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The Persian Famine

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-The kiest mail news fsora the East is neither encournging nor hopoful. The famine stil continuos its ravages, and the most heartrending stories are told of the sufferino-s of the people in Persiii. During the montli of August thü miscrios oí the inhabitants of Yezd have incroasp.d rathcr than abated, owing to want ofemploymont and the lack of means to obt;iin the necessary wants of life. The peculiar fcoographic positicu of P.-rsia rendcm it an easy prey to oalamities like that whieh is now desolating the country. Rhort yield and docreased crops aro alvrnys gure to be feit by the inhabitants, when, the prosont, a terriblo visitnHon fnlls upoi thern,. and thoy aro ín no adequate manner propared for it, terrible misery ig s-iru to reduit in conso■- --- - A {rood-aatiared fcraveler feil asleep in '-rain an was carried far bey.oad bis lU'stitiatinii. Apretty good tliis, in't it ':" gaid h& ti a fellow passenger. " Yps, but a too far-fetchod,," was tlu; rejoindor.


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