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Greeley And Scientific Pursuits

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Donn Piatt was sitting with Horace üiio afternoon in the little saiictum of his idjoining the counting room of the Tribune. Tlie okl gentluniiui v:is in ono of his ehronic conditions of gruuible and disoontent. He had that mealy appe&rnnce, so eommon to hiin, that rnado hiin resomble a blondo miilor fresh f rom the dust of lus flour mili, and was exprossing his private opinión in a public and somowhat profane way, whon a colorod man was announeod. " Lot him come," roared the philosopher, an:l an ;i;rl d-irkcy, olad in broadcloth, gold-rimmed s) tocias, and a cano b iftded with tho samo prucious metal, stalked in. " Mister Greeley, I boheve V " he inquircd. " Yes, I'in Mister Greeley. What do you wantr " was the gruff response. " Wt'll, sah," seating himsolf as he depositod his bat and cano on tho Hoor, " well, sah, I'vo been thinkin that our r;icu don't pay onuff attontion to scientifio pureuits, sah." We h:.w the iloud gathoring on the intellectual coantenance of the journalistio Bohoinian. It broke in thunder at this point. In a voico wheiein was blend the shrill tonos ufa hystcrical woinan and the growl ut' a fciger, be exolaimed : " Beien tifie pureuits 1 youdamued old fooi ; you want a hoe hftiidle and a patxjh of New Jursoy- that's the scientific pursuit you want. Gut out." During tho six active ve.ars of Father Mathew's labors, th! nunibor of gallons of intoxicLiting spirits used in Ireland, .compared with the six preceding yearf, Bank trom about sixty milliona to about thirty milliona ; tho number of persons oonvioted of a 'rious crime, from 64,520 to 37,027. nnd tho numbsr of murdert-rs exI ocuted from 50 to 21.


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