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The Education Of Editors

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Joumalism has come to be recognized as ono of tho learned prüfessions, and to take rank with theology, law and medicine. It is indoed, a loíirnod profession, uncu it requires a far greatcr iimount of learmcg than oithor of the othor.s. Good lyoachcrs, doctors, and lawyers aro more ímuierous than good editors. The reason of the differeu'o is to be found in the fact that all possihlO facilitics aro offored Sw Üo study of theology and tho rost, vrhilo journalisin, liku shoe-making, or any otter trade, must be le.iiiiod by hard work. A college courso and three years o.r loss at a medical school are supposed to fit a man for doctor's duties ; but there are no schools for the editors except tho ncwspapcr office. Juiiuvilisin presents one nssential point ofdiffercnce from other profossions; there is no theory about it - it is all practice. Henee it is plain that a knowledge f ik caanot be acyiired fronx " books." It would be im)ossiblo to. write a textbook on jpurnalisra. Some fundamental jirinciples uadoi-Ke it, to be sure ; but no one can instruct another in an application of them. 'l'ho best editors are made of raw matenal. Put a smart boy iu a pmposing room, and let him work b.i:nsellup,. stage by stagehand lie oonfifl out at tho tops. if he reachea tbat poiut at all, the most thorough editor that can bo juade. College-brnd youths, as a rule, do Bot make good editors. They know so inuch, and cherish so exaHml an idea of tfocir own LuvjiOïkanee, that they cannot stoop to !eam the detjiils oL journalism, and it is these details that should bo niastred by overy one who aspires to becoino ■ a firht claes eclitiwr. Thuy want to writc '4eaders" at the start, even bef oro they oan construct a good paragrajlt A'few of them put oflf.tlieir dignity whon thoy 866OTHC the editorial harness, and brgin ,t tlu; iiuünieals of the profession, as they ottght ; but the niajority aro too prouil to do tilia and f uil disustrously. We do not mean to insist that a tltorough knowledge of printing is indiapen able to an editor ; but it is exceedingly belpful; the ability to hancllc itype and nake up a " forra " is of trifling valuq when eompared with the drill through whioh this ability is gainod. On a good 'ouiidation obtained -at the public school ,ho best education can bu built up in a tri n tina office, and it is suoh nn educa ion tbat tells in iournalism.-


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