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Lord Byron luis bcon credited with originating tlio tona borc as ipplied to a dull persistent talker, but it Hule mattors who brought it into oxistencc ; it is gnough that no otaev word boar au equal significance of meañing. A boro niay bo very aptly desotibod as a pachydermatous animal - a creaturo insonsiblo to every dellOttCT of foeling, and utturly unable to sympathi.'! with numau anguish. Everyday lito is crowdod with this breed of animal, and tho inost uiuiablc niombers oí society are ol'tentimes goaded to desperation by tlioir blunt impcrtineiK:es. One buttou-liolcs you ut a streot córner until you aro sickonod with n.iuteating commoiiplaces. Unusits at your dinntr table, and destroys your aipotite with incessant bibblü-babblc. One waylays you at a social meeting, and posters you the wholo ovening Jhu da bouche. Uno takos a seat by your sido, in your club room, with the inost insufferablo frecilom and wearies you to dcath with idiotie prattle. One intrudos with unblusbing insolence on your most onjoyable rürtution, and tries to be faectious and congratulatory iu his ill-timed remark.s. Uno grAs hold of you 011 lea ving church, and stupiclly pratea about schisins and heredes. And in all and evory one of these instaures you havo no mure ohanpe of driving tho monster away than in gotting rid of your own shadow. The sainte help you if yon slumld be oven moderatoly thiu skinned. Tho boro will tread on your tendorest corn, poko you in tho weakest rib, hit you in tho Borest place, and bo provokingly lilind to all your grimaces ot' puin. Tiuk! HaTOn! How that animal will talk ! Somehow or other hu may have raked i ene of your secrots, or discoverod ono of your carefully concealcd malfoasanccs, and then he will hold your obaraotei betwecn tho finger and the thuinb, and tweak it without delicacy, without docoiicy, without merey. Bores, ti -ni y, are tho most cruel tyrants, and the worst plagues that over afflicted humanity. A gentleman, leáólted in the crigin of social customs, was askud tho meanjng of the custom of oasting aa oíd shoo after a nowly married coupie as thoy start on thoir trip. Ho said : " To indieato that tho chances of matrunony aro very slipper-y."


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