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A simple method oí enainoling carneo ñctures is deseribed in the Piotographic News. Ordinary well polished glass platea re coated with. normal collodion of the sual diseription; and when the film ha et perfectly, but has not bocomo comiletely dry, thepicturcs, which havepreiously beun trirumed cnd finished, are ipped rapidly into alcohol; and applied vithout delay to the píate;-. The prints are pressed and rubbed down with sniooth vriting paper, and the operation of mounting is proceeded with as soon as he bucks of the picture have become vliite - that is, as soon as the alcohol has again evaporated. The cardboard is alowed to remain in water lor at least half an hour previous to its being employeA 'or mounting. The more rapidly the pietures are. applied and pressed upon tha collodion surface, the better the result. To photograph a tracing without a camera, the plan has recently buen successfully practiced of layiug out several thicknesses of cloth on a smooth drawing board on the top of whieh was placed a sheet of sensitized paper ; this was superimposed with the drawing, right side up, and the whole pressod down perfectly sniooth with a pioce of glass, kept in place by clothespins and weights. It was exponed under the skylight until the ■ edges of the paper showud a sumciently dafk impression, when it was removed, toned and fixed. In this ruanner an exact copy of a drawing can be made, with the immaterial differenoe that tbe liuei wül be white and the body of the paper black.


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