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gmü Ü onces "iVTUF, CAUSE AND CÜRK OP COHStTMPTION. - The priniary caueo of Consumption la dcrangement of the digestivo orans. This dcrangement produces deflciciit nutrition aml nsBlmilntiun. By aetmnihition, I mcaa that proress by wkicli the nutrimcut oí the food id convertcd into blood, and thenea Into tho Bolids of the body. Persons wltl iipmÜaa thus impaired, having tho tliglitost predieposition to pulmonary discase, or if thcy take cold, will be vcry liable to havo Consumptlou of tlie Langt in somo of lts formsi ; nnd I hold that it will bo impoBsihïe to care any cape of Consnriiptiou wilhout llrst restoring a good digestión and hcalthy lalmllstion, Tlio very flret tliing to bc dono is to clcanse the stomacli und bowcla from all diseaeed mucua and lime whlcli clogging these organs bo that they cimnoi perforui their functionf, and then rousc up and restore tho livcr to a healthy action. For thls pui-pose, tho surest and best remedy Is Schcnck's Pilis. Thcso Pilla clean the stomach and bowcls of all tho d act and morbid glimo that iscausing diseaso and decay in tho wholo systeni. Thcy will clenr ont the llver of all diseased bilu that has accumulated there, and arouso lt up to a new and healthy actlou, by wuich natural and healthy bilu is secreted. Tlio stomach, bowel?, and Hvsr are thus clennsed by tho nse of Schenck'a Mandrako Pilis ; but thero remains in tho stomach au excesa of acid, tho organ Is torpld and the appetite poor. In the bowcïs, tho lactealn are weak, and rcqitiring strength and support. It is in a conditiou like this that Schcnck's Seawced Tonic proves to be the most valuable remedy ever discovercd. It is alkaline, and its use will neutralizo all excess of acid, makiug the Btomach sweot and (re8h; it wlll givc permanent tonctathia Important organ, and creato a good, hearty appetite, and preparo tho system for the flret process of a gooI digestión, and nltimately make good, hcalthy, living Woud. After this preparatory treatment, what remains to cure most cases of Consumption i the free and persevcrinsr use of Schcnck's Pulmonic Syrup. The Pnlmonic Syrnp notirishcstho System, purifles tho bIoodT and is readily absorbed Into tho circulation, and thenco dïstributcd to tho diseased lungs. Thcrc it ripens all morbid mattiTS, whether in the form of abscesnes or tubercles, and then assista Nature to cxpel fiirthcdis-cascd matter in the form of free expectoration, when onco it ripens. It is then, !y tlio great healin; and purifying proporties of Schenck'ii Pulmonic Syrup, that all ulcers and ciiYitícs aro hcaled np sound, and my patient ia curcd. 4 I Tüe essential thing to be done in curing Congtiiap tion is 'o got up a eood appetite and a L;ood digestión, po that the body wui ;:rov in flush and get trong. If a person has diseased liin., acavily orabscess thero, the cavity cannot hc:al, the matter cannot ripen, eo long as the pyetem is bclow par. What is neecssary to cure i a new order of things, a good appotitc, a good nutritlon, tho body to giow in flesh and get fat ; thcn-Nature is hclpcd, tho cavitics will hcal, tho matterwlU ripen and be thrown off in largo quant!Wes, and tho person regain health and strungto. This is the truc and only plan to cure Consumption,jrad if a person ia vcry bad, if the langs ara not entirely deBtroyed, or even if onc lang is eutircly goue, if thcro is enough vitality kit iu the other to Eeal up, there is hope. ■ - h - . ' I have seon many persons cured with only onc sound lnng live anií enjoy Ufe to a good oíd age. This Is what Schenck'fl Medicines will do to cure ConBUDiption. They will clean out the stomach, sweeten and Btrengtheu it, get np a good digestión, and give Natr(i theapsistancc shc nceds to clcar the eystem of uil the discaso tuut la in the lungs, wuatCYcr the form may be. . . - J' - . It is important that, whlle nslng Bchenck's Medicines, care should bc exercised not to take cold : keep in-doors in cool and damp weathcr ; avoid night-air, and take ont-door cxercisc only in a genial and warm Bunshine. . - ■ . - (!■ i I ïrih it distinctly nnderstood that when I recommend a patient to be carcful in regard to taking cold while uiíing my medicines, I do so fora special rcitBon. A man who has but partially recovcred from the eflects of a bad cold is far more Hable to a relapso than one who has been entirely curcd, and it iö prccisely the samo iu regard to Consumption. So long as the lnnga are not perfcctly hcalea, juPt so long ïö theie imminent danger of a fiiU return of the discasc. Ilonco lt is that I so strenuouslycaution pulmonary patient aainst exposing themselves to an atmosphere that is not genial and picasant. Conflrined ConBumptives'' lungs are a mass of eores, which the Jeast change of atuiosphere will inflame. Tho grand secret of my sucCC8S with my medicines consista ín myabillty to snbdue inflummation iustead of provoklng it, as many of the faculty do. An inflamed lung cannot with Bafety to the patiënt be exposed to tUebiting blasta of winter or the chilhng winds of spring or autnmn. It should be carcfully ehielded from all irritating inflaences. The utmost caution should bo observed in this particular, as without it a cure under almost ny circumstances is an impossibility. .. v The person should be kept on a wholesomo and nntritious diet, and all the medicines continued nntil the body has reütorcd to it the natural quantity of flesh and strength. I was myself carcd by this treatment of the worst kind of Consumption, and have livcd to get fat and hearty theae many years, with ono lung moBtly cono. I' have cured thousands since, and very many havo been cured by this treatmeut whom I have nevcr secn. About the lst of Octobcr, I expect to take possePion of my new building at tho uorthcast corner of Sixih and Arch Strects, where I shall be pleased to give advicc to all who may require it. Ftill directions accompany all my remedies, po that a pcruon in any part of the world can be readily cnred by a tria „barranco gENCKi M-D Fhiladclphla. HULBURT & EDSALü, 3i Lake ftreet, CbleagO, III., "Wholesale A.a:enta. "PAINTS PÜÏNT3 PAI.TS Oils Oils Oils Varnish Varnish Varnish Brushes Brushes "Brwshvs 1I!KUAI. PAIIVTS, &c, LOOK TO YOÜR INTEREST AND CALL ON R. W. ELLIS & CO., I5EFOKE PURCHASING A FALSE HETORT ! THAT A. A. TERRY nASGONEOÜTOF TltADE HE STILL LIVES, AND HAS A LARGE AND COMPLETE STOCK OF HATS & CAPS I JÜST THE STYLE, AND AT PKIUES TO SIMT TUK TIMES. ALSO AFULLLINKOF GENTS' FURNISllING GOODS! DONT PtTKCHASE YOÜR SPRING ANDSÜMMER OUTFITS UKTIL YOÜ C3-IVE Hllwtf: ACALL. 15 South Main St., Aan Aibot. 1831-tf, JAM, B. REVENAUGH, PHÖTOGRAPHER i RETOUCHES ALL HIS NEGATIVES BETOBE PRINTING, SO THAT FRECKLES,MOÏHSANDTAN Do not show in any of his Pictures. No Extra Charges. Tinest Assortment of Toilet Goods in the City, by rpHE AKGUS IB WVU5B ia NOW 8UITLIED WTTH FIRST-CLASS PRESE NEW, AND IN GOOD OBDER, NEYV STYLES OF TYPE, AND GOOD WORKMEN. A Sri'.ÍI AI,T V 31A11K OF BILL HEADS, BLANKS, CAEDS, CHECKS, CIRCULARS, LETTER HEADS,: ru(M;inM.iiKs. RECOKM AID UIUKIS, S.TIAM. BILLS, ETC. AIL ORDERS PEOMPTLY FILLED. WORK WARRANTED TO PLEASE. PRICES REASONABLE. MHIIIIS. lIllllilAMS AND All. t'l. avsi:s OF ih'sim:sn tif.y Allí: I VI'1' TO FAVOR I'S II II TH KIK OltBi;us. CORNER OF MAIN AJiD Hl RON ST'S. i 5 , s g 5 - P Ó & ■ÍS8 H i W A LÜ S B H w 1 O H .,? HÍ .2 I 8 L? ffl 3 I R ÜJ : h d s i í[3 a s W 3 W rf) u 5 nïu. j Hfw í E i O Ph Í?i o Oh To any poi;son produciug any Medicine ablc to show oue-third hs muny Iívíhl.'. permanent cures as Dr.Fin.RK's Vkííictahlk Riikumatio Krmrut ; and a furthrrrrwjrd f $100 for nny case of jhronic or f iilhimm uoiy Uheumíitim , Nc ral Mu, RhenmattC Asue, Scíaticj, ftnd lUuuirantism of tlic Kidueyn it i7 nofriírc Thls Htuumntic Syrnp if MKmcwrdïy tmly picasant to the taste titid unrantecc) frec fniiii injurious Itu's It is not (tinck Medicine hut thi; Kcicnliñc prfpcription f J. P.FIÜer, M. I)., Professor of Toxicoloyv mul Ohcmiptry, gñdnnte of the celcbratcl Uuivorsliy ■( PriiDsylvnuia, A O. I8(i3, wUose enüre brofiMidoiwl Ufe has beeu devitcd spccl:illy tu tliis dLfdUM. 'l'his preparation under 8!cn]i o:itli i coii8ci-utiouíly believed to be thc i'positive, reliable, Itiftillible specific ever (üncovcred. Thc proof thut no other sptxific exlatí i f tumd in every comniiinity iu penoiiB afliieted foi many jearH piitt and lili ff physirians coul1 cure it if a tjKCific di-I exirf, thu iMwId not br so, - ;i fiici tliat mii9t be DOlvWMlly admitted. The fí decvtved ufferer maj wi-cly ask, what eccurity or evidnnee has lie that br. Fitler's Ulirumatic Syru p will cure h8 M66 Thfí protection offered to atieotí ngiiinst impusitio i in ii logally itid cuntract which will Be forwarded without Olurgfl to any pufferer sendinjí by letter a dcscriptíon of ftffllcUon; thUcuirnntee will ttte the exact numh; r Ofbottlei worranted lo cure, and in cae of fnilure the raoney p.'iid will be retornad to tho patiënt. No other remtidy lias ever been ofleml on euch líber) añd honorable ternis. Mcdicül advirc, with eertificates f rom prominent lh sícíüiim, Olcrcymen, etc.. who hvc úeen enred íifter all other treatments hao fftiled, sent by lettiT. ííntin. AfïlkUd cordial ly invited to wnte foi a'tvirc to ths piincípal ofticc & South Foitrih Street, Phil-uMphht, la. Dr. Fitler'a KheumaticS rup e sold by DmgglatSR. W. Kllia &Co„ Bule Agente, Aun Arbor, Midi. SAM. B. BEVENAÜ6H PHOTOGRAPHER, JAKLS ALL KINDS OF PICrURES FBOÍI THE SMALLEST LOCKET TOCTUH LIFE SIZE, AND FINISIIESTIIEM IN INDIA INK I WATER COLORs ! IN A SUPl'KRIOR JIANNER. 1319-ly. No. 30 III lto STKEET. F UMBER YARD. C. KRAPF, lia" a larpc and well stocked Lumber Tanl on lefferson St.reot, in thceonth part of the Citv, and will on hand au excellent varioty or LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATH &G rhlch willbosoM as lowftecai be afforded in]thi market. (uality and priecssneh that NO ONE NEED QO TO DETROITC. KRAPF. Ann Arbor,Jaunarji40th,I8ïl. 986 GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO's for strictly Pure Drugs and Medicines ,Paints ,Oils,&c. i - - - - $25,000 WOBTH Oí" FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING Ti Gifí ilï ! fOU OBUMAC. S. 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LARGE STOCK OF OVAL AND SQUARE BLACK WALNUT AND GJLT FRAMES ! OF ALL SIZES CHEAP. No. 30 HÜRON ST. The pidilic nrc lorhltldpn lo tritst ray son John Vnitandon my accouut, na I Bhall &y no debtü of hifi contract Inc. Freedom. August 23, 1ST1. 133fim.T IIARMON VOLLAND. Go toR.W.ELLlS & CO's for choice Wines and LiquorF , for Medical Furposes . Draiii Cominissioncr's Notice. Notice s herstrc giron thut Hm Drain CbnaMnir il Waabtennw Conptywill beat tho houw ui Lerl rreem mi m tkeTownabip of ïpsflikntl in snirl oounty ii the 28Üi 4y October, W71,id o'dwki'. ici.tomect tocontraol foi tho excarationuid coutrnction rfo ih.iiii know as the Spencer mnrsh dnin, oomDeoaing torty rcxls waat m the quartei in -ctiun üo. 1 1 iiri.l t.irty rl suutli of the norlli teetton Une. uvl running northerly and eoaterlr to wliat is known as willow run. I will als(, !■ ut lioiso of Ievi l'rwm:m on tho Htbduy ofOcMbsi afoneud, at which time and piuco . will exbibit msps of the aborepropoefld Arain and teaoriptknia of the aareml paruels of luml deemed b nr beneflted therobr, and ttaeunonntand Aetcriptioaa jtdMnona and enbaiviaioiu rthe abovo propowd Iroinby me nmortioaed tothe Wam f bbcs !■- eription of lanu (o euoMrnet, nd to tlio Townshtp f iptilanti : construct, on account ofsucli drain beneftliuj the highway, aaa U) hc;ir naaone. if auy are of't'rw', why Bireh npnortionincat should bo revised or ■ tea. Anu Albor, Oct. 3(1, 1S7Í. DAVID M. FINXEY, Druin Com. of Wasb. Co. Sheriff Sale. STATE OF MICIIIrt.SN, Cotmtjr of Wnshtonnw, ss. O Jïy virtue of a writ of esu aatton issuoil out of und mdor the seal of the Circuit Court for the countv of Waahtenaw, State of Michigan, dated the twonty-first l:,v of March, A. 1). 1871, aud to me din(!ted nnrt deivered, againat the goods, ofaattala, Uinda and ttrntment of Willimu M. Ilrown, tlefcndant thetcin ïiimi'd, I dld, on the twonty-nililh d;ty cl March, A. D. 1871, for the want of goode and cbattcls, levy upon UI the right, titlc iinri interest thal Willmm M.'Biwn uu In the followlng describid real estáte, to-wit : All it' n N'o. lour, flve, six, even and eight, in block one nQranger & Morgan's Addition to the Village of Manchester ; altso thu southwCHt quarter of cetion eleven, Kouthwest quarter of nortirwrat quarter of ■ction eleven, and ■outheast quarter of northeust marter of Mdon ten, all in town four mth of range gaat, all of Uu abovo described property l;in? ntuated in the town)iii and rUkge of Hanoheeter conntyof WathtenaW, and State of Miolrigan, vhlch pranuaea I hall expow for ile, t publin anction, to t'ie highost bidder, ut the south rtoor of thf Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor, on thu :iil ilny nf November, A. 1). is;i, al 10 o'oloók A. M. r said ilny. lutel, Ann Arbor, Scpt. 2l)th, 1871. MYRON WEBB, Sheriff, 1310 By Joktin FOBBM, Undur-!lieriff. Koal Estáte For Salo. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wn.htonnw, ss. In the matter of tbc eatate of Jli mail H. ' ;iLe, deeeaaed. Notioo ia heréby j,riven, that in pmaaanoe of ;m order gtaated to tin: ondenigned, adsninlatealon of the estiite t)f naiil (lccOiised, by the Hon. Jude of Probate for the oounty of Washtenaw, on the foui-th dny of September, A. 1). lhrl, there will be ld at public vendue, to tho hifrhesl bidder, at the dVeUlng honaoon Uu pnwniiwa. m the ooanty of Weahtenaw, in said Stute, on Wedneaday, the elshth (lay of November, A. 1. 1871, at one oVlock in the afternoon of that day (subject to all eneuiubrauiU's by inort.gig#. or otherwue extsting at the Öme fi the death of said deoeased, ;ml :L.-n anMeot to the ri::ht of dowor of his wiilnw thurein), the fouoiring deaonbed reoi st;itc, lowit: The waai halt' of !!■ marter, and the i i"t h;ilf of the aontbiraBt iutri ut v.i:i.,n thfrti -two ii: Imviishiji two south of rango east in sniil Btato, cnntjiiiiinir one bnadred .-nul kity aerea more or loss. A!o the land on wbioh the houso and boxae barn are sitüated, dewcritiod ïls follows: comrnenfiiiff on the town line nt the aoutheast corri-T ut !h' vreal büuof the aootheaat quarter of saidsection thlrtytwo, end running tbence anatb sixu-tive de frfHis wot six chaina and tlity linki, thencesotifh fnrlyi'ifht degreea west four ohjdna nnd ninetern linka, theuce nfirtli twcitty degieea west tlvt: ohaina and atv enty-ftve links, to tlie town line, theuce east on tht towii line eleven chain to tlu; place of b"ginninïr, containmg two and 6B100acreaoi land lyingon the north end of the northeaat anorter of aeotfon ííto. in the tovnahip of Sharon, ooonty and State aforciuiid. Dated, Boptember 4th, A. T. 1871. Eeftl Estute for Sale. STATE OP MICHIGAN, ooitntr of Wiwhtennw, fs. In the matter of the catate of Harriet M. Iiii.k.sleoand Juliiu lihik-'si1, nünoni Notice is )]tr'' TÍvn, thut in ]mru;ince üí un onlcr grunttl to tlic nmlfiir.-in -il, iiuanïiun uf the etatc of &id ininurs by ,Le Hun. Judye ot Probate for tho county of Wshtênnw, on the stventli d;ty of Siiptcmlu-r, A. D. 1K71 il' ti1 wiD be Bold t public vendne, to the lníi-sí 1 i ï der, ;-t Üw resideiMw ai tu lUidcnfRnod, Guardian, in the tuvnship uf Ymk, in the xunty ot WttthteDAV in uid stuic, on Wedaeaday, the Iint day of November, A. D. 1871, ut ten o'cloek in the for noon of thal iiiy (.-tubjeet to all t'iicuml'rinr:a by moi tffiipo ov other wisc existing jit tlif titnc of the sale, aml lüaO iibj etf tn (hu right of dower of the widow of Juliws W Blakeslae, deoeaai tl, tbarein}, the followinL' describei re:-il e.-ln!'-, u-v it : The inhviiU-d huif of the south eleven and a half acres of the north huif of the wnth halt' of the west huif of tho nor th west nimrter of ecÜon twenty-two, in township four outh of ranje six east in saiii Btoto. ÏMtd, Sei)teinlcr 7th, 1871. 1330 ALIDA BI.AICE8LEE, Giwixliiin. Eoal Estáte for Sulc. STATE OF M I' 'II H . A X, county of V;wlitennw, sa In the matter of the estáte of F:itrick ilob:m, deccawxl : Notice is hcreby given, that in pursiuince of un order jfninted lo tJie uudcrsiKiied, Admini.straiur de boni's non with the will iinnoxed of sniddt-ceasetl, b Ihc Hon. TudgQ of Trobiite for the couüty of VVrashteïiiiw, on the (iftb ilay of September, A. I. UWL there will Ik; o( nt public vendue, to the highest bidder, al tli; South dOOT "1 theCouit lluuf. in the city of Ann Arbor, in tht ConntT of -imw, in suid titate, on Wfidnesday, the titteenth dny oí' Novemler, A. D 1871, "t tin O'olook Ín the forenoon of that dny, (subieet to all enoambiaaoea by mortgaa;e existing at the time of the ï-ut Ji ot' -:■;. i doceuswl, nnc sJbo nubjeot to the lile estáte nt his widow thurcin), the CoUowing deeexfbed reoi cstute, to-wit: A strip ol land, beinff pari ot' Int two in bltx'k two oorth of i nog four, iu tne e-iiy uf Ann Arlor, deseriled ai COJB ïncnnnL at n point on Ann btixjet twenty-two leel vest i'mm tho sMiiihciist riiMK r of said lot, and runuing thenoB norlli paraUd with tlic east line of saii' Int. Bixty feet to the real rad of the brick building on said lt, thence east one foot, thence south parallel to said east lino sixty feet to Ann street, thence WWi 00 the north Une of Ann atreet one iteot to the place of ln'-'inniiig, includiiifi tho wcpi half of the brick wal; ïiuw Btamoui on saia firip ot ljind. September llith, A. D. 1871. ÖEOROE CLABKEN, Adinini-itia'or h hnnis non )'S4 with the will naneaced. Real Estatíi For Sale. STATK ()V BOCHÍGAN, ooontyof Wwhteninr, tt. In the matter of theewtute of JoannaSiu-jison und Mm-v BÏahoney, minors : Notid: i hereby given. thn( in pursuance of an order granted lothe iiiider.-ttifiiej ruaxdian of tii t'.-tto of:üíl tninorn by the axm, Jud of l'rfififr for the cxunty of AVashtonnw. on the second dy ofOetober, A. f. 1871. then will Ik sold at public vc-ndue, to Uie ï;ighest bidder, at the south door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, in the eounty of Waahtenaw in said State, on Wednesday tlie twcïniy-sccond day November, A. D. 1871, at ten o'cloek in the forenoon of that day (Hubjtsct to uil enciiTnbmna-s by Tnorfirmrt or othrrwise oxistinpr nt time Of sale] ÜtefOllowing dtseribed rnal estáte, tO-wit: lot s!Vi'n in Aocí tive, Ormáby & Page'a ad (lition to the city of Aim Arbor, i u said couuty aiul Slat . Üatccl October, 2d, A. IX 171. 1312 LUKK COYLK, Guardian. Real Estáte For Sale. STAT R OF MICH10 A X, ermnty of ATashtenaw, ss In tho. natter of Chvestntc of Henriet t a lluck, minor : Nut is ln-r-liy gfyen, tlia: m pmvuanM of an ordei' granted to tho nndcrslgiied guardián of the mt-.ito of s,iid miiKir by tho IIoii. Judííe of Probate for the county of Wathteosvr, 00 the seoosd djiy of October A. 1). 1871. tbere will lo soid at pabHa vendue, t the hiijltcst bidder, at the front door of the I'ost Otficc ín tlie city of TpsUanti ín theconnty of Waahtenaw in Biüd State, on Wedneaday the fcwenty-eeoond day o; November, A. I. 1871, attenoclock in the forenoon of that day (suhjo.t toall oniMimbrances by mortjrapt wr othorwifee existing at tlie time of sale) the undivided one wrentli of eaeh of th' ft]lomnj,'deseriled pí7eelK of real Mtate, to-wit ; I-ot eleven and the north thirfl of the west half of lot ten in the village (uow city) of Ypsilanti in said OOUnty and State. JJateil, üetóber 2d, A. D. 1871. EDWAltD KINO, Guardian. Roal Estáte for Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wahte.vsrT n J I ii matter Of the estáte of John C Burkhardt, Senior, deoeased. Notioe is hereby piven, tlmt in puröuance of an order frnnted to the undersigiifMi, adiniuistiaior o{ tlie estáte of said deceased, by ihe llon Judge of Probate for tho County of Washtei aw, on the ninth day of October, A. T). 1871, thero will be solt at publii: vendue, to the higliest bidder, nt the south duur of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor in the County of Washteaawin wtkl State, on Tuesdaj the twonty-etghtfa dny of N'oTember, A. 1. 18T1, at t.-u o'eloek in the forenoon of that day [Mibjoet to oll enetiiiibrjinet'H by mortffagc or othorwiKï existinf? at the tiine ot" the death of said dOOMed, and also subject to the riíílit of dower of his widow therein), the followini deffafbed renl estáte, to-wit : The nortlieast quarter o: seetion twenty-oneT in townwhip one south of rangf live et&t ia said 8tat. Exccpting and reerving therefnun the north twelve ncrets. Dated, Oetoberüth, A. D. 1871. BMANHEZi MANN, 1343 Administrator. Estáte of John Fream, Senior. QÏATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, m O Notice is hereby given, that by an nder of tho IVobwte Court for tlie County of Wiwhtennw, niadt 00 ttiotenth day cf Oitober A. D. 1871, six months froin that date vcre allowwl for ereilitors to present their claims agninst the estiite of Jolu Fream, Sen., late of said county, deceased, and that al cretlitors of said deceased are required to pn nt thtii' olainu to Raid Probate Ooozt, at the l'robate 1 tfBes, bl the cityuf Ann Arbor, for oxamination ant allowanoe, on or before the tenth day of Apri next, and tliat sueh claim will be honrtl before sai c Probate Court on Satuzday, the dzteenth day o; December, and mi WedneadaT] thetonth day of Apri ïnt, at 10 o'cloek in the forenoon of enen of those dayt, Dated, Ann Arbor, October lOth, A. D. 18TL HIRAM J. BEAKKS. 1343wl Judgc of Prcbote, Estáte of John Lewis. QTATE OF MICnTGAN, eounty of Washtrnaw, n. O Atafwsaion of tbo Probate Court for the county bf WaHhteimw, holden at the Probate Oüice, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Saturday, the fourteenth day of October, in the year one thousand eight Imudred and seventy one. Present, H nam J. Beakes, Judgc of Probate. In Ihe matter of the estáte of Juhu Lewis, dereased. Eliphatel Lewis, Excoutor of the last will nnd testament ofsnid deceased, comes into Court and repretionts thut he is now prepnred to render his ncconnt as BQCh F.xocutor. Thereoupon i f is onlorod, that Monday, the thirteenth dayoj November next, at ton oelock n thefbzenoon, be aaaigned tor cirinraffw and allowing such acoount, aml that the tegatooa, devisees and heirs at luw of MUo ■ 1, and all other pflWMHr tntemtèd in fwiid estjito, :ro ïiuired to ap]Hnr t a session of said Court, Uien to be holden f the Probate Offloe, in the 'ity oi Ann Arbor, in said county. and show causo, if any there be, why Uu Hld account should not be alkywod: And it iïi further ordi-rod that snil Kxi outor givc notice to the ponona Interovtod in said ei tute, of the pendeney of saiil aooount, and tlie hearing thweof, uy oaunng a py of this oardn to ba puhlisfced in tho ML'hijttii Iryws, a nswspapex printed and oircnlating in aiüA sounty three suceeasiv; weeka previous to said day of hearing. (A trae oopy.J iHltAM .). BkAEES, IM5 JndffO of Probato. PHÏ81CIARS' PIESCeiPTI0I8T V.CCURATKLV AND . CARBFULL Y PREPABED BY ji. w.kllis t co.,imuaoisis. Ksrateof Ulrich Kocder O At a MMton r the Probate Couri fm ,"V!"i Present üiram J. licakes, Indceof Proh., decea matt:r f the ' otvS&'Ut, represent tfaat lwlnowprmïS)JS!!in3 taal account aanich Execntrtx '(k-rf, NiereuponitisOrdercd.thatMÖuday . day of N.vcmber do t ten ■ , l"?1 mion, be turtgned f„r - ,,„ ''f '" ntlc.h account, and that the lei?atée J'WllI and heirs ,lt Uw of ,aid &lZl' .",'' othcr persons intcrcBtcd in said , ",..,', ui 1 quivc1toappear ata session of said .'„i1? ■ h.dd.-n al the Probate Office, in t Ie ,'"'" Arbor,.,, said County. and show ca, ae if . fc.Wtw tka said account shonld not beS,"" ad it is further ordered that ,,it"lüt glvo ootice to the persons interested in ..f"""11 of the pendency ofsaid account, "nd lïl h'l ïLL"ïih$ " "W r " otüÏt to be"?? tKhed in the Mu-kigan Argim, H newnn f nd rcnlating in aid Co nty 5 MH weeks prevloustu said da of heari 'e "flc"'i tAUu.cop,.) IIIKAmbeaKes, _____ fSeofPro. Estáte of Williain Robots STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wa_(__ At session „f the Probate Court lor fr1"' of W .whtenaw, hotte at the Probate , feL5g of Ann Aito.m Fridrty, th ithf ?!' ber, in the yeur otio thousand eigbt huL, l,0" seventy-one. ""wrt „j Present, Hiram J. Beak.., Judge of Probate iLJ& m:itWr of wSTUis Walter s. lüch, Executor of the lost wilt „„,1 , ment of wU d.wused comes into Cour! and tZ , " that he ia iiow prepand 10 tender his tial L"?11 ■ach J-.xuCTtor. ■tmw TlHBTOpon It b ordcred, that Monday, .. „. . .1 tv „i November nrt, at ten o'olock in .Tl ? ooon. De aaafened for exanrining and ïluwin ,k eonnt, and that the leñatees, devisen -.n.i w V"' of said dceoasod, and all othcr per-ma ii ISZS?" uid State, ure ruquirod to api.r at n 2 md Court, Uien to be holden at the ProCTÏÏ in the City oi .im Abor, and show ,U,Z' ? therabe, why üie safd aoemiut ol.ould not'i"7 lowc.l: Andit is fiuihcr urdcred, tht i v ll' torgive notie: to the penona interested ü. JS1 tote, of the pondeney of said account, :n,d thphJLï" thcroof, by cuusing a copy of this order to bc uuÏ5 ju v.rhi,,,,,, ÁTout. ■ nen pup, r pi [nted Z liitmg in Uid County, tlmx-succcssivu wc'-l, 2 to said duy of hearing. irevx Ia J CPM HIKAM .1. BEAKES "" Jl"1fC of i. Estato of Samuel M. Fuy! " QTATE 01' MICHKiAN, County „f Wa__,_ Ö At ■ .ion uf Ihe Prob-te Coirt lor the ce_? r.l Vaakta-w. holden at the Probate ditii ÏÏ' SÍS i! A'"L ArbUr' " g0?. o VCMh'ZÍ ,'ve f '"' ''ir'rOae tlí0UÍU1"' c-Kht humired'J Present, Hiram J. Benkes, Jnae of Prohate In the ni_ttcr of the tatc of Samuel M 'v. i oeased -ll'rNewton Sholdon, administrntor of Kiiid t ite ■ into Court ;uid represents that he m now vniL5? tonda Lis filial account ai -ucb Adlninintrnloi ThvnMiixiu it is onlered, thftt MTOdm thi ,i day of November next, al ten o'dock in illefnLJÍ? 1j; amiKTiod lor examininir and a_owingn_) -JZZ' and that thu lieirs at luw of said dteeawu othcr persous interested in said caíale, árp rcui uppeu at a Beasion _r' aid Court, Uien to Ue holAnT thei'rol.atcOiilco,mthe city of AnnArtorThSS i onnty, nnd hi;w cause, if any there lx-, hr iiu.ÏÏ nwount Bhould not be allowed : And it . „Jt orderal, thut said Adniinistrator Bive notie, fin. persons ntcrested in said ctate„ ot tlie í_p_JÍ5 said account, and the hearing thereof, bj_SS; copy of tliis onler to be publwlml in tin . l '' '.'". ■ iicwipapsr jprintcd ,nd rircntantaT-S , County, Min successiye weeks previous towMi,. of beariog, ■' (A true copy.) HIRAM J. BEAKH 13iï Judyo of rroluti. Estáte of Cornclius Langhli_7 T ATE OP: MICHIGAN, Oonnty of Washten.,, C At asession of the Probate Court for the cwn of waahtenaw, holden nt the Probate i S city of Anu Arhor, on Saturclay, the revestí. Z ol Octoljer, in theyear onc tliuueand eikki liL dred and jeventy-on. B k l'rescnt, DlramJ. l!c.ikc,.?iirt;cof Prohüe In the matter of ihe estáte ol Cornelina LiaehSi decca-cd. JI Willlam Bnrke Administrator of aid atau I comes into Court and representa thot he iimï prepared to reuoer hi Una! account as nch A_ii ïslrator. Thcrenpcnit l Ordered, that Monday i be iti day of November neit, at ten o'clock it tbc ' forenoon, beansigncd for cxainiuin aml alloiiii sucb accounl, and thnt the heirsatlawoiinldd!. ccasediind all otherper8oufintercstc(linsiil niiie, arerequired to appeirrat asesslonorsaidCourt lln to bc holden at the ProbateOfflce. in theCitrof Au Arbor In ald County andshuwcaimriranTiburl, why the said account should not !,. allownl": Amliili further ordered, lh;it snld Adminli-lratorflvt nofa tothepefsónsintereatedin said estáte, o( the ■ dency of mild account, and the hearinj: tnereofTfr causing a copy of thie order to be piiblishcdin'iii MtMgan Argvt, newspaperprintcilandcl-fcltói. fn said County, thrce successivc weeka ureïlou ij aaiii day cf hearing. CA tniecopy.) HIRAM J. BEAKES, ij"3 Judi;e of Probiie. Estáte of George 8. Freer STATE Oi' MICJUIGAX, County of Wanhtnw.a Ataaeasionof the Vrobate Convt for tbc t'oc'bir of Washtenaw, holden it the Probutc üffiet, Is lle. l'ity of Auu Arbor, on ThnrsJny, the fiftt dl of Ootobcr, m tin; jreax onc thou'sand eki! iotdicd and Ht'vcnty-oöe. Present, Hiram J. Beakea, Judge of Preiofe, In the matter of the esti.te of Glom S. ftetr deceasid. On reading and iiling the petition, ilnly -saï(A,ot Jonas l-ri-i-i and .l.nrocK ( ' Fn-cr, AdmüiinCrxtMviB;Ing Uittt tlü'y tnaybelicenscdtoscUcertainralejuu vfiereol saiil dceooacd diod aebed. ThereujHjn it il ordered, that Mon'lay, tie aitli day of November next, at ten o'clock ín t! noon, le aiatgned for the hearing of sfikl pditira. and that the boira at law of said deceaaed, andallo'icr person inteiested in snid estáte, are iqmreI io ijjiear t a session of naid Court, then to bcho]di.t the Próbato Ottice, in the City of Ann Arbor, uA ahow cause, il any tliere be, why ChemmraTftl petitioner ïiould not lc kTantcd : An.l it ; ordered, that said petitioner give noticetothe hltereetcd in said estáte, of ihe pendeney of 8:ud peu tion, and the hearing thereof, by eanabjg êVffié this order to be pulilishnl in the Miriiijnn Jrji, i newripaper printed and circtilatini in s'uid diunty, four successive weeks previous to aaid day of lwariDj, (A truc copy.) LLRAM .T. 11KAKES, 1338 Judsc of rrotx. Estáte of John liliciiifr.uik. STATE OF MICHXOAN, coonty of Wanhtemw.. At a esf-ion of the Probate Court for I of Waahtenaw. holden at the Probate Office, in iki city of Ann Arbor, on Monday the ninth day oí Uctober, in the year oie tuounnud eight hundred and seveuty olie. treeent, Jïimm J. lleakes, Judgeof Piobote. In the matter of tho estáte of Jolm Khetafrni deceased. t ;i rt.-adinfr and flling the petition, duly verifleiaf Williaiu lihcinlYank. praying that a certain ■ ment now on lile in this court, purportiti to be bi I last will and testament of said deceased, mar be ' initted to probate and that he may be tippointeJ k Bxecntor thereof. Thcrcupon it is ordered, tlutt Monday, the Blifl day of November next, at ten oYlx-k in thu iorenwo. bo assifnixl for the hearing of said petition, and flwt the tegatees, deriacee and hi-irs at law uf naiddieí, and all other persons interested in said estáte, are rtiuiml toiirear at a sosaion oi ;iid oonrt, thm toie holden, at the Probate Olh'ce. in tüe eitv of Am i bor, il show cause, f uuy there be. wliy üiefn1 of the potitkaej wlionld nvt be prantt-d: AnHits further ordered tht said peíitioner (five notirc tota persons interested in said estáte, of the pendeieTw J otiid petition, and the hoaring thereof, bj aawaj copy of this order to 1 pnUiabed in the MHp Argits, a newspapcr printed and circlüiUilip ioi county, thrco eucceösive weeks previous to miitjol hearing. {A true copy.) HIR.'M -T. BEAKK, 1S48 Judt-eof I'wtote. Estato of John Grecne. Sen. STATE OF MICIIIOAN, County of Waslitei". At n sffluion of the Probate Court for tl l'"1!' of 'Washtenaw, holden nt the Probate Olh'ce, tl City of Ann Arbor, on Friday, the twentr-ninrt of September, in the year ouc thousaud cight buw"1 I and seventv-one. Present, Hiram J. Beakes, Judpe of Probate. . f In the matter of the estáte of John Oi-cene, '" ll.t-.MSCd. j John Greene, Jr., Executor of the lust win ntüi ment of said deceased, comes into court mul KVfí' that he is now prepared to render his final account1 such Exeeiitor. , Thereupon it is ortlored, that Monday, tbe tnr tieth day of Üctober next, at ten o'clock i I forenoon, be assigncd for examining and aw"" ing such account, and that the leñatees oeT . and heirs at liiw of said deceased, ano ajlj er persons interested in said ostate, nrc K!5 cd to appear at a searion of said Court, the _ holden at the Probate (Sce, in the City of i Arbor, in said County, imd sliow wiuse, if n? i be, why the said account sliouH not l aUff ; JE it is further ordered that said Excentor P''1 to the persons interested in said estáte, ol 'Tf, dency ofsaid account, and the hearing 5ÏJ causing a copy of this order to be publih ifídUaon Argus a newspaper piintitl aml circu" -j in said County, thrce successivo weckspreviow'"' day of hearimr. ,...-. (A truc copy.) HlItAM J. BBAÏ 1S42 Judgeof_ÏJÏÏ. Estato of John Eorison. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, ConntyoíWashte- O Atascssionof the Probate Court for the (." of Washteuaw, holden at the Probate Ollice," 0, City of Ann Arbor, on Wcdnesday, the f",rt;.iw,f October, in the year one thoueand eifi"1 dred and seventy öne. Present Hiram .1. Beakes, Jndgc of Proba In the matter of the estáte of Job ""■ deceased. ,,,Jtl On readns and ñllng the petition. duly '"' ,. David 1). Rorison, pr.iyinzthat a certain m ■" "t ■ now on lile In this Court, pntportin' to be ; tM,'t will and testament of soid deceased, may l ' ted to Probate, and that he. William Lcel' Sarah Uorison may be appoinird Executurs i 4 Thereupon itisurdercd.that Monday, the!"lr" f day of October instant, at ten o'clock in j noon be aealgned for the heariagofuld Pet",Jj il that the leñatees, derlseesand ht-irs l '„ji said deceased, and all other persoos ,atctJJJ said estáte, are reqnircd to aurmr t ""nïtf. said Court, then to be holden, al thí Probóte", In the City of Ann Arbor, and show 11!?."} therabe. why the prayer of the petltioyww j not bc Rrantéd: And it is fnrlher' t petitioner ivenoticeto the persons '"'"[r. j said estáte, of the pendency o! M Pf'if.'i the beartng thereof, by causlnj; n copy of tnw f tobepabllehedln tbe èlichiqm, Art', ' "e,„}Sii' printed and circulaling in taul Comi'y, inrit u tve week pravlooi to said day of hfnrimr(Atmccopy.j IIIRAM J. ?L&„, 1338 Judjt l rW Commissioncrs' Notico. OTATE OF laCHIOAN.Caanty of ''.ÍJ' I O The undersigued, having lieen appwnlf ',„ Probate Court for said orfcntr. ,, ; eeive, examine and adjiwt all and m y0 I all peraons against the estoteol Mury h. Kt# of said county. d wed, hcreby give """'"JjW months fi-om date are allowed, by order ol bate Court, for creditms to present t.l",,hcfv turainst the cstah' of said deociuvHl, nn". '"". n Jl' meet at the rcaidence of Augustus .-- "lf'!eb l ohester, in anid county, on Saturdny, "'',, j,y of SSmbar. and 'íuwday, the xti h J April, mx', al ten o'elock a. M. of c. , do5-s, to recave, examino, and adjust said ■' }JJ Dated, October 16th A. ï 1871. ' . . .. SIDNEY REYNOIjOS, I cooimiaH-" lIAUl.liK BOKÈUJOBi I1


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