobuild two ehiinneys than to keep no going. If jou givo all to back and board, thor is aothing left for the saving bank. Faro hard and woik hard while you are young, and you hare a chance to oost when you are old.- John PUmghman. Fóolg, with bookish knowlcdge, are ekildcen with edged weapons.


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