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An Appalling Suggestion

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The London Pall Muil Gazcttc fears that tho City of Chicago has the powor to ruin the Dominion of Canada. All that ir. needful is for Chicago to out a canal thirtecn foet decp through tho bolt of limcstone which girtsthe southern bay of Lake Michigan, and thon the waters that flow north into the Gulf of 8t. Lawrenco will havo, instead, to llow south into the Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico. The opinión which the Qazettc thus gives it states to bo also that of tho British Géographical Society. They say the variation of the height of the lakes abovo tido level is, until we come to tho great fall at Niagara, but trivial; Lake Superior being 600 feot in height, Lakc Huromaial Michigan r7S i'cct, and Lake Ene 5C5 ; whilo Cake Ontario, into which the othor lakes flow, vm Niágara, is but 232 feet. Therpi'ore, if Chicago people would cut a short canal, with .1 fall of thirtcun feet, into tlio Illinois river, tho of tho lakes would go that way instead 1. S-towards Xiagara ; the St. Lawronce, river 01 Canada, would bccomc vcry much smaller, and tho Mis is .'; ; i. the groat Amorican river, would bocomo corrospondingly deeper, and an ■ -isily nnvigable channel be hnd i'roni liico Superior to tho Gulf of Mexico; Niágara 'nl!s would ncarly dry up, and. til í;t.i;i ;mí othor products of tho west would go to Europo rui New Orloana, tactéod by the St. Lawrenco. Tho woman-woinen of California are about to issue a prograinmo of what they expect to effect before thoy get tiirough with their warfare ngainst vile men.. Here is au extract :- " We inteiid to wipo out all laws regulating tho matrimonial rolation of the sexes." Au Irishman, writing {rom Philadelphia the other day to lii friend in thoold country, coneludod his letter thus: " If iver it's mo forchune to live till 1 ñy - and God nose whether it is so or 110- I'll visit ould Ireland aforo I leave Philmadelphia." Bisinark's title of Prince dies wilb him. His heir will only take that of count, which is horcditary in tho family. Tliis arv rangoment is said to havo been decreed by tho üniperor at Bisiuark's own requost. Tho latest extract from "What I Know About Fanning :" - Catoh your butteriliea lato in August. Select the deop ycllow ones if you would get good, swoot, ilcable buttor. Thequestion 'Whowaa EkAard III. ï ,. .i', ,-i( lm was 'hiinsrlf sgain F ' " hos baen going the rounds ofonr ootemporaries for soiMO timo. 'Die nnswer is plahi. II was somebody beside hinisolf. A lady correspondent wishes to know the moaning of " stag partios.,' Thoy are entoitainrncnts wheroat buoks iisually gei onough additional horns 1o make them stagger.


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