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A Night In The Show

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Tho narrow gauge roacl boyond tuc divide was severely bloekaded by tho storm ot' Thursday night and Friday morning, and the leturn trip of Frank Hodgea' train, Friday, oonsnrnedi ncoïly eightoen hours' time. Fron a passenger who " caine through," wc gathor the following- partierais-: The traire ts9t Colcvado Spriugs at 3:40 Friday nïorning, having been delayed on tha dewnward trip by snow-drifts in the cuts beyond the divide. Col. Borst, División Superintendent, was on lioard, and telegraphed for an extra engine to meet tho train as soon as possible. A foros of track hands arniotl wïth shovels nccompanied tho train, and by dint of active and pomistsnt shovnling, about irnetcea mileí wore aiccomplí-hed beforo dark, wben it was found necessary to' sound a retreat for the purpose of securieg wator for the gallant littlo etigino. But for this mishap the train might have gained the stfjiïnrit of tbO divide in an kour or two, at farthest, btlt tho flerce wind, which nover coftsed to blow, drifted the snow back into the cuts again, and the train was coMpelled to fight it Way from MoriHiueMfc la tho sttmmit, ervery ■ut boing" filled in level with the surface. The hours wore away vfiry slowly, as well for the impatient, hungry and sleepy passongors as for the brave conductor and his little army of shovelers. The night was bitter cold ; even by tbc roaring fire in tbef cars, men, women and children ihivered, grumbled, swore, slept, snored, and otherwise amused themselvea, while in front the hardy pioneer sbcveleá and sworo according to their several abilities. Inch by inch the train niored along ; now backing and "bntting;" now going ahead a mile or two, and now standing motionlcss for an hou at a stretch. Meantime, the second engine had come p, and it was hoped their united strength would form a passage, but again the water in the tanks ran low, nd the train was abandoncd wbilo tho engines pushed forward. Hours on hours soemed to elapse before "Frank" returned with tbo eheering intelligeiice that ho had reacbed the summit, had iillcil the tank with water and was going to take the train ia " right away quick." But ho didn't do it, The treacherous snow had already drifted back into ovory cut, and the ehovel brigade was ordered out a dozen of times before the sumnrit was attaiued, and the gray morning light was bretikiug hen the train started down tho decline. TH side of tho divide the track was companttiyeiy clear, and Denver was reached abjut 8:30 in the forenoon. In some of the deepest cut3 the snow was drifted to the height of the windows of the cars, shutting out the light, and the taak of forming a passage taxed. tha narrow gaugo to its utmost. That the train carne throogb at all i remarkable, and reflecta gxeat credit on the noble conductor and his assistants, to all of whom the pasaengers desire to return their grateful thanks.


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