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Hon. D. W. Voorhees On The Situaion

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IERRE HAUTE, IND., JNOV. 1. Hou. Daniol W. Voorhees is out in a eard in the Journal, of this city, in which he ptoposea su important Democratie party movement. He says : I keenly appreciato the importance of an authoritative expression of the principies which are to guide us in the future as in the past. It should be made, too, at an early date, in order tlist the organization shall be perfected and confidence restored by the time the approaching campaign is upon us. This, howe ver, should be tho work of a national convention, embracing delgates f rom all the States. I am in favor cf calling such a convention at soine Central point in the West, and on a day not later than tho 22d of February. The cali should bo by the National Exeeutive Committee. Delegates should be appointedvby State and District Convontioits The business of this body should be to carefully and patiently weigh all the views laid before it, and agree upon and publish a clear and deiinito declaration of principies upon all raattera affecting the political welfare of the people and the 8afety of our froe institutions. This beingdone, it should adjourn to a day fixed forthe nomination of a candidate for the Presidency. In the meantimo, discuss and approve or disapprove of what has been done. It would be the duty of all Demócrata taking part in politics to submit to the voice of the inajority. If there are such as prefer their own conyictions, even to the platform of a nation1 convention, they can step aside in quiet without embarrassing anybody else. Let us havo political as well as personal harmony, and success is within onr reach. If the entire Democratie vote can be Consolidated, inspired with enthusiasm and brought to the polls, General Orant can not bo re-elected. It was the votes ia our party that stayed at home on the days of the late elections which made ach widc-spresd defeat. There is no inciease af the Kepublican vote. I niake tl above 8uggestion knowing that it is entirely practicable, and that it meets an urgent demand of tho present crisis. I shall respectfully urgo it upon the attcntion of the National Exeeutive Committe ) and ask for it the favorable consideration of conservative men evéry where.


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