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Tho citizcns of Ann Arbor and tho country along the proposed routo of tbc Toledo Ann Arbor & N. R. R. will be glad to know that the project of building thi roud is rapidly gettiug iuto practical anc working order. Tho pcople of Dundet nnd Milan have promptly and liberall; responded to the enll of tho Directora for thirty thoiunnA dollars of additionai aid whioh Mr. Buiten placed at the dispos! of the eonrpany last Satnrday evening. The board resolved at onco to lócate the line and prepare for construction. The committee on location have eecured the services of an able and experieticed engixieer, who telegraphs that ho will be on the ground without delay. Mr. BuKCn will accompany the engineering party and secure the right of way as fast as the line is locatod. It ís confidently expectcc that property owners and all other friends ei the road immcdiately along tho line will co-operato with him to secure donation of right of way and depot grossads for it must uot be forgotten that the coinpany - composed as it is of farmers anc business men along tho line - is entirely dependent upon tliam both. for tho righi of wy and the reody means to build tho road. An assessment on the stock of tno company has boen ordbrcd by tho Board of Director in order to moet the expeases- of loe&tiors and begin work at an eary day. Prompt payment on the part oA stockholders will strengthen the hands and faith of tho Directors in tho work they are undertaking, and securo the building of this mueh needed road with reasonable dispaleh. Delays in pnyment, indiffcrence, fanlt-finding, and the constant thrusting f pcrsumil piqtios and gticïances into the faces of the managers will - especially at the bcginning of the work - afford them the surest indication that the peoplc do not want the road built. Wliat these gentlemen most need - tcluil they must have - is the moral and finnzreial ndorsoment of tilo runjuuuih of subscribers to their seourities. "With this endorsement there will'. be no elays for any reasonable man to complain of. The raising of the lato securities, including paid service and all the incidental expenses, has eost the conipaiy ïens than three quarters uf one per cent. - TUe econoiny with which this woafc has bee dbne will bo appliod1 to all othor ■working departments of this line. It is confidently believed that the completion f this road, atfording us tho advaniages Of the great railway system of Toledo on the south rith tho promised opeuing of the Sagfnaw Valley to us, will mark the beginning of a wonderful presperity for our fair city from whicli we shail semiiin precluded so lonjj as our present isolation eontinues. Let us with one iword sastain the endeavors of the Board in. tlie oasuBiuiatioö of this great work,. and, the fruit of our labors will givo us rank wdth the railroad towns of Michigan. But a few years ago ÜLYSSBS S. GRAXT was a poor man worth comparatively notbing To-day he is a millionaire, rolL ing in luxury. Now what interests the peoplo is, how has he amassud so large a fortune in so short a time ? Has presen taking, favoxing the passage of bilis by Gongress in iriwh he himself was interes, ted, and such unmanly and dishone&i acts accomplisbed it, or has it been done xa as honest and straigbtforward manneD S Snfttor Harlax, oí Itwa, went to Washington so poor that he could not afford a decent suit of clothes in, which to makc his appearanco in Congress. To-day ho is Tery wealthy. Tbe results of a few years of Congressionftl lile. His voto sold well, and monopolista wanted to buy. Oo.d Evan'S, of Pennsylvania, o iension agenè, stole about $300,000 from the government. He was arrosted, admitted to $10,000 bail, patted on the back, called a good fellow, and will undoubtedly escape punishment. We might recite niany such instances, but these am.enougfi. These men are niemlltws ofr and" are upteld by, the Radical party which is uttoring such howls over Tammany. Doesn't it look like " Satan rebuking sin 'r "


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