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A handsomc bachelor clcrk in ono of the most popular dry good stores in Atlanta is suütton with :i fair resident of a neighböring oity. The father of the younglady camo to Atlanta rocently, and rogistoiad at the hotel whoro tho bachelor clerk boards. As soon as the discovery was made the old gentleman was looked up and made the recipiënt of earncM : tterition (such as all of us hve and are disposed to pay the parentsof the "höpöd for"), to iugratiate himself into hú paren - tal favor. Just beforo dinner tho old gentleman wanted inforiuation of tho young uxan whero ho could get a drink of " i)each and honey." " Weit I don't know myself, but I've heard tbat in bar-rooms good liquors are kept," was the innocent reply. The old gentleman asked the young ono to show hiin tho way. " Certainly ; thongh I don't drink ruysclf," replied the teetotaler. Arrived at tho bar, the want of the old gentleman was malle known, when tho bar-tendcr remarked : I suppose you will take gin and sugar, as usual - - ':" Ho " had ortcr'Nvinked sooncr. Tho Amhorst Standard is rcsponsible for tho following : " Ono of our Sophomoros hns devised a. new waj" of tolling bad Eows. Ho writcs tome Cö hin father, " I camo ncar loosing $.'7 last week. Anxious parend writes back that ho is thankful the money was not lost, and wants to know ' how noar.' By return mail, 'como within one of it - lost thirtysix." Dr. Johnson, when a lady who travelcd with him in a carriage remarkud that she could not. hear him in consquenco of tho noise, is said to have answarcd : "Madam, the stripetuosity of sircumrotary motion rendéis the modnlations of ordinary discourse in;i lldible ; and the cartilaginour materials whirh compose our auricular members becorae sultifit-l to the exJ ercise of natural funrtmns."


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